Resource Husbanding and Utilization

A given is that the Guinarona Parish is rich in human and natural resources. Effective husbanding of these resources and matching them up with concrete projects are an ideal for development.

An Overview and Recommended Projects and Products

EAST: Sampaguita, Ga-as, Ormocay, Patong.  Topography:  mostly plain, consisting of rice fields and coconut groves.  Suggested projects and products:  Livestock , vegetable farming, rice repacking and food processing.

WEST: Paraiso, Sawahon, Cabunga-an, Palacio, Hitomnog.  Topography:  hilly with an array of crystal clear streams and springs.  Clearly a winner for Eco Tourism.  Suggested projects and products:  Eco tourism facilities, flower farming, food processing.

NORTH: Guinarona Proper, Hinulugan, Maliwaliw, Bolirao, Bayabas.  Topography:  mostly plain, with rice fields and coconut groves.  With Guinarona proper, the winner is Pilgrimage Tourism owing to the world-famous San Pascual Baylon.  Suggested projects and products:  Pilgrimage tourism facilities and arts and crafts.

SOUTH: Lobe-Lobe East, Liraw, Buri, Kalipayan, Kadahunan, Tabu-anon.  Topography:  mostly plain with coconut groves and some rice fields towards Tabu-anon.  Suggested projects and products:  Livestock, vegetable gardening,  food processing and coconut wine making.

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