Mysteries Galore

Anent the new image on the San Pascual Baylon altar in Guinarona, Philippines, Brother Panting Lamamigo of the Guinarona Knights of Columbus, has this to say: “No one knows how it got there. No one knows from whence it came. No one knows who donated it.” Oh yeah?

The missing century old San Pascual Baylon image on the left vis-a-vis the new one on the right. Photo credits: Evelyn Fabian-Ausa and Vivian Sacay

We are bringing this up because of the trauma we have been experiencing, i.e., we are feeling alive and at the same time zombie-ish. The African priest Nana Koko Sekye has revealed that someone is doing a hex hit on us. His name is Francis Arguelles or some such, and he has commissioned a female witch doing a shadow magic on us in a cave somewhere in Leyte-Samar, of all places. All because we have been very vocal about the loss of the precious century old San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona. Might it be that this Francis is the leader of the posse that stole San Pascual’s icon? That he is using the image for black magic?

Too, we have a psychic friend, Herb, who intimates that San Pascual is being kept by armed men, and that their lair is very near Guinarona. Then San Pascual Baylon himself, through rum libation, revealed that his image is still in Leyte, as per the following drawing:

The San Pascual Baylon Divination.avi from Benito Maray on Vimeo.

Mysteries galore, if you ask us. And by the way, it is two years now since they stole San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona in June 2010.

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