Our Trade Offs

They are a constant in the Universe. In the quantum level, no sooner does an atom spins and bounces off than it is replaced by another atom. When we retire, a replacement is there to take our place. When we work abroad, our family’s finances improve, yet we have to reckon with the homesickness that seems to kill us. Not to mention the guidance to our kids, which only a hands-on parent can muster.

Yes, we are talking here of trade offs.

Fireworks display, Guinarona San Pascual Centennial Fiesta, May 16-17, 2012.

In societal settings, trade offs are a handmaiden, not only of politicians, but in the by-and-large. A case in point is the experience we have had with celebrating 100 plus years of San Pascual Baylon in Guinarona, Philippines. We have had a perfect, smooth-as-silk celebration, but the trade off is that our century old San Pascual image has never returned–or that the thieves, whoever they are, did not honor us with a return. It is said that a thing happens under the right conditions–so we await the right conditions for San Pascual’s homecoming–and soon we hope.

The first trade off we have had was the return of Salve Aguillon, March 10, 2012–Ate Salve, leader and founder of the Ang Banal na Pagaaral International–the world-famous daughter of Guinarona. We did not contact her; she came back out of the blue, in a manner of speaking. We just surmised that she knew about the San Pascual Centennial from our website. In effect, hers was the first salvo, which included the facelift for Guinarona, no less carried out by her international followers. Whence came our idea of Pilgrimage Tourism–San Pascual devotees coming to Guinarona to pay homage or to offer thanks for graces received.

San Pascual Baylon Centennial Plus 2012 Series, Part I from Benito Maray on Vimeo.

We also cite the other subsequent trade offs. The perfect weather all throughout the San Pascual Centennial, May 8-17, 2012. The clock-work precision of all activities–without any hitch, despite the meager resources of Guinaronanhons. The full cooperation of all publics.

And yet they have not returned our century old icon. Again a trade off.

But we just can’t stop there. We have to plod on–for more trade offs. Like making the Guinarona Church a Basilica. And for making the Guinarona Parish a hit in the areas of Pilgrimage Tourism and Eco Tourism. For making Guinarona one of the best places to live and do business in.

That is the ultimate trade off that we want.

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