Entrepreneurship It Is

From King Solomon to Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Agus Go of Leyte–what do they have in common? What else other than being an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to undertake conception, organization, and management of a productive venture with all attendant risks, while seeking profit as a reward.
In economics, entrepreneurship is regarded as a factor of production together with land, labor, natural resources, and capital. Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, and an essential component of a nation’s ability to succeed in an ever changing and more competitive global marketplace.
Business Dictionary

Cut flower production is a good project for Guinarona entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are the bedrock of a nation. They produce goods and services, they add value to any material or concept–and that’s what makes them tick. In terms of fulfilling man’s mission on earth, becoming an entrepreneur and becoming successful at it–that’s the key for being able to help one’s fellow human being. It is also the most difficult to pursue because most of the time you are alone in your thoughts and wanderings. . .planning and executing. .

Hands down, the Chinese in the Philippines are THE entrepreneurs. And becoming like them is our wish for Guinaronanhons in particular and the entire Filipino nation in general.

When we were little, there were a slew of Chinese merchants in Guinarona, who were quite successful and who made Guinarona a very busy place. There was Tiana, there was Intsik Siyong, there was Mr. Ty–and a host of others who started in Guinarona–but in time they migrated to nearby Burauen and to Tacloban City. But these Chinese never really forgot Guinarona, for they made a point to visit, especially the San Pascual Church and to donate for the graces they have received. Many a time would we witness their red banners adorning the church–of course in Chinese characters, which only them knew or understood.

Can entrepreneurship be taught? Or do you have to have it in your blood or DNA to become one? Or do you have to have the stars align in your birth chart?

Well, they are saying that the stories that you hear or listen to can make you an entrepreneur–stories where the protagonists ACHIEVE what they dream about or set out to do. They call it the achievement motive. Looks like brainwashing, eh? Or is this the same as programming your subconscious, so that it will guide you to REALLY achieve?

In the same manner that you don’t stop learning even in old age, you can start becoming an entrepreneur at any age. It all boils down to GRIT and DETERMINATION–self-discipline even. Because, as they say, many are called, but few are chosen.

Or do we have to “try and try until we succeed?”

How about that, Guinaronanhons?

For obviously, we need you, Mr./Ms. Entrepreneur.

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