A Paradigm Shift


  • Your reality, your truth, is what you make it.
  • Time is a continuum, i.e. the past and future are NOW.
  • Societal and institutional development can be maximized by combining physics and metaphysics. Namely the yin and yang, dark and light, body and spirit.

A paradigm shift, if you will. We have heard that Nikola Tesla’s wisdom came from his spirit guides. Namely that his inventions were revealed to him by spirits. And that Marie Curie had her eureka moments through her dabbling in shamanism. Or that musical prodigies are propelled by spirits inhabiting their persons.

San Pascual Baylon divination predicting the outcome of the Corona Impeachment in the Philippines.

And this is not a stinking B.S. either. Isn’t it a wonder why most development models fail because they don’t factor in the spiritual dimension? Because, when you opt out of it, the base instincts of man take over, such as greed and covetousness, and the urge to kill. Hence, man’s real purpose in life takes a furlough.

We submit that, however you approach it, you should be given the benefit of the doubt, the leeway even. Because each of us has the innate ability to make a difference or to make mistakes in our journey. If your bliss are icons, such as wooden statues of San Pascual Baylon, then no one has the right to denigrate you. In the same manner that no one denigrates or should denigrate your gender. Your reality is different from ours, so let us co-exist harmoniously.

Life is all experiment. What works for one group may not work in others. We guess karmic dynamics are involved.

The San Pascual Baylon Divination.avi from Benito Maray on Vimeo.

In our case, we have originally been Catholics, then Buddhists, then free-thinkers. Evolution is like that. Trial and error. But the lessons from other people like Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie should not be set aside. If we experiment and have our moments of I-told-you-so’s, we  can still operate within the framework of brotherhood and cooperation.

For instance, in our quest for the missing century old San Pascual Baylon icon, we were led to a revolutionary divination technique, which we have christened San Pascual Baylon Divination. If this is the intent of the Universe for the San Pascual Baylon Divination to materialize on this day and age, who are we to complain? And the mantras contained therein have neither Catholic prayers nor Evangelical shout outs.

Therefore, we believe that Guinarona is THE chosen place. If only for the San Pascual Baylon Divination.

Or that Guinarona’s purpose is to mesh physics and metaphysics for development. For there is also the animal called location karma.

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