As Above, So Below (5)

By Animatio

July 30, 2012. The moon here in Germany seems to be dancing.

Here is the sequence of of moon takes within about 3-5 minutes. Look at the small clouds for positioning info and to measure the shifting taking place.

Moon dance of July 30, 2012.

During the day another phenomenon in regard to the relative positions of south magnetic and south by the sun appeared (as verified today): during the night s (sun) is shifting far to east of s (magnetic), both coming together around noon, the sun shifting to east of magnetic – both crossing each other, around sunset crossing back again to return during the night to the morning positioning.

Which explains that the earth is wobbling.

The San Pascual Brand

A leap of faith it is, considering the ominous signs in the skies. Considering the geographical and economic changes the world is currently undergoing.

Well, all life is a gamble, so plod on we must and hope for the best. Even as the disappearance of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona might be a harbinger of things to come.

Then again, as sons and daughters of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, the least we can do is to nurture his “brand”, to see to it that the original icon of San Pascual is not forgotten, to memorialize it now and far into the future.

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Which explains the reason for being of the Guinarona San Pascual eCommerce Site, which we dedicate (1) to San Pascual Baylon and (2) to the Guinarona Youth.

  • To the original San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, in whose aegis and protection we operate.
  • To the proactive youth of Guinarona, whose idealism and resourcefulness are infectious.

Please support and pass the word.

Harare as Model. . .

. . .For Guinarona

Definitely the most beautiful place on Earth. We had been there for a year, ’91-’92, and it was nothing short of magical. Jacaranda and fire trees lining the streets and avenues–and when they bloom simultaneously, a battle of colors ensues. The trees’ beauty was all the more pronounced as Harare had all electrical and telephone wires buried underground–a legacy from Cecil Rhodes and the British.

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Would that Guinarona has a fraction of Harare’s superb landscaping, even as our wires dangle from not-so-ugly poles.

We were in Harare when we depended on long distance telephones, the telex and snail mail for communication, and the world wide web was just a dream. Never mind that we had to contend with the deadly mamba snake in our work of exploring Zimbabwe’s caves, measuring and evaluating their bat guano deposits. Never mind that we also dreaded the sight of tse-tse flies in areas close to the caves.

Never mind that some unstable cave rocks would sometimes fall on you.

The fact that you were in the most beautiful place on Earth was enough a reward. That is, politics aside.

Product Development Series, III

Or Use Your Coconut!

It is said that you have to learn from the past to make progress in the present. As far as developing new products from the coconut, it pays to delve into the other coconut products that are now mainstream, thanks to those who have pioneered.

Here are some examples.

  • Coconut Ice Cream

  • Coconut Flour
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Oil in Soft Gels
  • Coconut Juice Sans Pulp
  • As far as Guinarona coconuts are concerned, we have first to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, nay our stage of development. Then we apply corrective measures on the weaknesses and highlight the strengths. What are the unique products that we can come up with? As per our Japanese mentor, Yukihiko Saito, it is better to CREATE the market than to squeeze yourself into a crowded one.

    A San Pascual Baylon Relic for Guinarona

    Inasmuch as they have not returned our century-old image of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona (stolen last June 2010), we have decided to avail ourselves of a true and certified relic of the saint, courtesy of Basilica San Pascual Baylon in Vila-Real, Spain. This bodes well with our Pilgrimage Tourism thrust for the Guinarona Parish.

    The relic consists of San Pascual’s robe and the attendant ropa which the saint used in tightening it. The robe is made of sack cloth, as the saint disdained opulent materials.

    As per Basilica San Pascual Baylon:

    Como le comente hay dos clases de reliquias , de primera clase, “ex-ossibus” (huesos) y un “indumentis”, ( traje, o ropa) del Santo , el precio es de 50 euros. Para enviarlo a Filipinas , creo que sera aproximadamente 15 euros los gastos de envio. Si
    puedes hacer la aportacion a la siguiente cuenta :
    caja rural de villarreal
    Y una vez tengas las traferencias,,, me envias una copia del banco para que la Madre Abadesa lo tenga, asi intentaremos que pronto tengais las reliquias .
    Muchisimas gracias, os enviamos un enorme abrazo desde España.

    Romeo Maguro of the Philippine National Bureau of investigation has volunteered to lay the plans for the relic’s protection, as well as its proper display at the San Pascual Baylon Shrine in Guinarona.

    We enjoin everyone to pray for the success of this endeavor.

    As Above, So Below (4)

    Follow the Sun!

    Being very sensitive to Earth’s vibrations, our dizziness today has been off the hook, so we took a picture of the Sun to find out. Sure enough, there is another “sun”, this time bluish, to the left of the true Sun, as the herein picture shows.

    Corollarily, Alberto of Italy captured the Sun, July 25, 2012, as shown hereunder. As the picture shows, the formations to the left of Sol is mind-boggling to say the least.

    It is almost a given, therefore, that we humans will be in for a very rough ride. Please be alert, be open to the signals from your environment. Because in Buddhist parlance, you and the environment are ONE.

    The point to consider is:

    • The Moon is one-sixth (1/6) as dense as the Earth, yet its gravitational pull causes our seas to ebb and flow. Imagine a body five times the size of Earth, with 12 moons to boot, passing overhead.

    So a CAVEAT for all of us, indeed.

    Meanwhile, Animatio, a friend from Germany, has sent in a capture of the sunset there, July 27, 2012.

    Also from Animatio, a sunset capture, with red filter, July 29, 2012 in Germany.

    And the latest SOHO satellite image.

    Sun capture over Brooklyn, NY, July 31, 2012

    A Guinarona Story (4)

    Formal, Sweet and Impish

    She was all three, our Auntie Tancing was. She was Father’s first cousin and our Grade IV teacher. And what a teacher she was: We were wondering if she took pleasure in hitting our heads with the knuckles of her clenched fist. That is, at the first sign of our being dense, i.e. not knowing the answer to a question. Yes, everybody got his/her head hit. The other punishment that she would mete out was to pull our side burns to the point of our scalp levitating. Argh.

    She was a mainstay at our house for every function and the preparations thereto. We would watch in amazement at how skillful she was at churning out sweet things: muffins, kurukod, suman, moron and our favorite coconut sweet of varying colors. She was Father’s favorite cousin, obviously.

    Although she was a blood relative, we held her at a distance: a combination of awe and respect. Precisely because she could be one’s “terror” teacher. Thanks to her, we endeavored to really bone up–and this we carried out through our freshman and sophomore years in high school. (Like, it was a different story after that, when our hormones became dominant, and we became less studious.)

    We really regret not seeing her when we returned from Zimbabwe in ’92. We did not know then that she was terminal. Her house was out of the way from Paraiso, so we thought we would see her some other day. But we guess it was meant to be. That we would remember her at her robustness. Not the emaciated woman the way others saw her last.

    She was our Auntie Tancing. Constancia Loperia-Cesar.