The N.I.C. Status or Haven’t You Heard?

The news that the Philippines has been upgraded to the status of a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC) made us euphoric. Like, it’s 2012 and the Earth is expected to undergo drastic physical changes on account of the presence of a rogue planet, but just the same, the Philippines being a NIC in these times is very important, even as an afterthought.

–Because it is a validation of the fruits of sacrifice by our heroes, our forebears, our people, our compatriots who toil everywhere but whose hearts and minds are with the homeland, with its aspirations.

–Because the Philippines has become a home to return to, hopefully to be made robust and palatial, by Filipinos in the diaspora and foreigners who share the dream.

Would that Lemuria rise again as the Philippines, circa 2012 and beyond. And banish the evils and thieving ways of the past. Would that with the banishment comes the appropriate punishment, whether they be leaders, pseudo-leaders, or just plain bandits.

Finally, much kudos to President Benigno S. Aquino III, under whose watch and stewardship the NIC status came to be.


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