Daguitan and the Shower of the Gods

Or Guinarona Eco Tourism, V

Situated seven kilometers south of Guinarona, Philippines, in the nearby town of Burauen, the Daguitan River and the Shower of the Gods, a.k.a. Mambanao Falls beckon. Although treacherous in the sense that the river sometimes swells without warning, Daguitan is a paradise for campers and for just lazying off–and for picnicking too. The Shower of the Gods is too awesome to dismiss. It starts whole from 60 meters way up, but explodes into gazillion drops down below, as if tailored for gods’ ablutions. (Photos by Ichigo Kurusaki of Guinarona.)

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. carlo says:

    kamingaw ngda e2 nga lugar (I long to go back there)…..san’o dawla maka kada utro (O time, when will it be?)….

    1. anibongpalm says:

      I guess you really have to decide. Unless you have to wait till the crow turns white.

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