As Above, So Below. . .

Or sleuthing as to why the moon over Brooklyn, New York, appears as multiples of itself.

Although ours is about development concerns for Guinarona, Philippines, we cannot afford to be insular and ignore other issues. We are both micro and macro, yin and yang. Because what happens in one area somehow affects us all. Which explains our fascination with the current show in the heavens.

As for the behavior of the moon over Brooklyn, New York, here are the latest photos.

As in the moon over Brooklyn appears weird, particularly after midnight. It is as if the Earth is bobbing up and down in one instance or dodging left and right in the extant case. It is as if the Earth is playing hide and seek with some massive force out there. What could be this massive force?

Boy do we have the the following screen captures from the Canada France Hawaii Telescope of a planet complex between Venus and the Sun. Note the number of moons in this complex.

The planet complex between Venus and the Sun, as per Canada France Hawaii telescope.
Close-up of the planet complex. Note the number of moons.

Is this our eureka moment?

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  1. animatio says:

    Hi it is me again. you say : As if the earth is bobbing up and down. Well to say just one thing.
    Since a few days I am measuring the position of the south pole orientation by two simple methods everybody can use. First using a compass and a fix horizon, secondly using a analogue watch. (Put the hour digit to the sun, divide the time between 1 (summertime) or 12 by 2 and you have south.)

    Under normal circumstances these two should point to the same direction. But what actually is going on is: In the evening (between ca 18.00 to 22.00 MET) everything seems okay. Thereafter, specially after moon rise the wild dance of devil starts and the orientation of both measurements starts to deviate heavily. Sometimes the magnetic needle dances for up to 30 degrees left and right during minutes (always in an opposite direction from daily (nightly) values. After moon set returning the “normal” again. About a 24 hour cycle.

    1. anibongpalm says:

      There you go, Animatio. Your explanation based on experimental data is superb. It’s like this dance occurs after midnight! Thank you so very much.

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