A San Pascual Baylon Relic for Guinarona

Inasmuch as they have not returned our century-old image of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona (stolen last June 2010), we have decided to avail ourselves of a true and certified relic of the saint, courtesy of Basilica San Pascual Baylon in Vila-Real, Spain. This bodes well with our Pilgrimage Tourism thrust for the Guinarona Parish.

The relic consists of San Pascual’s robe and the attendant ropa which the saint used in tightening it. The robe is made of sack cloth, as the saint disdained opulent materials.

As per Basilica San Pascual Baylon:

Como le comente hay dos clases de reliquias , de primera clase, “ex-ossibus” (huesos) y un “indumentis”, ( traje, o ropa) del Santo , el precio es de 50 euros. Para enviarlo a Filipinas , creo que sera aproximadamente 15 euros los gastos de envio. Si
puedes hacer la aportacion a la siguiente cuenta :
caja rural de villarreal
Y una vez tengas las traferencias,,, me envias una copia del banco para que la Madre Abadesa lo tenga, asi intentaremos que pronto tengais las reliquias .
Muchisimas gracias, os enviamos un enorme abrazo desde España.

Romeo Maguro of the Philippine National Bureau of investigation has volunteered to lay the plans for the relic’s protection, as well as its proper display at the San Pascual Baylon Shrine in Guinarona.

We enjoin everyone to pray for the success of this endeavor.

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