The San Pascual Brand

A leap of faith it is, considering the ominous signs in the skies. Considering the geographical and economic changes the world is currently undergoing.

Well, all life is a gamble, so plod on we must and hope for the best. Even as the disappearance of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona might be a harbinger of things to come.

Then again, as sons and daughters of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, the least we can do is to nurture his “brand”, to see to it that the original icon of San Pascual is not forgotten, to memorialize it now and far into the future.

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Which explains the reason for being of the Guinarona San Pascual eCommerce Site, which we dedicate (1) to San Pascual Baylon and (2) to the Guinarona Youth.

  • To the original San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, in whose aegis and protection we operate.
  • To the proactive youth of Guinarona, whose idealism and resourcefulness are infectious.

Please support and pass the word.

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