An Anomaly . . .

As is our wont, with the current Earth changes, we take pictures of the Sun. Our sun capture of 7:39 a.m., August 23, 2012 over Brooklyn, NY, shows a very stark anomaly. (No, we did not make use of any filtering aid.) Here are the pictures and judge for yourself. What could this anomaly be?…

The Earth Wobble

Because of an outside magnetic attack the Earth wobbles daily, causing unseasonable weather, earthquakes, sinkholes, earth hums and other phenomena. Earth Wobble gif Also, we have been looking for the moon, and could not find it. The Dancing Moon Just be safe, peeps, wherever you are.

San Pascual: A Revisit

With the current calamitous floods in the Philippines, a revisit to the drawing by San Pascual Baylon on August 29, 2010 is in order. There are three salient elements in the drawing. A pair of white hands. A beast pulling something. A ship or ark, with arching smoke. San Pascual Baylon did the drawing in…

A Guinarona Story (5)

. . .And They Called Her Iday. . . She was 14 when our Poppa married her–well, sort of, because Poppa, 18, eloped with her on a horse. A baby still, for all intents and purposes, just like the African girls you read about, who are too frail to carry an offspring, thereby suffering fistulas….

Travel: On Corn and Mushrooms

The best education you can have is through travel. The sights and sounds of a place, its culture, its food–they have a deep impact on your ethos, on your view of things. Then when you return to your home base, you are very eager to share and implement the salient things that you have learned….