San Pascual: A Revisit

With the current calamitous floods in the Philippines, a revisit to the drawing by San Pascual Baylon on August 29, 2010 is in order.

There are three salient elements in the drawing.

  • A pair of white hands.
  • A beast pulling something.
  • A ship or ark, with arching smoke.

San Pascual Baylon did the drawing in August 2010, when we were seeking answers to the saint’s icon’s disappearance in the same year.

We subscribe to the view that man is a spiritual being having a human experience. So that, much to the protestation of the so-called “learned”, we are on the lookout for omens and signs. Because, pray tell, how is it that the more we study, the more we realize that we are ignorant, that we just cannot fathom things? Put another way, how is it that the more we know, the more we don’t know?

Does the pair of hands signify prayer? Is the beast equivalent to Nibiru or a rogue planet? What does the ark with arching smoke signify?

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