A Paradigm Shift (2)

We were about nine, when Mother pointed to us a flying saucer gliding in the western sky in Guinarona. It was about ten in the evening, very clear skies, and out of nowhere this greenish  saucer-shaped object whizzed by with great speed. And it had a tail (exhausts?), which was colored green as well. That was our first sighting.

Well, it’s 2012 and UFO’s, weird occurrences, massive earthquakes and other phenomena are in the news. Re the Aliens, there was this Airl, who was captured in 1947 in the U.S., who had a super computer brain, but with an androgynous body, more like a doll. And it communicated through telepathy to a nurse, and whose revelations were nothing short of bombshells. Among these are:

  • The Earth is a Prison Planet, whose inhabitants are no less gods, but who are unaware of their being so.
  • The inhabitants are under the control of powerful alien beings who have outposts in the four directions that capture the souls upon death, zap them with a million volts of electricity–and the result is that they don’t remember any past life. Contrast this to Airl and her/his ilk who can recollect up to trillions of past lives at any given moment.
  • That the sun is mega trillions of years old–and not billions of years, as the current knowledge presupposes.
  • That their craft (flying saucers) are linked to the crew as their extensions, i.e., the craft and the crew are one, and they can travel the universe at the SPEED OF THOUGHT.

Here’s an invite for you to view and study Airl’s revelations. All chapters are read in the video series.

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  1. 7.6 earthquake! Fri Aug 31 13:47:34 GMT+01:00 2012 near Philippine Islands
    http://earthquake. usgs.gov/ earthquakes/ recenteqsww/ Quakes/usc000cc5 m.php

    I hope that you and Queenie and your family and friends are well.

    Am just now reconnecting to the net. Been away, a little while. Lightening sent an electric power surge through my my old computer. Somehow it went around all of the surge protectors. Lost access to things stored in the ‘puter. This new one is a gift, and I am learning it’s quirks. This gift has allowed me to send this message. When the CME, that has already been discharged by Old Sol, glances by and through our Earth, September 3, remember to unplug fragile electronics, before it gets here.

    Thank you for all that you have done.

    1. just wanted to9 check the follow up box ….

    2. anibongpalm says:

      Aww, thanks. Sorry to hear that your data got lost. For sure, something more wonderful is happening your way.

      Thank goodness, the quake left but a minimal damage. But the natives are traumatized nonetheless.

  2. If “they” were to travel at the speed of my thoughts, they wouldn’t go very fast, nor would “they” go very far. Around in circles, most likely. Sometimes in a inward spiral. The tinier, smaller, more condensed the thought, the more thoughtless my thought becomes. That is when I can really go places, But I doubt a space ship would navigate those inner spaces so well.


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