Of Thoth, San Pascual Baylon and the Earth Changes

Hooray for our first salvo of the year. Like many other earthlings, we have been blindsided by the forebodings of December 21st, and we have placed our ears on the ground as it were. Then we noticed an appearance of Thoth on our black mirror, which we took out to mean that the Ascended Master would help us find our long lost image of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona. Hence our prayer, thus:


Being a powerful spirit, Thoth will bring us deliverance.

Or was San Pascual’s disappearance a warning to the world of the presence of bodies around the sun, which have been affecting earth weather-wise? Will the magnetic pull of such bodies flip us all off?

sanpascual2012's Objects Around the Sun album on Photobucket

O Thoth, O San Pascual Baylon, we pray for wisdom, we pray for protection!

Finally, stay and act positive we must and hope that the alien things sharing our solar system will go away. And, with everybody’s help, http://www.guinarona.com, will be front and center in the PR package for Guinarona Fiesta 2013.

The Road To Guinarona Fiesta 2013 from Benito Maray on Vimeo.


Forward, march!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Osiyo—–I am glad to see you are writing again——Have you gone home? Or ar you still in the States?—–Granny

  2. anibongpalm says:

    Thanks, Granny. Still swimming in the U.S. river. With the internet, however, we can be as the gods–omnipresent! Cheers for a safe and fruitful 2013!

  3. animatio says:

    hi there,
    long time no see as the skies were covered here for a long time. thus first all the best whises to everybody for the running 2013..
    these was the sky over europe today …
    a second sun on 22.01.2013 10.45 no filter as seen from the alps

  4. anibongpalm says:

    Cheers, Animatio! Glad to hear from you again. Darn, that object at the 9 o’clock positon! Fantastic pic, by the way.

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