A Parallel Universe with San Pascual

ITEM.  Religious icon stolen from Leyte church

Cebu Daily News First Posted 07:25:00 06/23/2010 Filed Under:

TACLOBAN CITY . Thieves took away a century-old image of St. Pascual Baylon, patron saint of  Guinarona in  Leyte, from the altar of San Pascual Baylon Church early Sunday, police said.

Chief Insp. Atilano Uballo, town police chief, said the icon has an ivory head and wooden body, and could not be carried by just one person. He could not say how much it was worth.

A parishioner discovered the theft and informed the priest, Randolph Raagas, who, in turn, told the police about it. A replica was installed at the church on Monday. /INQUIRER

The above news article appeared in the daily broadsheet, Philippine Daily Inquirer, re the disappearance of the century old image of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona. Call it coincidence, but so many geographical and weather upheavals have visited earth since then, and are still continuing–and getting worse. Compounding the problem is the entry into our solar system of a “mini solar system” composed of a red dwarf star–possibly the sun’s twin–and seven big planets, each of which has moons revolving around them.

Call it coincidence, too, that on August 28, 2010, San Pascual Baylon has drawn the following image (Figure 1), which has obviously a ship with an arching smoke.


Figure 1. San Pascual Baylon’s automatic drawing of August 28, 2010. Inset is his drawing of a ship with arched smoke (or rainbow?).

In divination, a ship connotes much water–and so does an arching rainbow, which is condensed water that reflects sunlight. Hence, it is the same as much flooding.

In effect, by his disappearance, San Pascual Baylon is conveying a message of danger for humanity.

Another drawing of great import by San Pascual Baylon is presented as Figure 2, which we juxtaposed with the picture of Mt. Etna erupting. In it is a figure carrying a child as well as a volcano, which is strikingly similar to Mt. Etna’s as well as most other volcanoes.


Figure 2. San Pascual Baylon’s automatic drawing of January 4, 2012 juxtaposed with a picture of an erupting Mt. Etna.

Which means–pronounced vulcanism for the world, which will get worse as the mini solar system breaks away from the sun and makes a flyby over earth on its way out. Well, erupting volcanoes and earthquakes go hand in hand, so take your pick.

Simply put, San Pascual Baylon’s disappearance is a warning shot to earth’s bow, as it were. And for a miraculous saint such as him–as much as we want him to to return to Guinarona–he will not do so until the danger signs are heeded and the people forewarned, prepared and in their safe havens.

Times Are A-changin’

ITEM:  Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation.

ITEM: A meteor explodes over Russia injuring thousands.

ITEM: Fireballs observed all over the world.

ITEM: Multiple suns captured on lens all over the world.


Multiple suns over Puerto Rico, February 16, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. Photo by Wanda Alonso

Indeed, times are a-changing–and fast. It is as if humanity is being tested–or being elevated to a new status. We haven’t even mentioned the thousands of sinkholes, the numerous floods, the tens of thousands of earthquakes, the extreme heat and the extreme cold.


The century-old image of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona. Missing since June 2010.

In the micro and local levels, the century old image of San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, has not returned since it got lost in June 2010. Call us superstitious: Adding two and two, we can only surmise that the miraculous saint is telegraphing the changes that humanity will undergo thenceforth.

What are the implications of having multiple suns? Note that the new, bluish sun is huge, not to mention the lesser-sized suns. Might the bluish one be the old sun’s twin? Are these suns here to stay? How will their combined magnetic and gravitational pull affect Planet Earth? Because no one is forthcoming–as this is a new reality or paradigm–we can only divine.

Good if these developments contribute to our well being. Good if the new normal will be one approaching utopia. Or because man’s thoughts can affect the environment, might it be that we can “turn poison into medicine”? Namely, that we can will advancement in all levels, confronted as we are with a new paradigm?

We can only hope that Guinaronanhons–and humanity at large–be ever victorious.