Of Contemporary Miracles

To a Buddhist, a thing, whether simple or beyond reason, is nothing but the outcome of the right mix, i.e. right temperature, right pressure, right time, etc. To a free spirit, that extraordinary thing is synchronicity, namely synchronized factors or causes of which the event is the result. To everybody else, an extraordinary event or happening is a miracle, pure and simple.

The original San Pascual Baylon icon, missing since June 2010.

Speaking of which we have San Pascual Baylon–a prodigy at creating miracles. Pascual was a born mystic, and even as a young shepherd, he was a master of contemplation. He was thus able to achieve unbelievable feats, the most famous of which was his causing water to gush out of of a barren rock formation–he was able to concentrate to create the miracle out of his love for his fellow shepherd, who was very thirsty then.

Flash forward to 1903, when the San Pascual image arrived in Guinarona, Philippines. To quote:

After a month-long voyage by sea, the image of SAN PASCUAL BAYLON arrived in Tacloban City. The barrio founders met the image at Dagami after which a procession followed, bringing it to Guinarona.

As oral history would have it, SAN PASCUAL BAYLON’s first miracle was when the cancerous lesions on Pedro Tibe’s foot healed after a handkerchief patted on the image was placed on it. News about the miracle spread like wild fire and pilgrims flocked to Guinarona by the hundreds. Because of their sheer numbers, some pilgrims had to stay overnight in Guinarona. San Pascual’s image was then in the care of Raymundo Casarilla.–Souvenir Program, Guinarona Fiesta

(In June 2010, that image was lost or stolen. Which was the reason we endeavored to get the 15th Century San Pascual relic–now in Guinarona–from the Basilica San Pascual Baylon in Vila-real, Spain.)

The sun on the left, mimicking San Pascual Baylon’s reliquary (right) on May 13, 2013.

Flash forward to May 13, 2013. The San Pascual relic was still in Manila and was being prepared for its travel to Guinarona. On this date, the sun appeared to mimic San Pascual’s reliquary as the above picture shows.

May 15, 2013 at 2:20 p.m. Ten minutes before we were going to install the relic, Romeo Magcuro, relic project coordinator, got a text message from Lani Remalante, requesting the former to buy three candles and offer them to the relic for his intention, namely securing a job. Lani had been out of work for over a year now–he was fired from his job and was under investigation–and was hungry and desperate. Nolan Magcuro, Romeo’s sibling, bought the candles, lit them and uttered jestingly, “Apoy Paca, tikang ini kan Lani para diri na hiya magin gotok.” (“Grandpa Paca, these candles are from Lani, so that he will cease being crazy.”)

Right after the installation, another text message from Lani came, expressing his thanks and that he was just summoned by his boss (his superior when he was fired by the Department of Justice) to report for work–in his boss’s office, NO LESS, and that all the charges against him have been dropped. Just like that–VERY FAST. Now, now, is this a miracle by San Pascual’s relic?

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