Image Dynamics

Image of San Pascual Baylon of Vila-real, Spain.

Virulent at times have been the reactions of some people, especially the born-again types re our attachment, specifically, to the century old image of San Pascual Baylon of Guinarona, lost or missing since June 2010.  Of course, we raised our hackles because for one thing, the image was a memento from our ancestors–really a distillate of their blood, sweat, tears and dreams.  The same thing happened when we secured the 15th century relic of San Pascual Baylon, also now in Guinarona.  An example was this comment:

Your kidding right?  All this over a piece of jewelry.  I thought you worshiped Jesus Christ, not a Golden calf.  Its only a piece of jewelry.  Has no spirit or does not live.  Sell it and help pay for a meal to those without.  God is within us not in Earthly things.  Sorry, I guess I don’t understand.  This goes against the teachings of Christ.

Oh, what a diatribe!  Excuse us, but your fingerprint is different from ours, hence our realities are different as well.  Your culture is different; ours is different.  You don’t just barge in on our Youtube channel and prattle away.  Excuse us for reporting you as a spammer.  Come to think of it, an image or a relic for that matter is just a representation, but over the course of time, these things are empowered because of the people’s focus and expectations–thus, they evince the so-called miracles.  In other words, because of this intense focus, the inanimate object becomes a machine that produces results according to people’s expectations.

An image or statue or icon helps people visualize the entity/saint that they honor or revere.  It is no different from the symbol H2O to connote water, yet we haven’t heard the know-it-all’s  question that.  Only when it pertains philosophy or eschatology do they go berserk.

Well, the more that they will go bonkers upon hearing about our next project, namely a custom-made image of San Pascual Baylon in line with that of Basilica San Pascual Baylon in Vila-real, Spain.  It should be noted that the number one was the synchronicity of San Pascual and Guinarona for 2013.  Number one means a new start; conversely, it means taking action to become the first among equals.

So, be with us as we start anew.  Pilgrimage tourism, Guinarona.

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