A Rendering. . .A Flashback

For all intents and purposes, we were still a baby and would not even be allowed to step out of the house without an o.k. from our parents.  But we do remember and how!

That was a time for playing, a time for mandatory siestas.  We would play fiesta–yes, ersatz fiesta with imaginary food–with cousins living in different areas of Guinarona, but who would converge in our yard.  Our image of San Pascual Baylon was from a talc tin, and we would fashion a wire to form San Pascual’s halo.  Funny, but Feli Cardante was our “priest”, and he was mumbling silly words during “mass.”

We remember:   Obdulia Aragon being the host of Guinarona Fiesta 1956.  And we remember that she mounted the San Pascual image on top of a 50’s van (rendering below).


We remember how we would scramble to find candles as the procession was passing by.  Yes, we do remember the haunting music from the brass band.

It was a glorious time even as we only had gas lanterns for illumination.

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