Coming to Terms. . .

. . .With One’s Mortality

While at it, be an angel among men.

When you reach the half-century mark, consider yourself blessed and ask your inner self what more you could do to leave an imprint once you finally go. Although it could only be downhill from today, and considering that you have outlived some of your relatives and friends, feel blessed still. And for sure, there must be a reason for your longevity, foremost of which is the nurturing of your legacy. Granted, man does not live by bread alone; granted, man’s sole purpose in life is to help his fellow man–might it be that you are tasked to spearhead a project for the community or just be one of the “cogs in the wheel” of such project? (Hint: Ang hindi lumilingon sa pinaggaligan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan, which translates to: Those who do not nurture their roots will be cursed of not reaching self-realization.)

When you reach the half-century mark, and you feel the aches and pains, still be blessed–be proactive and “turn poison into medicine”, with a view to serve man. For everybody is engaged in development–development for oneself and his family, development for one’s community and environment. We don’t feel uppity, just because we work abroad and earn dollars and operate among the creme de la creme–and of what use is that when in the end worms will still eat you. Even if we operate in the high levels of society, we need to balance that with an INVOLVEMENT– in projects for your hometown, for example.

When you reach the half-century mark, you look back at your youth: how you were able to gulp down liters of Tanduay in one sitting, and swim while drank–which you simply cannot do now. Then you felt invincible; now you feel vulnerable. Yet we have a few energies left, so why don’t we use those energies for a worthwhile cause?

An example of a worthwhile cause is the Guinarona SPB New Image Project 2013

Come, therefore, and be our guest.

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