Subtle Signs Before Supertyphoon Yolanda

A catastrophe of biblical proportions–that’s the visitation of Supertyphoon Yolanda to Leyte and Samar, November 8, 2013–thousands of deaths, unimaginable devastation, famine and hunger.  Even the mountains appear burned.  A forlorn and desolate landscape, indeed–hence a defining moment, a watershed event in the history of the world.  Guinarona After Yolanda (1) Gunarona After ST Yolanda (2)

As with any historical and epic event, both in society and in one’s life, the universe gives off signs–some subtle and others blatant–suggesting that something big is forthcoming. Only that, sometimes, the interpretation of such signs comes after the fact, i.e. the eureka moment or the epiphany as it were. Being sensitive and appreciative of signs, we have cataloged the following signs prior to the big bang, i.e. Supertyphoon Yolanda.

  • The disappearance of San Pascual Baylon’s century old icon (which, as of this writing, has not been recovered) in mid-June 2010. Being known far and wide to have miraculous powers, San Pascual’s icon–and its disappearance was an ill omen. Others would say there is no connection between that and life-shattering events, but they should realize that the more you know, the more you don’t know. Or haven’t you heard that even the mere flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause hurricanes thousands of miles away?
  • An automatic drawing, attributed to San Pascual Baylon on August 28, 2010, depicting, among others, a ship with arched smoke. In divination, a ship connotes flooding or deluge. The arched smoke can also be interpreted as a rainbow–a biblical sign for deluge and its aftermath.


San Pascual Baylon’s automatic drawing of August 28, 2010. Note the ship and the arched smoke where the arrow is.
  • The appearance of thousands of orbs in Guinarona on May 16, 2012, eve of the San Pascual Centennial Plus fiesta. Orbs are beings of light–the spirits of ancestors–in this instance, the ancestral spirits of Guinaronanhons. Orbs appear as signs for both good and ill.


Orbs galore, eve of San Pascual Baylon Centennial Plus fiesta in Guinarona, May 16, 2012. Photo by Evelyn Fabian-Ausa
A scry of November 3, 2013, depicting so much death, with annotations by a gifted friend.
  • November 3, 2013, five days before Yolanda, we had this scry  on water, black mirror and a crystal.  A gifted friend read and interpreted it for us, thus:  “I am seeing lots of death in this scry….how did you feel about it?  My interpretation is that the harvest is taking place, those who are accepted are being protected and ascending…the other side of the equation also has it’s helpers to escort those not ‘matured’ or failed to the next situation or station in the soul learning…. the grim reaper jumped at me, for I’ve been portrayed as a grim reaper and since small child a reaper has always made it’s presence known to me…at bedtime…he walked around my bed each night. . .”

Imagine, Supertyphoon Yolanda was staring us in the face through this scry, but we only got the clue as the news about its epic destructive  rampage progressed through the wires.  Moral lesson:  keep looking for signs and the life you save maybe yours.

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