Paradise Regained: A Manifesto for Guinarona


A catastrophe of biblical proportions–that’s the visitation of Supertyphoon Yolanda to Leyte and Samar, November 8, 2013–thousands of deaths, unimaginable devastation, famine and hunger. Even the mountains appear burned. A forlorn and desolate landscape, indeed–hence a defining moment, a watershed event in the history of the world.


Guinarona is a quasi-town in Leyte. Philippines having been a parish of 16 barrios since 1971.  The center of the parish is Guinarona Proper, with its San Pascual Baylon Parish Church and Shrines.

A beautiful and prosperous enclave, until supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck Leyte and Samar, with monstrous sustained winds of 195 miles per hour.  Along with the other places in Leyte,  Guinarona was razed to the ground.  

A Template for Rebuilding

While international groups and the national and local governments have instituted relief efforts, these are only good for the short term.  What is important is collective and sustained actions at rebuilding, which includes livelihood for all.

We therefore appeal to the Philippine national government. aid organizations and NGO’s of the four corners of the world for help.

  • To adopt each of the four districts of Lobe lobe East, Paraiso, Proper, and Sampaguita. with each of these districts to fan out the efforts to the other 16 barrios.
  • Each adopter or group of adopters will implement rebuilding and livelihood programs, consistent with the resources extant in each district.
  • To make available soft loans and grants for rebuilding homes.
  • Culture is strong in Guinarona; so that replacing the ruined social hall with a more spacious one is in order.
  • To build a market for artisans and producers to sell products and services.
  • Beautification will attract local and international tourists. which will create more demand for goods and services.

Please let us know your concerns and suggestions via the contact form.  

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