A Look Back at 2013

In our neck of the woods, there were only two events that defined the year 2013.  Call it the yin and the yang, the point and the counterpoint.

Very eventful was 2013–so eventful, in fact, that our paradigms shifted, both in the macro and micro levels. Subtle at first were the occurrences, only to give way to the denouement, namely the Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). But the monster typhoon was in the cards–it was in the stars as well. Dr. Turi had this reading on his blog, November 3, 5 days before Yolanda’s landfall in the Philippines.

NEW MOON — November 3, 2013: This lunation in Scorpio promises to be very dramatic for many people. A new moon is usually positive. Thus after any form of death there is always a new life in store for all of us. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and all affairs related to finance, health, sex, secrets, death, war, drama and law enforcement will be on the rise. Expect tragedy of all sorts to take place this month, where all the devil’s spirits will be invited to a macabre dance of horror. The police/ terrorists will make serious negative news This will be one of the most difficult lunation this year where one must realize one’s limits. The trend will play an important part in your life where impartial judgment from above and below will take place. Health, working life, relationships and the world at large will be affected. Many people and countries may be forced to realize the hard lessons of determination, cruelty, and death. The emphasis is on death and the potential for a rebirth in experiences, strength, and new-found wisdom to perform and live accordingly. Remember knowledge is power and there is no room for ignorance with the stars.

Since we come from Leyte, the super cyclone’s epicenter, we could not help but note Dr. Turi’s take on our connection to the tragedy that was Yolanda. Note also the theme of death in our personal reading.Snapshot_97Snapshot_98Snapshot_99Snapshot_100

But before our sorrowful mystery in Super Typhoon Yolanda, we had our glorious moment when we were able to secure and install in Guinarona, on May 15, 2013, the body relic of San Pascual Baylon, direct from the Basilica San Pascual Baylon in Vila-real, Spain, where the revered saint had his last ministry and where he eventually died. So holy was San Pascual Baylon that his remains did not decompose for years, even as Vila-real was overran and razed by the Muslims.

The year 2013 offered us a big lesson–the lesson being that history comes in cycles, and that whatever befalls us is an opportunity to grow from strength to strength.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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