A New Year, a New Frequency

In our book, man is an extremity of the Divine; hence man is a God once in the enlightenment mode, and only a demigod on account of his laziness–his failure to make use of his divine inheritance.  Man and his environment are one, so that what happens in the environment is simultaneously occurring in his self.  If man is in a state of hell, then his environs must also be in that state.

The effect of 345 Hz frequency on a particular environment.

Since man is an extension of the Divine, he has the power to create–to create magnificent things, to create horrible things.  The god-man, who never ceases to wonder, who is in the loop for the next level of truth, is like the ever-moving electron circling around the atom’s nucleus.  The fact of his movement is his truth–for truth is relative according to the frequency in which he operates.

Frequency is defined as the number of cycles per unit of time. For convenience, frequency is most often measured in cycles per second (cps) or the interchangeable Hertz (Hz) (60 cps = 60 Hz), named after the 19th C. physicist. 1000 Hz is often referred to as 1 kHz (kilohertz) or simply ‘1k’ in studio parlance.

In one’s reality, the frequency of the music that one listens to; the frequency of the mantra or prayer that he recites corresponds to the truth-result of that particular frequency.  It is said that the “devil” is part of nature (that dark part), and therefore you cannot eradicate it.  Evil has a purpose, and that is to balance things out, the way you balance an equation.  This evil thing has the frequency of 741 Hertz (cf. video presentation).  

Simply put, one’s karma (the aggregate of one’s thoughts words and deeds) is a function of the frequency of one’s settings. We also believe in a location karma (the collective thoughts, words and deeds of its inhabitants). That is why it is so important for even just one enlightened individual to change the destiny/karma of a certain place. (Cf. person + environment = 1.)

And did you know that our sun emits a sound with a frequency of 528 Hz–the same frequency of that which is emitted by all plants in photosynthesis? Here is a video presentation of the 528 Hz frequency, also known as the love, the healing and the creation frequency.

We are into the New Year, and we start from one. It should also mean a New Frequency, the 528 Hz. We can meditate with that surround-background or chant/pray using the same pitch. Either way you become a god–an active co-creator of the things you want in your truth, your universe–which also become ours.

A Happy New Frequency to all.

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