The New Reality

A lucid dream it was.  In it was the suggestion that with the new San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, Guinaronanhons will initiate new ways of doing things.  Indeed, fresh from having to deal with the finality of the old San Pascual’s disappearance and the total mess Super Typhoon Haiyan left us, what other mode of operating than change things up a bit?

First off, we had this reading from K, a first-rate oracle from the United States, whose being is possessed by an old soul knowledgeable in all things.  Her reading stated rather matter-of-factly that our old San Pascual has been underwater since the boat it was loaded on sank (photo with annotations).  Which means that we have to accept with finality that our century-old image of San Pascual is not coming home anytime soon, and that we have to banish our sorrow and just work around our loss.1899203_754987417846122_1176664511_n35

Verily, the oracle’s reading validated San Pascual’s automatic drawing of Agusut 29, 2010 of a ship with arching smoke. milagro-ni-san-pascual-006-2

Back to the lucid dream. The primary suggestion is that we honor the new San Pascual with a mini fluvial during the saint’s fiesta in Guinarona, May 16-17 each year. The fluvial will make use of Guinarona’s world-class irrigation canals, the primary route being from Paraiso to Sampao. 2453597327_ddd07f7c83_z199600_205532559475575_7578637_n
Indeed, it’s time to turn our poisons into medicines.

The Onus of Rebuilding


A tropical rain forest.

With Super Typhoon Haiyan–the strongest typhoon in human history–now a memory, the onus of rebuilding and its nastiness takes hold. (As if we had a choice.) Nasty because everybody is clamoring for the same materials and their finite supply, hence the through-the-roof prices. Nasty because some people want to just show off, never mind that being a “hambog” in these interesting times is passe. Never mind that the times call for out-of-the-box ideas and solutions.

Take the issue of forest timber. Of course, Guinarona has one of the last virgin forests standing in Mt. Lubi. The problem is, utilizing even the ones felled by the super typhoon has the onus of the government pouncing on you, not to mention the payback in terms of flash floods in the magnitude that happened in Ormoc City in 1991. So that option is out.

Let us count the ways of rebuilding without forest timber.

Option 1. Build with clay, grass and bamboo. Not only is it aesthetically cool, the abode is also very cozy and inviting.


A clay house with grass roof.

Option 2. Build with concrete and bamboo. Also use bamboo lattice as concrete reinforcement.


House of concrete and bamboo from


A coconut-concrete house. Photo by Mark Abrematea.

Option 3. Build with coconut timber and concrete. Of course, this is with the hope that people were able to preserve the felled coconut trunks from degradation.

A Grateful Heart. . .

A Grateful Nation. . .


Three months after Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in Central Philippines, we wish to thank each and every world citizen who contributed and are contributing to the rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!


The Dynamics of Healing


Charging drinking water with the healing frequency of 528 Hz.

Healing in the macro and micro levels entails measures to balance things out, to achieve equilibrium as it were. Indeed, as in Buddhist thought, there is a “hospital” both in the earth and in the human body. Whereas the earth heals itself by way of cataclysms, the human body rights itself with its antibodies, which attack any invading plague. And where the antibodies are overpowered, as in the case of metastasis, the organism seeks healing outside himself.

And in an era of exorbitant healthcare costs, the way to go is preventive care. But if, because of abuse and bad habits we find ourselves in metastasis, we approach the problem from an omniscient point of view–that is, in a level higher than the problem itself. In which case we may go the actual hospital route–and really get whacked with bills you could hardly pay (if you are uninsured) or go the holistic way. Which means a healing regimen less invasive and more attuned to the forces of the universe. Call it the miracle route–whatever.

All we have to remember is the premise that the human body is a walking hospital. It does not mean, however, that we become an island unto our self, because we need outside stimulus, as well. As the aborigines would say, everything is interconnected.

A superb healing stimulus is the employment of sound and the healing frequency thereto. In our case, we have combined sound and water (“toning” as in the olden days), charging the water with 528 Hz tone. The theory is that 528 Hz is the healing frequency and water being the universal solvent–hence “dissolving” the healing frequency in water. It helps that we have a genuine sound shaman–yes, the real deal–and we have availed our self of his divine technology.

Check Tom Kenyon out. His healing technology really works.