Twice the Charm

Or the two contemporary miracles of San Pascual Baylon.  If you don’t believe in magic, magic will not manifest in your life. To paraphrase further, if you don’t believe in miracles, forget about witnessing one. And we are talking here about the recent miracles from San Pascual Baylon, Guinarona’s parton saint. But first, the preliminaries….

A Fiesta Gallery

The 110th Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Fiesta, May 16-17, 2014 is also: The first fiesta after the super typhoon, The second fiesta for the San Pascual Baylon bone relic. We focus here on the fiesta altar.  (Original photos by Evelyn Fabian-Ausa.)   All things considered, the fiesta was a roaring success. Congratulations, all!

Feature: How Vila-real, Spain, Celebrates St. Paschal’s Feast

Among all places in the world, Vila-real City in Spain it was that commiserated with the people of Guinarona on the loss/theft of the latter’s century-old image of San Pascual Baylon.  When we decided to hold a delayed centennial for San Pascual in 2012, two years since the theft in June 2010, the people of…

A Photo Art Tribute to San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona

As we celebrate the 110th Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Fiesta, May 16-17, 2014, and even as our century-old image has heretofore not been recovered, we pay tribute to the saint through a photo essay. The original was a scanned copy from former fiesta hermana, Salvacion Juanico-Navora. Our celebration is akin to a remembrance of the…

As Pliant as the Bamboo

Give it to Filipinos in general and Guinaronanhons in particular: They are as pliant as the bamboo, just swaying to whichever the wind blows. And no matter the vicissitudes, the Filipino will just plod on and hope for the best. Take the case of the month of May, the most-fiesta laden month of the year….