A Fiesta Gallery

The 110th Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Fiesta, May 16-17, 2014 is also:

  • The first fiesta after the super typhoon,
  • The second fiesta for the San Pascual Baylon bone relic.

We focus here on the fiesta altar.  (Original photos by Evelyn Fabian-Ausa.)10341522_10152881528565620_4110597020890411552_n2_pe10341522_10152881528565620_4110597020890411552_n3_pe10341522_10152881528565620_4110597020890411552_n5_pe10341522_10152881528565620_4110597020890411552_n7_pe10341522_10152881528565620_4110597020890411552_n25_pe10341522_10152881528565620_4110597020890411552_n28_pe


All things considered, the fiesta was a roaring success. Congratulations, all!

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