Yes, It’s Possible!

Not to be gratuitous about it, but we guess it’s how the cookie crumbles. As in, is it possible that San Pascual Baylon, through synchronicity, communicates from the beyond? In his life, San Pascual was a mystic, so yes, it is possible and probable.

Here are photos of San Pascual, which the saint has sent through–would you believe–the scrying mirror.422885_307912695939889_1871120191_n_pe_pe429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_pe_pe429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_pe_pe_pe

In comparison, here are the traditional renderings of San Pascual10313358_466921730121403_8461459891553590458_n_pe200px-LienzoS_Pascual.

Again, not to be gratuitous about it, here again, is a miracle by San Pascual. Or aren’t the similarities of the pictures very uncanny?

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