The San Pascual Apparition: A World Premier

Consistent with Guinarona’s motto of being “The Chosen Place,” we are unveiling today, June 19, 2014, our official photos of San Pascual Baylon’s apparition. Please note that these are first-hand photos, taken with a Sony DSC-S90 digital camera. Enhancements were though the Smart Photo Editor.

GUINARONA, THE CHOSEN PLACE (4) from Benito Maray on Vimeo.

Whereas the apparition of the Lady of Guadalupe in the 16th century was sketched by a third person, San Pascual’s apparition, in real-time, was synchronous with the Computer and Internet age, hence the genuine feel of it.

Here is the original photo, taken March 2, 2012.429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_zpse8182536

And here are our enhanced official photos.429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_zpse8182536_pe2_pe7429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_zpse8182536_pe2429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_zpse8182536_pe2_pe9429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_zpse8182536_pe2_pe10_pe429450_307912925939866_1400936836_n_zpse8182536_pe2_pe4422885_307912695939889_1871120191_n_pe_pe_pe_peok2422885_307912695939889_1871120191_n_pe_pe_pe_peokDSC05782_zpsc5ef1bec_pe2okie_pe2okie_pe2DSC05782_zpsc5ef1bec_pe2okie_pe2_peokie

It is as if an indubitable force has been nudging us to publish the photos. And we hope that with this release, Guinarona will even be more butressed as a pilgrimage destination.

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