The Summer Solstice

Very significant for us was the summer solstice of 2014, which fell on June 21st. Significant in that San Pascual Baylon appeared to us for the third time.

Someone remarked that ever since we vouched the idea of a new cathedral for San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona, the apparitions materialized. What could that possibly mean?

Here are the photos of San Pascual’s third apparition(s). DSC05785-2_pe1511360_760135917348567_1150716037_n22_pe2_pefinal_pe2_peDSC05834okie_pe7_pe1511360_760135917348567_1150716037_n22_pe2_pefinal_pe4_pe1511360_760135917348567_1150716037_n22_pe2_pefinal_pe3_pe1 (1)_pe_pe_pe5

Back to the new cathedral idea. The edifice is to rise in Guinarona’s Paraiso district, west of the poblacion. We were guided in a lucid dream of where to put it up.

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