Notes on Healing Self and Others

When we were kids, we were in awe as to how our lolos and aunts could heal us by just smudging us while parroting incantations. Then we would be wrapped up in blankets to perspire, then we get healed. That was then the Age of Pisces, where man and his God were separate, hence it was the Age of Duality.

Now that we are in the Age of Aquarius, (which began December 21, 2012), the theme is oneness of God and Man. Which means that man is now a co-creator of reality.

Which means that man now has the capacity to heal himself. And he who can do this is the awakened one, and he is free to heal those whose awakening is delayed.

Having said that, we would like to share to the world the following healing techniques that do work. The assumption is that all humans are healers or have the innate capacity to heal.

1. On purifying food and beverages. The objective is to eat/imbibe only the beneficial nutrients for the body. Just place your food/beverage on the table and position your hands like so. Do this for 30 seconds.Snapshot_160

2. On charging your hands for healing. The objective is to capture the chi energy and use it for healing by tapping the energized hand on the affected part, like so: Snapshot_161Snapshot_162Snapshot_165Snapshot_163

Let’s all be empowered in this, the Age of Aquarius.

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