In defense of PNoy

The Society of Honor by Joe America

aquino sereno rappler The way it was . . . [Photo source: Rappler]

Guest article

by Dolly Gonzales

Let’s consider first the Supreme Court, and in particular Chief Justice Sereno. Then we can look at PNoy’s performance as President.


“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

In 2012, PNoy spent valuable political capital to impeach a midnight-appointed Chief Justice (CJ). If he hadn’t, our justice system would still be crippled by a Supreme Court (SC) led by someone shielding an ex-president from accountability.

But is that a happy ending? Remember how PNoy’s Truth Commission, meant to hold accountable ex-President GMA, was declared unconstitutional by the SC? Then there’s the decision that would have allowed her to leave the country. It was not only the impeached CJ who ruled in her favor. Those other justices are still there.

Several SC justices have also been appointed…

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