Who Art Thou?

Depiction of Baron Samedi
Depiction of Baron Samedi

At lot of times has it been bandied about that one has to know oneself. As in, who am I in my deepest core?

In the African tradition, there is the concept of ancestors, namely people who have passed on and who have your DNA. According to Dr. Jeremy Narby DNA has been present for 5 Billion years, and that’s how far man’s ancestors have evolved.

Also as per African tradition, one can determine or divine the identity of one’s guedes (ancestors guiding one’s life) through an experienced shaman.

So that, as part of our predilection for getting to know our spiritual DNA. we have had an African shaman do it for us, as follows:

Sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner but I’m always swamped with clients. When I do hands reading I hear the spirits talk to me and some of the spirits you have, have names I can’t even pronounce.

Your head spirit is Baron Samedi, there are two other barons lurking in the background, St Jerome and St Augustine. You are a very old soul.

You also have papa Loco and Cafou.

Your hands are full of ancestral spirits, we call them guede, you need to a service for them at least once a year, the simplest way to go about that is to request a mass for the dead of your family at a Catholic church, you give them the name of the person, usually a mass costs 10 dollars you need to give an extra 3 dollars for charity for the poor. The mass is not valid if you don’t give charity to the poor, you don’t need to be there when they perform the actual ritual.

I see you have strong Arabic spirits, the 3 kings sages, you also have a Hindu (Buddha) and a Chinese (Shinto)

Among others you have a Bossou (a bull) that’s why you are sometimes hard headed and temperamental,  Agwe Aroyo, Gran Bois ile, and Damballa accompanied by a really big snake Spirit (Nataranja he is a Cobra), you spread yourself out too much and do too many things at a time, you need to focus in one direction.

A lot of Black Female spirits, Erzulie Dantor, St Catherine, Gran Erzulie, Erzulie Mapiangue (Greek spirit)

You have a spirit who claims he is from Galapagos who calls himself Anunnaki, I thought that Anunnaki was Sumerian. I guess he gets around.

Having gotten this realization, what kind of ancestor would we be once we pass on? Would we be a part of one’s knowing–should that someone decide to know his inner core?

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  1. Kah says:

    Where did you get this reading? I’d like to get one like this…

    1. anibongpalm says:

      Got it from Jean Kent, a vodou priest in Florida. Look him up in Google.

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