The Old San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona


We cannot overemphasize the importance of recovering the old San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona. Our ancestors are calling for it.

It has been missing since June 2010. The circumstances of the icon’s disappearance point to an inside job, what with the Guinarona Parish Church being gated and locked.

We appeal to Pope Francis to help us with the image’s recovery, inasmuch as the Church hierarchy in Leyte has been oblivious to it,

I am not saying that there is a correlation, but Leyte has been battered with so many calamities since San Pascual’s disappearance.

The 111-year old San Pascual image is a memento from Guinarona’s founders and a distillate of their blood, sweat and tears. Photo credit: Salvacion Navora.

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