On Adversity

The heavens are askew even as we speak. So don’t get surprised if human affairs get a beating too.

Adversities–a familiar terrain, as familiar as the rain, and no one escapes that, even the high and mighty, even the superpowers.

As I trudge the street, the guy before me bends over to pick up a nearly spent cigarette butt–that’s adversity.

When you are on a furlough and wonder where the next meal is coming from–that’s adversity.

When you have exhausted your savings and wonder what the morrow will bring–that’s adversity.

The question is where to go to when one finds himself in a pouring rain.

The best bet for me is to go inside myself, to commune with the self in silence, breathing in and breathing out, and listening to the wisdom that emanates from that place.

A place is also an organism and is subject to vicissitudes. When it is at war, adversity it is.

Keeping calm and collected and wishing for the best do wonders for the self as well as the soul–one’s soul and the soul of a place, the soul of a country.

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