A Manifesto: If We Don’t Act Now, Who Will?


This is a manifesto of the millions of supporters of the Good Governance Program of President Noynoy Aquino.

The antis, although lacking in numbers, make it up with noisy rhetoric, and they count some in the media. Granted they are well-oiled in terms of funding from who knows where, we, the silent majority. can longer be silent. Therefore, we pronounce in no uncertain terms our full support for President Noynoy Aquino and his Administration.

Because of good governance and stellar economic performance, the Philippines is now ranked top notch in the world, second only to China. We cannot just sit idly by while the de-stabilizers are doing their thing to wreck what took so much to build. Enough is enough!

Enemies come in all shapes and forms. There is the termite who silently gnaw at our foundation, yet on the surface he purports to support us–beware of Trojan horses bearing gifts!

Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos. Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?


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  1. virginia villanueva says:

    #pnoyparin we love you mr. president your the best ever !!

  2. Leonila H. delos Reyes says:

    Yes, we should act now to protect the only working president we ever had. #Noynoyparin

  3. irene says:


  4. irene says:

    we love you…#noynoyparin

  5. Nila says:

    Pnoy pa rin.

  6. aida says:

    PNoy pa rin!

  7. Gerardo R. Joson says:

    The SAF survivors should be asked to explain. They did nothing to reinforce their comrades. They were about 300 and 44 died mercilessly. What happened? Has there been a tactical error? They heard that they were being massacred and they knew the risk they were facing beforehand. They knew beforehand that it was a suicide mission and yet they put their guards down upon getting Marwan. Pnoy got all the dirty flaks from the media whose mouth were lined by corrupt politicians. Have we not heard before that the best defense of those implicated in the PDAP scam was the scorched earth defense that they were all corrupt anyway so was Pnoy and the DAP? Attacking Pnoy is the best strategy to divert attention from the daily fare of corruption by shameless politicians.

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