A Heads Up

From our page on the National Geographic:

What can be more ordinary than elementals creating art in front of your eyes? Here the sentient beings of the ayahuasca exhibit their prowess at visual creation with little prodding, I mentally ask them to draw the message they want to convey for a particular moment in time. And these beings don’t disappoint. Okay, what I did was to invoke Bune, the guardian of the dead, to confirm his presence by etching himself onto the spread of ayahuasca leaves. Voila the dog’s head.www.kizoa.com_001

The 111-year old San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona image,stolen in June 2010. For the greed of man, the distillate of our ancestors’ blood, sweat and tears going pfft, just like that. My wish is for artist-photographers to duplicate and improve on the image and curate all the output into a memento for the ages, For man does not live by bread alone.download

The National Geographic page was created to supplement our awareness campaign about important issues affecting the Guinarona San Pascual Baylon Parish and the world at large.

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