Calling a Spade a Spade: A Message to Filipinos

By Manong Santana www.kizoa.com_collage_2015-02-20_09-46-23

EXCUSE ME General Ramos??? We are both ex-military men. The only difference is you studied in the U.S. and went back to the Philippines and served the dictator Marcos. While I served the United States Military as a Filipino-American, just like12,,000 Fil-Am servicemen and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sir, can you name me one American or Filipino President who has seen or GONE THROUGH this POLITICAL and CULTURAL CIRCUS that President Aquino is experiencing for the DEATHS in BATTLE of 44 Police officers???? Men KILLED in the line of duty, legally, and part of their sworn duty to serve their country !

UNBELIEVABLE COUNTRY ! Thousands of Fil-Am military officers and enlisted, both veterans and current who follow these events are almost in Disbelief and Shock at how the Philippines, in particular,Filipinos and families of the Dead SAF officers have BEHAVED in their Uncalled, Unjustified attacks on Aquino. Anak ng Tupa ! A President, especially a Straight, Honest, Strong, Effective President that this pitiful poor, corrupt nation has NEVER SEEN BEFORE, is being Attacked and Forced to resign over 44 policemen who died in enemy lines ??????!!!!!!

Sir, over 50 proud American soldiers DIED EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 13 LONG YEARS serving their country in Irag and Afghanistan !!! More young americans DIED in one freekin month than the SAF 44 ! Close to 1,500 american military have DIED in Friendly Fire from fellow US soldiers in that SAME PERIOD because of MAJOR MISTAKES, MISHAPS, ERROR in JUDGEMENTS by officers and high ranking officials……DID YOU EVER HEAR AMERICANS WHINE, CRY, SCREAM, INSULT, and ATTACK their Commander in Chief ??? NO !!!!!

Buwan Buwan PATAY for close to 14 years ! including over 120 Fil-Ams dead over 13 years ! NOT ONCE, NOT ONCE did you see Americans Go Nuts and ASK President Bush or Obama to resign or be impeached !!! Thousands of Vietnamese soldiers and police were sent blindly to FIGHT the GIANT China 25 years ago. For 3 weeks, hundreds of Vietnamese DIED and l hundred Chinese killed. Do they CRY and GO NUTS over that ???

Finally, after all these years, naka produce din ang mga bobontante ng isang matinong Presidente na wala sa katawan, sa utak, sa buto na Magnakaw or Mang abuso na mga kababayan.. Tapos binabanatan at sinisira ang lahat ng magagandang nangyayari. Sabi nga ng isang high ranking american Naval officer who has been to the Philippines many times and is married to a Filipino-American… ” Many Filipinos Do Not Seem to Comprehend or Understand the Damage that they KEEP REPEATING over and over again to their very own country. They Cannot seem to Decipher between what’s more important vs. what’s not. They cannot seem to SEE BEYOND TODAY, they never seem to WEIGH the Long Term effects and the dramatic damage their actions today will do for tomorrow.

To even MAKE a NATIONAL MOCKERY of their President and even attempt to Remove him from office OVER the DEATH of 44 men in uniform who are killed in a gun battle in enemy lines is UNHEARD of in ANY MODERN country or even a poor nation for that matter. To have the Habit of wanting to Forceably REMOVE every single President from office AFTER making a decision to elect him or her is a SICKNESS of a society that has been battered, victimized, and repeatedly hoodwinked and Bamboozled by so many Corrupt Politicans than THEY CANNOT SEE or RECOGNIZE an Honest, Straight, Good for the country President anymore. Its no different than a repeatedly Abused woman by many men. She truly believes that ALL MEN are abusive and if she ever finds a good man, she will find a WAY, ANY WHICH WAY, find Fault in that good man and once again Play Victim and REINFORCE her belief that All men are abusive.

He ends by saying, the Philippines will never be a Singapore, a South Korea, a Taiwan, and definitely not a Japan, because Filipinos as a whole have ABSOLUTELY No Discipline, No Long Term outlook, No TRUE LOVE for their country, and Allow themselves to be manipulated by the few but powerful forces in their society. And MOST IMPORTANT of ALL, Filipinos have a MUCH LARGER POOR, UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT population compared to its Wealthy Asian neighbors. And that is FATAL in a Free Democratic society when the MAJORITY CLASS who votes for people into power are POOR, UNEDUCATED, and IGNORANT. They are repeatedly manipulated and distracted by Non-Relevant issues to TAKE THE FOCUS away from the REAL KEY ISSUES !

He also rightly observes that of all the Asian countries he has been to in tour, Filipinos have the LEAST appreciation or even Pride of their ancestors and heritage. While the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Korean proudly and HOLD SACRED their ancestors as part of their Identity, Filipinos have a serious indentity crisis ! Millions even make fun of their Native AETA tribes who are their real true ancestors.

The 300 years of being brainwashed that European and Non-Filipino culture is superior and better, and seeing these primitive, dark ancestors is nothing to be proud of.. While the Japanese and Chinese celebrate their ancestors with so much pride. In other words, WHAT A NATION !!!! They will elect Binay in 2016 and spend 2018-2022 trying to REMOVE him after they FINALLY discover that they are the 2nd coming of the Marcos family !


The 3 MAJOR AREAS that hurts PNOY BECAUSE he is different, according to US State Dept. insiders among the ” Corrupt Filipino politicians and the Bobotante voters of the Philippines. PNOY is disliked by the corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians, and ignorant Bobotantes who are mostly the uneducated BECAUSE according the Inside reports from Foreign observers and 100% in agreement from many Fil-Am military who still keep in touch with happenings in Manila.

ONE, Pnoy is hated by 99% of all corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen BECAUSE PNOY is the ONLY Filipino President ( other than his very own mother Cory) in modern times who Does NOT Play ball when it comes to Corruption regardless if its Big or Small. Hindi mo siya ma susulsulan when it comes to wealth, riches, and more power. PNOy is a different breed than 95% of all Filipino politicians who are corrupt.

TWO, PNOY is called Privately by US State Dept. observers as a ” NO DRAMA PHILIPPINE President”. Pnoy has never seen, believed, or practiced the Need to Engaged in a Public Display of putting a SHOW and DRAMA like Jojo Binay, Imelda Marcos, Erap Estrada, Jinggoy Estrada, Miriam Santiago, Bong Revilla, GMA , Nancy and 95% of ALL Filipino Politicians who LIKE to PLAY the role of PA-IYAK IYAK, PABAIT-BAIT, PA-AWA AWA, PA MACHO MACHO, etc etc. Pnoy is NOT your typical PLASTIC politician, many of them HYPOCRITES! This personality was in full display during SAF visiting with families of victims. If Imelda was still first lady, we would have all seen Gallons of tears from Imelda. If Erap was President, he would have been HUGGING all these families in front of the camera and would then make statement on national TV and do an MACHO speech calling for REVENGE and All Out War.

THREE, PNOY is simply a good person who does NOT abuse, initimidate , threatenhis enemies, If we were under Marcos, Erap, Ramos or GMA, HINDI puwede yung ibang personal attacks at banat ng mga politiko at kritiko ng Presidente. Or the behavior of the family members of the SAF would have NEVER been tolerated under Marcos or even Erap. They would have been immediately threatened PRIVATELY and that’s the end of their drama! Si Erap nga, Nakunan lang ng Video sa Casino, the man who took the photo would NEVER EVER BE SEEN EVER AGAIN in this earth !!!!!

Si PNOY ay matinong tao, TALAGANG pinalaki ng maayo at anak talaga ni Ninoy and Cory!!! There is ONLY ONE Filipino politician who is IDENTICAL to PNOY in THOSE TRAITS…. That’s his very close Friend Secretary Mar Roxas. MATINO, HINDI MAGNANAKAW, MAY RESPETO sa KAPWA, at HINDI Nasisilaw sa pera at yaman at pagnanakaw! These TWO MEN are VERY RARE among Filipino politicians ESPECIALLY at the HIGHEST LEVELS of Government ! Iyan ang hindi makuha at maintindihan ng maraming Pilipino na kulang sa isip, kulang sa utak. Ang GUSTO nila PANAY SHOW, DRAMA… tuwang tuwa sila sa paawa-awa ni Jojo Binay, sa pasigaw sigaw ni Miriam Santiago, sa mga MACHO style ni Duterte, Erap. Sa pa papogi effect ni Bong Revilla ! sa PAIYAK-IYAK ng balde balde ng LUHA ni Imelda Marcos at Gloria Arroyo. TIGNAN naman ninyo ang napala ng bayan natin sa mga DRAMATISTANG ITO!!! It is simply a big number of BOBOTANTES and even educated enggots who look at life based on a teleserye!!!


Do you know what I find AMAZING as an Ex-military man??? You see the VERY SAME CRITICS in this Inquirer who CALLED President Aquino a COWARD for not fighting China, to be the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are NOW CRYING, SCREAMING, GOING NUTS over 44 dead Filipino policemen who perished in battle. Kung 44 pa lang, IYAK na KAYO ng IYAK, ano pa kaya kung yung DUWAG kamong Presidente ay lumaban sa China as you said he should !!!

Alam ninyo ba that LITERALLY in the THOUSANDS of FILIPINOS would DIE within 72 HOURS if China ever decided to Attack the Philippines !!!! And Manila and the Philippine Government would FALL to CHINA in days, not even one week !!! Tapos tatawagin ninyong duwag ang Presidente ninyo, tapos sa 44 pa lang, HUMAHAGULGOL na kayo !!!! Mayroon pa kayong pa ” he should say sorry” !!! Sorry to who?? To you???


What a group of people ! Kayo ang sumisira sa Pilipinas ! You cannot even SEE, RECOGNIZE a GOOD PRESIDENT when you see one. Hindi bale, you deserve what’s coming in 2016 !


To Filipinos who still believe and support your President, NOW is the time to Speak up before it’s too late ! The entire Economic Progress and Fight against Corruption and Powerful Plunderers that started in 2010 , has now been OVERSHADOWED, DISTRACTED by ABSOLUTE NONESENSE, IRRELEVANT POLITICAL MANEUVERING by a powerful COMBINATION of the UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT combined with the EDUCATED yet ENGGOT group. Mga walang kahit na anong pakialam for what will happen to this country 2,3, 5, 10 years from now !

They would RATHER continue to LIVE and DIE in a poor, corrupt nation DAHIL they are having fun right now attacking their President because of 44 Police officers as their EXCUSE ! Hindi si Pnoy ang kawawa dito !!!! KAYO ang kawawa !

PNOY is PNOY! He will be okay no matter what! It’s the Millions upon Millions of poor, lower income, middle class and millions of OFW families who will NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT in their lifetime BECAUSE they ALLOWED themselves to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME being DISTRACTED by ISSUES that will NEVER do anything for them today or tomorrow !

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  1. This country needs a “BLOODY” social and political upheaval as such that would leave its mark in the pages of history books just like the “French Revolution” of the late 17th century. Forgive me in saying this that Filipinos in general (especially the younger generation) are quite forget full in the lessons of the past & therefore doomed to repeat it all over again.

  2. leonides aragdon says:

    I agree that Pnoy shall stay as president of our country dito ko palang nakita sa reheming ito na magmula sa supreme court may kaso na ang chief justice, mga heneral na mga tiwale,mga senador na kakagaling tingnan yon pala may problema sa sambayanan,sa military purchases marami tayong nakuha sa modernisation ng ating arm forces.ang ating ekonomiya ay umaangat ngunit bulag ang mga mata kahit dilat. akoy high school noong martial law kaya alam ko ang comparison ng mga nakaraang presidente ng ating bansa… may alam ako dyan na pangulo ng ating bansa binansagan the most traveled president of the philippines..!Sino ngayon ang duwag!!

    1. sino pa di si ramos inubos ang pera ng bayan

    2. ferdinand guia says:

      Sino pa e di yung tinaggurian na the most travelled President, Yung maraming ibinentang ari arian ng Pilipinas at yung kumuha ng pera na nawalang parang bula na worth of 190 billion pesos na naipon ng Cory’s govt. sa Central Bank.

  3. lian veloso says:

    We pray everyday for our President sya ang nakaupo kaya dapat igalang ! Let us just ask God to give him wisdom than oust him. ano ba tama na yan! pag kayo ang nakaupo pakita nyo nalang ang galing nyo! basta walang corruption!

  4. Gerry Oraño says:

    In my opinion, President Aquino still has the trust of the military, the police, the majority of the Filipinos and the international community and I for one still trust the President.

  5. Carmelita Dy says:

    I agree with everything Manong Santana said.We should be more objective and not allow our emotions play on what is happening .Let us not be blinded and not see how our country is moving forward to compete with the rest of the world.Quality of life for every Filipinos,discipline,social justice and zero tolerance to corruption should be our leaders’ s agenda.Pres Aquino had shown and proven his “Tuwid na Daan”,so let us support and keep him,for there is no better one.

  6. Noemi M.Fulgencio says:

    Finally, someone had the courage to write this great article.The president has done a lot for the country. Economy has improved. For once, let us keep an honest man in the highest office of the land.

    1. Malou Deiparine says:

      I do agree Ms. Noemi, and I’m thankful that people still see what is beyond the “drama” … Let us all pray for our President and all those who are leading us .. Blaming will lead us to nowhere ….

  7. patriot de la cruz says:

    Sad to say we will not see in our lifime the changes we wait for ur country.
    Maybe 50 more years or more, not untill anti corruption is teach in primary schools through college.
    Not untill someone whose ready to die for a change.
    Not untill a truly patriotic military leaders whose dedication is the flag not its leader.
    Violence and force maybe needed, collateral damages is expected, but for the good of the country and its future… WE NEDED A TOUGH RULER!

    1. Tough but firm in decision makings, when Pnoy stood firm, he was branded as stubborn, and in many occassions called bakla and abnoy..but yes, Manong Santana, he was a breed different from filipinos in general, except for his friend, Mar Roxas, both are incorruptible, even when the opportunities were there..God bless the president..

  8. patriot de la cruz says:

    Death Penalty must be restored and immediately enforced, to any PUBLIC OFFICIAL found guilty not by the justice system, but by 3 groups of electoral judges. Death by public execution , within 30 days after the verdict.

    1. Ituloy ang pagbabago
      Yes I trust President Aquino
      Yes economy has improved
      agree death penalty must be restored by 3 groups of electoral judges
      salamat at nagkaroon tayo ng presidente kinakalaban ang corruption
      ngayon lang nakapagpakulong ng maraming corrupt na leader paanu nalang ang bayan natin kung magkamali ang mga mamamayan sa pag pili this coming 2016 elections, I pray that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit to select the best leader.
      Maraming maraming salamat po president Aquino sana may 2nd term pa kaya lang sa dami ng corrupt natamaan sa iyong pamumuno MAR ROXAS magpatuloy our next president.

  9. junior m says:

    Salamat sa magandang mensahe Manong, sana mapiling mabuti ng mga botante ang tunay na karapatdapat na kapalit, na magpapatuloy sa nasimulang layunin “ang tuwid na daan”. Alam po natin mahirap ituwid yan, dahil sa pera kahit sino madaling masilaw…sana maawat na sa posisyon ang sobra at walang sawa sa katakawan… We support Pnoy the President and GODBLESS PHILIPPINES…

  10. Lucie Gumiran says:

    Yes i agree that Pinoy is such a good President. Ang mga Pilipino walang pagka kuntento puro ngawa,batikos wala naman magawa,wala naman naitulong
    ,wala naman alam. Empty cans are noisy ika nga.Ang mahalaga sunikap nya na baguhin ang bansa,linisin ganun siguro talaga kung straight ka maraming kalaban pero kung kakulay mo sila sinong kakalaban sayo e di wala pareho lang kayo kasi..Dapat nga imbes na sumali sa mga detractors ni Pinoy maging thankful n lang tayo na meron tayo ngayon President na kinakalaban ang corruption para sa atin lahat di lang yun sa kanya. Yes really its very easy to stand in a crowd but it takes courage to stand alone

  11. Phing says:

    Let’s move on and walk to the right path..tapusin natin ang nasimulan natin na pagsugpo sa corruption di lang sa mataas na katungkulan pati sa mabbang posisyon. ito ang balakid sa pag unlad ng ating bayan..if we need a revolution for a change let’s do it.lets do this for the future of our children and grand children…alisin natin ang mentalidad na itinanim satin ng mga banyaga…let’s have our true identity. gising na kababayan ko sa darating na 2016 naway gabay natin ang konsensya sa pagboto. . iboto natin ang pinunong may pagmamahal sa bayan di lang sa salita . WE ARE FILIPINO UNITED AS ONE!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ang mga sumisira at ayaw kay Pres. Noynoy Aquino ay ung nahihirapang makalusot sa mga pansarili lamang na kapakanan at hindi pa nasisiyahan sa kanilang mga yaman. Kung may bago mang ihahalal na presidente iyon ay walang katiyakan sa paglilingkod na tapat at handang ibigay ang sarili para sa kanyang mamamayan na umaasa sa TUNAY na HANGARING maging isang bansang Mayaman at may Maka DIYOS na Paglilingkod.Ang isang ugali ng mga makasariling may ambisyong tumakbo at maluklok ay ang humahanap palagi ng maisisira at hindi nakikita ang magandang nagagawa. Tulad ng kasabihang Nakikita lang butas ng karayom at hindi ang butas ng Palakol. Utak BUWAYA.Matakot kayo sa pagdating ng inyong wakas kung paano kayo haharap sa DIYOS sa oras ng inyong kamatayan.Mabuhay ka Pres. NOYNOY at hindi ka Pababayaan ng DIYOS sa iyong Tapat na Hangaring makapag lingkod ng Malinis.

  13. Josefina Lamoste says:

    I agree with this people who send their feeling and good commend about our pres. Pinoy

    1. Yes I also agree all this people President Aquino is the best president of the Philippines we have ever had.

  14. Flormilo says:

    This is a well articulated article worthy of sharing to viral status. We need a FilAm-possibly living in the States or outside of the Philippines to write this for us, looking from a distant with better understanding of the current situation in our troubled country. Anytime China can attack the Philippines and many will surely die and the ones who will survive cannot enjoy the kind of freedom we are experiencing right now. We need to unite. We need to show our support to an elected President. Those who are sowing chaos have their own evil agenda against a clean President. Let the good men in us Filipinos do good so that evil men of corrupted ideas cannot triumph.

  15. Harry Torres says:

    nasabi nyo na lahat at yan din ang gusto ko ipaalam sa lahat buti na lang marami pa nga ang nsa TAMANG PAG IISIP hehehe! sana nga isang TERM pa. GODBLESS po sa lahat ng nasa TAMANG kaisipan at nasa KATINUAN na nakakakita pa at nakapag oobserved sa mga kaganapan sa pang araw araw na mga kaganapan. panatilihing gising sa mga kaganapan para di maligaw sa kanilang paniniwala at ng sa pagdating ng pagboto ay alam na kung sino ang NARARAPAT na mahalal a.t mamuno sa bansang napakatagal ng di makawala sa kahirapan. MABUHAY po kyo kung sino man kyo na me lakas ng loob na maglabas ng inyong mga pananaw although kanya kanya ng paniniwala ang bawat isa tama lng na me ilan na magsiwalat ng kanyang PANANAW , sa mga tinatamaan ng mga SALITA na sa tingin nyo ay mali? DEMOCRASYA yan po ang tunay na kahulugan.

  16. Gig Ban says:

    From Marcos to present. P-Noy the best…..!

  17. it is good to hear we still have people in the philippines having the right principles in making decisions like these. i also support the actions and decisions of THE PRESIDENT. come 2016 vote for ROXAS – POE tandem. i suggest forget voting for binay and other corrupt politicians. tnx

  18. ma. luisa malijan says:

    I support PNOY,ROXAS AND POE but if i interview some people why not Roxas afraid of the first lady.Hope there will be measures to address the issue .

  19. ma. luisa malijan says:

    I support PNOY, ROXAS, POE, But hope Roxas wiil not be influence easily by someone behind

  20. Sean Barrett says:

    Leave Aquino alone…he has done way more good than harm. We all make mistakes…we all have our faults. However he is honest, loyal and most important uncorruptable. If Binay is elected it will be two steps backwards. Get these political dynastys gone. Arrest, try and convict these criminal politicians swiftly and move the country forward.

  21. Rock O says:

    Wag nang magpapaloko. EITHER ONE MORE TERM FOR PNOY OR MAR- TRILLANES. Wag yung mga senador dyan na galing-galingan pero may pinagtatakpan lang na kaibigang vice president!

  22. Vernon Luna says:

    Manong Santana ,thanks for the very fresh,different point of view…for the polarized mindset of a nation…Altho’ we must not ONLY let the rich,educated and the well-versed have the right to vote,or multiply their rights to vote,compared to other citizens’ rights,we must also let the poor,uneducated and the ignorant, the right to be counted as our democratic form of government say they should be…they are the majority…That is our DILEMMA …Manipulation is easy…like the tv evangelists with Rolex(es) and the unscrupulous businessmen on hand,chains of Gold,…like the politicians with promises of the Final solutions to their problems….manipulators will come…I am not rich nor I can consider myself poor,I have bought what I need and some in life…nor am I uneducated,nor have I, a masters degree,Yet I have read a little…nor am I a well- versed person,yet,I have travelled,maybe a little more than the others,but not much…as the saying goes,if I remember it correctly,..if we plan for a year,plant rice…if we plan for 10 years,plant trees…if we plan for 100 years,..educate the children…non of these has ever been done seriously WITHOUT PERSONAL HIDDEN AGENDA, by any of the previous presidents…PNOY is the first to do all these,SERIOUSLY..still,with a PERSONAL AGENDA…the difference ? PNOY’S agenda is for THE WELL BEING OF A NATION.Should we IMPEACH HIM ?and stop him from his work ? Should we,in our wildest dream EXPECT A STUNTED TREE to bear fruit ?… In my humblest view,I believe we SHOULD NOT.I do not pretend to be an authority in politics.Yet,I still care…I really do…for the the good of my previous country.yet,I am just a simple fil-am Davaweno,who happens to be in a little town called Austin,Texas…these are just my personal opinion…no one else(s)…DO NOT LET PNOY GO…LET US HOLD UNTO HIM FOR A LITTLE MORE…that’s all I ask.. Not much,right ?…just a little while longer, all…

  23. Joyce says:

    OMG! so far he maybe one of the most liked and friendly approachable presidents of the phil. he has done so much and really obvious better changes in the way the different departments of the government runs, he is on top of mostly his agendas. a lot of improvements. even i am not there i am hearing a lot of people talk a lot edifying him for he fulfilled most of his campaign promises. don’t you think so?

    1. Vernon luna says:

      I definitely agree,Joyce..he has his flaws…yet,his work ethics and honesty over rides those flaws…in other words,Philippines ,Wether his detractors (that includes the church)admit it or not, IS DEFINITELY WAY BETTER OFF NOW THAN EVER BEFORE …you notice,the DETRACTORS ARE NEVER THE YOUTHS WHO ARE ACTUALLY BUSY FULFILLING THEIR DREAMS ,NOW THAT THEY FINALLY HAVE THE CHANCE ?…but then,it’s just my personal opinion…I stand corrected…


  25. We can see such damage done by the opposisionist to the Pres. in tv and news or even social media.See how they operate?But if you really understand,politics would mean going back to the telenovelas.If youre really a nationalist you wouldnt allow this to be viewed as for the purpose of just maligning him and his family.I may not be a die hard fan of him ,but you can see the sincerity and devotion to help fellow Filipinos.Brothers,learn to look at the person not by his accendancy but by the cleaness of heart to be of help to the future Filipinos.Any false statement would mean failure to our stability,so be intelligent and never be swayed to disaster.Ive lived on other country,but we have loved this country of ours and if you didnt believe.Someday fellow Filipinos will ruin our nation and too late to save the Philippines.

  26. socorro lucenio says:

    I’m a teacher, I have read the a lot of government programs under Pnoy administration, sana lahat tayo babasahin at maintindihan ang galing mga programang ito. Talagang pinag aralan kung anong klaseng edukasyon magkaroon ang mga Pilipino ayon sa ating mga paingangailangan at mga kakayahan. Sabi ng isang dayuhan “Ang gagaling nyo mga Pilipino, bakit kayo away ng away at alis ng alis sa bansa nyo? Anong akala nyo dito sa amin langit? Bakit hindi ninyo mapaunlad ang inyong bansa?”

    Hindi ako naghahanap ng masyadong matalino at magaling na presidente dahil walang ganun.Tama na ang hindi magnanakaw at nagsisikap mapabuti ang ating bansa. Nakikita ko ang unti unting pag uunlad, kahit di pa nakatanggap ng pag taas ng sahod kaming mga teachers at ang ibang gov’t employees. Sino ba ang ayaw magkaroon ng kaginhawaan sa buhay? Bakit hindi natin bigyan ng puwang ang kaginhawaan? Magtulungan tayo! Sana kung husgahan natin si Pnoy nakikita rin natin ang ating mga
    sarli, Ganun tayo ka totoo, kung humihingi tayo sa ating presidente, humihingi rin sya sa atin. Kung baga, pwede ba? Huwag muna tayong humingi, nabigyan naman tayo eh, alam natin naayon naman sa batas at walang nakawan, kahit paunti unti lang, Kung baga, huwag muna tayong humingi kahit sandali lang, dapat siguro… HUMINGA muna tayo sabay sa ating presidente…maitawid natin ang ating bansa pag unlad katulad ng mga mauunlad na karatig bansa… para huwag na tayong alis ng alis kahit delikado, tapos pag may nangyari, sisihin natin ang presidente kasi di tayo natulungan….at sasabihin natin kulang ang kanyang ginagawa. Nang umalis tayo sa Pinas halos di rin natin ipaaalam sa gobyerno ang pag alis… ano ba yan? Magtulungan tayo, edukasyon sa lahat na may sapat at nararapat na trabaho dito sa Pinas nating mahal…. pwede ba Pinoy na kristyano at Muslim? Kasama si Pnoy guminhawa naman tayo…… tulungan sana tayo ng Poong Maykapal….

  27. God bless the Philippines and God bless Pnoy!

  28. chris says:

    We honour your service to us, thank God you are still alive how can you explain to the families of fallen 44 why they were sent to a known rebel territory, with no standby reinforcement, from the moment the fight started when casualty could still be minimize nothing has been done, while you in us army you fight with the most modern weapons, this wasting of lives has happened from luneta hostage crisis to numerous military carnage in the south

  29. Mac Sandan says:

    Kudos to you Manong Santana. Can’t blame the poor indigent people especially come election time that they can be bought for their vote as the really need the money. We need to be strong to put an end to this and vote for the right candidate for the betterment of the Philippines. The should used their judgement as they are the one who elected him and once he made a mistake, they want to overthrow him. God. Bless the Philippines at da mega taong putak ng putak, gumising na at pag isipang mabuti kung sino ang dapat na iboto sa ikabubuti ng lahat.

  30. Frank Velazquez says:

    Let us not forget that the SAF are not soldiers. They were police officers sent to seve the arrest warrant on a known wanted terrorist and bomb maker. They were ordered and commanded by Gen. Napenas who was in turn briefed by a suspened police general Alan Purisima. Said briefing was in Malacanang with the President present. Hence, when the SAF was locked in a violent conflict w the mOros, why did they not get reinforcements of any king until they were killed and massacred. The deceased policemen were robbed of their guns, wallets’ shoes and personal effects. Some of the bodies were even mutilated. The MILF did not even offer to surrender any of their cohorts. To date, some of the personal effects have not been returned. The president thru the government peace panel did not attempt to get justice for the said policemen. The peace panel even gave cash awards tosome of the rebels. Is this justice?

  31. Sehn says:

    Siguro nga di ramdam ang paghihirap ng mga taong nasa pwesto at maayos ang buhay. Sa nakikita ko ang nakakaramdam lang ng mga ginawa ni pinoy ay yong mga walang concern sa araw araw na kakainin.
    I’ve been a supporter of aquinos for a long time until i experienced injustices in my own country and even outside of the phil.
    I am a law abiding citizen pero pag ikaw ang nabiktima. Nawalan ka ng trabaho dahil sa kagagawan ng mga taong walang disiplina. Kanino ka tatakbo? Oo may proseso. Sige magkaso ka … Ubos na ipon mo wala pang resulta? Asan ang sinasabing hustisya?
    Try living in the middle east and experience kung paano ka yurakan ng ibang lahi. Pero hayaan na lang bakit? Kasi wala kang kakampi. Pag nagsumbong ka sa embassy ikaw pa ang may kasalanan.
    The whole world know that we have no one to turn to. Kahit sa mga embassies you’ll see filipinos nakapila sa labas ng gate ni walang upuan. Hindi mo makikita yan sa ibang embassies.
    Pero sinong tatakbuhan? Wala?
    Madami tayong batas? Human rights? Pero nasaan? Sino dapat ang mag implement?
    Dito sa lugar ko now tumawag lang ang mga puti sa embassy nila, andiyan na kaagad ang tulong. Tayo? Lumuhod ka man sa mga diplomat or embahada ibebenta ka pa.
    Oo pag mayaman ka di mo ma experience ang mag dh or kaya pumila sa labas ng mainit kasi am sure may taga pila ka. Kaya di mo ramdam ang tunay na struggle ni juan.
    Dahil sa nabasa kong to. Maliwanag na sa akin na ang gobyerno ni pnoy ay pang mayaman lang. Para sa mga untouchables lang.

  32. I hope that those who have read this will try let every Filipinos understand the meaning of all men and women in military service.
    Honor your principles by selecting who could possibly continue the right path to a more progressive Philippines and gain more respect for Filipinos from all countries in the world.

  33. Marilou says:

    PNoy is the best President we had so far. I agree with Manong Santana. God bless the Philippines!

    1. Yes thats true President Aquino is the best president we ever had.



  35. Mafe Aleria says:

    Tama po kau! Sa lahat po ng Presidente simula dumilat ang mga mata ko c President Nonoy lang walang issue sa corruption at kami ay nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng ginawa nya sa pilipinas. Sana ma appreciate po ng mga Pilipino yon at tignan nila ang magandang side…
    Mabuhay Pilipinas
    Maraming Salamat sa Minamahal naming Pangulo sa sacripisyo at pangunawa sa hnd nakakaalam at hnd nakakintindi sa mga ginagawa nyo para sa pilipinas.
    Mabuhay President Nonoy Aquino
    God bless Philippines!

  36. Damn….very prophetic….nagkatotoo ang sinulat mo, Manong Santana.

  37. Virginia C. Silvestre says:

    Thank you Mr. Santana for your opinion. Ang nakakahinayang even the educated those who belong to B C D of our society do not see the value of having Pres. Aquino. Sana po maipublish ang article nio sa lahat ng newspapers and even magazined para maintindihan ng lahat ang mga nagawa at di ginawa ni Pres. Noy. Very enlughtening and moving. Mabuti nman at si Pres. Aquino ay hindi maramdamin.

  38. #BestPresident…thankyou…nice opinion Mr. Santana…after PNOY some Filipinos have no values anymore

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