Calling a Spade a Spade: A Message to Filipinos

By Manong Santana www.kizoa.com_collage_2015-02-20_09-46-23

EXCUSE ME General Ramos??? We are both ex-military men. The only difference is you studied in the U.S. and went back to the Philippines and served the dictator Marcos. While I served the United States Military as a Filipino-American, just like12,,000 Fil-Am servicemen and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sir, can you name me one American or Filipino President who has seen or GONE THROUGH this POLITICAL and CULTURAL CIRCUS that President Aquino is experiencing for the DEATHS in BATTLE of 44 Police officers???? Men KILLED in the line of duty, legally, and part of their sworn duty to serve their country !

UNBELIEVABLE COUNTRY ! Thousands of Fil-Am military officers and enlisted, both veterans and current who follow these events are almost in Disbelief and Shock at how the Philippines, in particular,Filipinos and families of the Dead SAF officers have BEHAVED in their Uncalled, Unjustified attacks on Aquino. Anak ng Tupa ! A President, especially a Straight, Honest, Strong, Effective President that this pitiful poor, corrupt nation has NEVER SEEN BEFORE, is being Attacked and Forced to resign over 44 policemen who died in enemy lines ??????!!!!!!

Sir, over 50 proud American soldiers DIED EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 13 LONG YEARS serving their country in Irag and Afghanistan !!! More young americans DIED in one freekin month than the SAF 44 ! Close to 1,500 american military have DIED in Friendly Fire from fellow US soldiers in that SAME PERIOD because of MAJOR MISTAKES, MISHAPS, ERROR in JUDGEMENTS by officers and high ranking officials……DID YOU EVER HEAR AMERICANS WHINE, CRY, SCREAM, INSULT, and ATTACK their Commander in Chief ??? NO !!!!!

Buwan Buwan PATAY for close to 14 years ! including over 120 Fil-Ams dead over 13 years ! NOT ONCE, NOT ONCE did you see Americans Go Nuts and ASK President Bush or Obama to resign or be impeached !!! Thousands of Vietnamese soldiers and police were sent blindly to FIGHT the GIANT China 25 years ago. For 3 weeks, hundreds of Vietnamese DIED and l hundred Chinese killed. Do they CRY and GO NUTS over that ???

Finally, after all these years, naka produce din ang mga bobontante ng isang matinong Presidente na wala sa katawan, sa utak, sa buto na Magnakaw or Mang abuso na mga kababayan.. Tapos binabanatan at sinisira ang lahat ng magagandang nangyayari. Sabi nga ng isang high ranking american Naval officer who has been to the Philippines many times and is married to a Filipino-American… ” Many Filipinos Do Not Seem to Comprehend or Understand the Damage that they KEEP REPEATING over and over again to their very own country. They Cannot seem to Decipher between what’s more important vs. what’s not. They cannot seem to SEE BEYOND TODAY, they never seem to WEIGH the Long Term effects and the dramatic damage their actions today will do for tomorrow.

To even MAKE a NATIONAL MOCKERY of their President and even attempt to Remove him from office OVER the DEATH of 44 men in uniform who are killed in a gun battle in enemy lines is UNHEARD of in ANY MODERN country or even a poor nation for that matter. To have the Habit of wanting to Forceably REMOVE every single President from office AFTER making a decision to elect him or her is a SICKNESS of a society that has been battered, victimized, and repeatedly hoodwinked and Bamboozled by so many Corrupt Politicans than THEY CANNOT SEE or RECOGNIZE an Honest, Straight, Good for the country President anymore. Its no different than a repeatedly Abused woman by many men. She truly believes that ALL MEN are abusive and if she ever finds a good man, she will find a WAY, ANY WHICH WAY, find Fault in that good man and once again Play Victim and REINFORCE her belief that All men are abusive.

He ends by saying, the Philippines will never be a Singapore, a South Korea, a Taiwan, and definitely not a Japan, because Filipinos as a whole have ABSOLUTELY No Discipline, No Long Term outlook, No TRUE LOVE for their country, and Allow themselves to be manipulated by the few but powerful forces in their society. And MOST IMPORTANT of ALL, Filipinos have a MUCH LARGER POOR, UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT population compared to its Wealthy Asian neighbors. And that is FATAL in a Free Democratic society when the MAJORITY CLASS who votes for people into power are POOR, UNEDUCATED, and IGNORANT. They are repeatedly manipulated and distracted by Non-Relevant issues to TAKE THE FOCUS away from the REAL KEY ISSUES !

He also rightly observes that of all the Asian countries he has been to in tour, Filipinos have the LEAST appreciation or even Pride of their ancestors and heritage. While the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Korean proudly and HOLD SACRED their ancestors as part of their Identity, Filipinos have a serious indentity crisis ! Millions even make fun of their Native AETA tribes who are their real true ancestors.

The 300 years of being brainwashed that European and Non-Filipino culture is superior and better, and seeing these primitive, dark ancestors is nothing to be proud of.. While the Japanese and Chinese celebrate their ancestors with so much pride. In other words, WHAT A NATION !!!! They will elect Binay in 2016 and spend 2018-2022 trying to REMOVE him after they FINALLY discover that they are the 2nd coming of the Marcos family !


The 3 MAJOR AREAS that hurts PNOY BECAUSE he is different, according to US State Dept. insiders among the ” Corrupt Filipino politicians and the Bobotante voters of the Philippines. PNOY is disliked by the corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians, and ignorant Bobotantes who are mostly the uneducated BECAUSE according the Inside reports from Foreign observers and 100% in agreement from many Fil-Am military who still keep in touch with happenings in Manila.

ONE, Pnoy is hated by 99% of all corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen BECAUSE PNOY is the ONLY Filipino President ( other than his very own mother Cory) in modern times who Does NOT Play ball when it comes to Corruption regardless if its Big or Small. Hindi mo siya ma susulsulan when it comes to wealth, riches, and more power. PNOy is a different breed than 95% of all Filipino politicians who are corrupt.

TWO, PNOY is called Privately by US State Dept. observers as a ” NO DRAMA PHILIPPINE President”. Pnoy has never seen, believed, or practiced the Need to Engaged in a Public Display of putting a SHOW and DRAMA like Jojo Binay, Imelda Marcos, Erap Estrada, Jinggoy Estrada, Miriam Santiago, Bong Revilla, GMA , Nancy and 95% of ALL Filipino Politicians who LIKE to PLAY the role of PA-IYAK IYAK, PABAIT-BAIT, PA-AWA AWA, PA MACHO MACHO, etc etc. Pnoy is NOT your typical PLASTIC politician, many of them HYPOCRITES! This personality was in full display during SAF visiting with families of victims. If Imelda was still first lady, we would have all seen Gallons of tears from Imelda. If Erap was President, he would have been HUGGING all these families in front of the camera and would then make statement on national TV and do an MACHO speech calling for REVENGE and All Out War.

THREE, PNOY is simply a good person who does NOT abuse, initimidate , threatenhis enemies, If we were under Marcos, Erap, Ramos or GMA, HINDI puwede yung ibang personal attacks at banat ng mga politiko at kritiko ng Presidente. Or the behavior of the family members of the SAF would have NEVER been tolerated under Marcos or even Erap. They would have been immediately threatened PRIVATELY and that’s the end of their drama! Si Erap nga, Nakunan lang ng Video sa Casino, the man who took the photo would NEVER EVER BE SEEN EVER AGAIN in this earth !!!!!

Si PNOY ay matinong tao, TALAGANG pinalaki ng maayo at anak talaga ni Ninoy and Cory!!! There is ONLY ONE Filipino politician who is IDENTICAL to PNOY in THOSE TRAITS…. That’s his very close Friend Secretary Mar Roxas. MATINO, HINDI MAGNANAKAW, MAY RESPETO sa KAPWA, at HINDI Nasisilaw sa pera at yaman at pagnanakaw! These TWO MEN are VERY RARE among Filipino politicians ESPECIALLY at the HIGHEST LEVELS of Government ! Iyan ang hindi makuha at maintindihan ng maraming Pilipino na kulang sa isip, kulang sa utak. Ang GUSTO nila PANAY SHOW, DRAMA… tuwang tuwa sila sa paawa-awa ni Jojo Binay, sa pasigaw sigaw ni Miriam Santiago, sa mga MACHO style ni Duterte, Erap. Sa pa papogi effect ni Bong Revilla ! sa PAIYAK-IYAK ng balde balde ng LUHA ni Imelda Marcos at Gloria Arroyo. TIGNAN naman ninyo ang napala ng bayan natin sa mga DRAMATISTANG ITO!!! It is simply a big number of BOBOTANTES and even educated enggots who look at life based on a teleserye!!!


Do you know what I find AMAZING as an Ex-military man??? You see the VERY SAME CRITICS in this Inquirer who CALLED President Aquino a COWARD for not fighting China, to be the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are NOW CRYING, SCREAMING, GOING NUTS over 44 dead Filipino policemen who perished in battle. Kung 44 pa lang, IYAK na KAYO ng IYAK, ano pa kaya kung yung DUWAG kamong Presidente ay lumaban sa China as you said he should !!!

Alam ninyo ba that LITERALLY in the THOUSANDS of FILIPINOS would DIE within 72 HOURS if China ever decided to Attack the Philippines !!!! And Manila and the Philippine Government would FALL to CHINA in days, not even one week !!! Tapos tatawagin ninyong duwag ang Presidente ninyo, tapos sa 44 pa lang, HUMAHAGULGOL na kayo !!!! Mayroon pa kayong pa ” he should say sorry” !!! Sorry to who?? To you???


What a group of people ! Kayo ang sumisira sa Pilipinas ! You cannot even SEE, RECOGNIZE a GOOD PRESIDENT when you see one. Hindi bale, you deserve what’s coming in 2016 !


To Filipinos who still believe and support your President, NOW is the time to Speak up before it’s too late ! The entire Economic Progress and Fight against Corruption and Powerful Plunderers that started in 2010 , has now been OVERSHADOWED, DISTRACTED by ABSOLUTE NONESENSE, IRRELEVANT POLITICAL MANEUVERING by a powerful COMBINATION of the UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT combined with the EDUCATED yet ENGGOT group. Mga walang kahit na anong pakialam for what will happen to this country 2,3, 5, 10 years from now !

They would RATHER continue to LIVE and DIE in a poor, corrupt nation DAHIL they are having fun right now attacking their President because of 44 Police officers as their EXCUSE ! Hindi si Pnoy ang kawawa dito !!!! KAYO ang kawawa !

PNOY is PNOY! He will be okay no matter what! It’s the Millions upon Millions of poor, lower income, middle class and millions of OFW families who will NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT in their lifetime BECAUSE they ALLOWED themselves to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME being DISTRACTED by ISSUES that will NEVER do anything for them today or tomorrow !

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  1. epm says:

    I agree with everything that has been written here….we have a very sincere and humble president…we must all realize that the moment a person enters sa pagiging sundalo o police they are always in danger…at sa gyera may natatalo at nananalo…sumabak sa war ang 44 saf eh bakit di natin matanggap na hinde sila pinalad sa war na ito tapos ang pangulo ang sisisihin ninyo…

    1. Rafol says:

      Absolutely right . A fallen soldiers in the line of duty. The corrupt always blames Pinoy ? The President who done nothing but to expose , implement the massive corruption in the country and to lessen the epidemic disease of this country. The corrupt wanted him out so the corruption continues. I will continue to support him as President and Mar Roxas Vice President. They both done an exemptionary job to our country…

    2. Apo ni sugod says:

      Thousands die in war, fighting the enemy. The 44 heroes died capturing the enemy, but was killed by kapwa Pinoys under peace terms, left with without cover by their own rear guards, and vanguards, nor artillery cover from the army, nor air cover. It was a battle that lasted 13 hours, where each trooper was picked up by sniper fire one by one, by so called friends. Our boys were out of food, cover, ammo and time, lured to converge in open rice field. It was a trap. . If this was failed strategy, new action could have been taken on the third hour, superceeding current plan. But 13 hours?
      That’s a different story. Where your so called commander in chief was still snoring in a nearby province, in the middle of a very important mission.
      Court Martial! Let the guilty hang , or shot by firing squad.

  2. John Sabio says:

    One example is the Benghazi Attack on September 11, 2012. President Obama was criticized across the United States. Same thing with the Mamasapano incident in the Philippines. The troubled SAF troopers were asking for helped from about 7:30 am till 5 pm. There were troopers still alive, no help came and they were left to die. Thus, the writer failed in his challenge. Also, the writer is stereotyping. He has some good points regarding corruptions, other than that, he needs to be neutralized. There some negative issues that he needs to research.

    1. Roggie V says:

      Benghazi was NOT a government military operation.

    2. Daniel Aragon says:

      Finally, this is the only sensible comment I have ever read against this Manong Santana PNOY supporter…

    3. Joseph says:

      1. Help WAS coming for Benghazi, but Hillary Clinton told General Hamm in Europe to stand down and NOT send help. He told her to go to Hell, and sent help anyway. He was immediately removed from his position, and the troops were turned around, even though they were halfway to Benghazi. (I was working in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad when it happened.)
      2. Benghazi was a corrupted operation that supplied weapons to terrorists. The same people that gave weapons to terrorists in Syria, Egypt, and Libya, were giving weapons to MILF, BIFF, and Abu-Sayyaf in the Philippines….the damn Democrats.
      3. Pinoy does not deserve to be attacked or impeached….but Obama certainly does.

  3. Raffy Ledesma says:


    1) Filipinos are outraged with the deaths of the 44 SAF NOT because of the deaths but how the AFP and PNP botched the job. This led to the massacre wherein our troops were shot in the head, point blank. Filipinos are used to casualties losing hundreds of thousands during World War 2 as we fought side by side with Americans…who by the way, made a strategic withdrawal and focused on saving Europe first. During the height of the war with communists and Muslim extremists, casualties were high on a DAILY BASIS.

    2) Americans are so used to going into battle with so much materiel (e.g. predator drones, body armor, attack helicopters, etc.) while Filipino soldiers fight with the barest of equipment and still prevail. How can American troops complain when they even get ice cream in the desert. In contrast, our valiant SAF 44 ran out of bullets, surrounded, and without no support. A tragedy that could have been easily averted if the Commander-in Chief and his commanders on the ground acted.

    3) The dictator Marcos was supported by the U.S. for nearly two decades on the belief (Domino theory) that if a democracy like the Philippines fails, the rest of Asia will quickly fall under communist rule. Americans had a major presence in this country since the 1900’s and what do we have to show for it? Two American bases in Subic and Clark and oh, Roxas Boulevard.

    4) Despite our faults as a people and a nation, we do our best to move forward and I do agree that our sitting President is a good man. Our strong economy – the 2nd fastest growing in Asia and actual reforms – underscores this. But unlike Obama who probably signs each and every letter for fallen American troops, PNoy needs to show empathy and responsibility. IT IS NOT TRUE that Americans don’t criticize their Commander-in-Chief. THAT IS A BLATANT LIE! You only need to go to Capitol Hill where former soldiers-turned-politicians debate about strategy everyday.

    1. I like this comment and I go for it. 100% true

    2. maria lozano says:

      But they move on… and don’t ask their president to step down …in our country they make so much issue to trick people with what is more important..a.para makalusot

      1. Rafol says:

        Definitely right. The corrupt doesn’t like Pinoy’s government but, all The leaders in the world congratulated him for the job well done.The corrupt unable to accept that corruption in this country are slowly deminishing and thank goodness to Pinoy. Buking Na buking Na talaga .

    3. Joseph says:

      #1, I agree with.
      #2, not so much. I spent many years and combat tours with the Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, Americans have fantastic equipment. Unfortunately, there is usually always something wrong with it, it is not available, “sorry, under maintenance”, or some other junk like that. If the Air Force asks for something, they always get it, but the Army and Marines do not. We deal without a lot of things. If Filipinos do not have body armor and decent weapons, then why is it that MILF, BIFF, and Abu Sayyaf have them? They are getting them from American DEMOCRATS. Look up Leland Yee on Google. Obama has been giving weapons to terrorists for some time, and Americans cannot stop him because too many Americans voted for the idiot.

      As far as “having ice cream in the desert”….that is actually common. Even the average Iraqi can find ice cream in the desert, so your argument falls flat, and is without basis.

      #3, I do believe that the Philippines decided that it did not want U.S. troops in this country any longer, so that is why they left. Filipinos seemed to enjoy U.S. soldiers while they were spending money here, but now that other people told them to leave, all of a sudden the troops did nothing? Under Pinoy, the Filipino economy has grown rather well, but until the corruption and STUPIDITY of overcharging every foreigner stops, most foreign businesses will not even look at this country.

      #4, Obama certainly does NOT sign every letter for every fallen soldier. Obama celebrates and has concern for only one thing…himself. He makes statements and supports causes that divide America or harm freedom. He is not a President. He cheated and stole to enter the office, then did it again to keep it. He is nothing but a criminal. Pinoy is different. He has a genuine care for the people, and wants to see the nation succeed. I can admire the guy for that. He could teach Obama a few things about honesty…so yeah, we criticize Obama. He deserves more than criticism. He deserves to be tried, convicted, hung, and shot for treason…publicly.

    4. Song Yong Ri says:

      Pinoy pa rin, mabuhay at pagpalain ka ng Diyos. . . God Bless U!

  4. Ardy says:

    Well said.. Dis regard nyo nlng c mar kung hndi nyu xa feel. Perception lng nmn nya kung cno at ung character ng dpat mamuno sten. lets focus on the long term kung ano mangyayare sa pilipinas. Npka dami ng threat sa bansa naten number one is mga terorista. Isa sila sa nag plot ng mga gnitong kaguluhan. Nag bleblend cla s mga tao pra magkalat ng mga false information. Mskit man sbihin pero eto ang katotohanan madami saten ang one sided. Nkukuha sa drama, na amaZe sa speech o humanga sa pa macho effect ng mga talentado na tao s pag kumbense ng puso ng mga tao. Lhat halos ng mayayaman n negosyante o corrupt n negosyante ang d naapektuhan sa sitwaxun ng bansa. Taong byan lng po ang nkaka ranas ng hirap. S dahilan my proteksyun cla s gobyerno or tauhan lng nila ung nasa gobyerno. Parang c napoles lang. C pinoy nga lng nmn nag iisang matinong prisedente na lumban s coruption. S dami ng katiwalian n nasiwlat sa tao dapat nten xa psalamatan at suporthan lalo ngaun dahil ang mga klaban ni Pnoy ay kalaban naten mga mamamayan. Ang pagkamaty ng sap 44 dahil s maling intel. D malalaman ng mga terorista yan kung wlang intel from inside the goverment. S madling salita ung mga gusto magpabagsak kay Pnoy snetup xa to make a huge divertion. D nyo ba napapansin wla na halos s media ang mga naunang issues at case ng mga corrupt politician since napoles. Lhat binbalik nila s pangulo. They really want him down. So lets support and open our eyes. Sa mga sundalo po saludo kami dahil kayo ang nasa front line to protect this country. Sana tayo din mga mamamayan gawin nten yung part nten to support. Pra uusad tau. Hndi yung mag dedemand agad ng instant na wla pa s kakayahan ng bansa nten. Like fighting china its impossible. As a leader mas concern mo ang kpakanan ng nkararami. Sa mga ready lumban s china mag sundalo na kau. At paki explain s mga mhal nu s buhay na ur fighting for ur country, do not blame the president if u die in action. Its an honor to die serving ur country. Hndi po shooting s pelikula ang pinupunthan nila. Hndi rin po cla nag suut ng uniporme para lng ma sabe na pulis cla or sundalo. Ipinaglalaban po nila ang kaligtasan ng taong byan.

  5. this is a very interesting wake up call sa lahat ng mga Pinoys…. and I agree with all the people giving support to the president… look at all the angles…saka isa pa… malapit na naman ang term nya… the next president if he will be forced to resign will be Binay… and how sure are we again na gaganda ang patakbo ng Nognog na yan sa ating bansa?

  6. Diego M. Panganiban says:

    Babagsak tayo ke Binay. Pangita na ang pangdarambong nagunguna pa rin sa survey. Talagang bobotante tayong mga Pinoy.

    1. Rafol says:

      The only people will vote are majority in our country are uneducated and poor, no one to turn to, money is the issues and the votes are on sale for how much the price? So there you go , whose faults are these to become poor? You poor people and uneducated coz you sell your votes for the one time price! Then when the economy become unexplained , you blamed the person in power or whoever you sold your votes to…got it ? It is about time to choose which you trust to be in power , the one who is corrupt or not corrupt ? Who can deliver us all , that our family can eat 3 x a day or more , do everything that your heart desires, or still continues to vote for the corruption… It’s only you FILIPINO people!!! Think smarter…

    2. yellowtinola says:

      Huwag ninyong maliitin si Nognog. Sincere po siya, sabi ni Elenita, Nancy, Junjun….

  7. Dmighysolomon says:

    The issue was not about Binay or Roxas. This article as about the statement of Ramos to Pnoy. So do not muddle the discussion!

    1. yellowtinola says:

      Ramos Who? Saan napunta benta ng Fort Bonifacio? What about the Clark centennial expo and the food terminal and many more?

  8. Chez says:

    I agree with you, sir! I’ve always had the same thoughts regarding the Philippines’ current circumstances. Well, except the part of mar roxas, since that i still need to figure out.

  9. alex cabrera says:

    Ikunakukungkot ko Pero as usual, Hindi na naman pumasok sa mga kukote nitong mga nagmamarunong natin mga ka ba ba yan ang I big operating ng may akda..mas mahalaga pa din ang kabilang mga pansariling agenda….walang pagmamahal sa bayan, kung pwede lang pumatay ng iilang baluktot at sakim na pananaw ay ginawa ko na…May God have mercy on us!!!

  10. moonshadow says:

    vote what your heart as a filipino would. in the end whoever wins you aspire that the result will be a better nation for this generation to the children and our grand children. this is democracy. whoever wins it will always be the will of the nation. have faith. and hope.
    hope is a good thing. maybe the best of things. and no good thing ever dies. (borrowed from andy)

  11. vangie says:

    It sad to think na ang mga sinabi mo ay pawang katotohanan at ganyang din ang nararamdaman ko para sa ating bansa !
    Bilang OFW hearing those negative comments saddened me but yun ang katotohanan !
    Mga corrupt ang number one enemy ni pinoy at ang mga puro Dakdak ang nagbibigay ng bad image at pagpapatunay na isa silang Malansang isda. Walang pag mamahal sa Bayan dahil pansariling kapakanan Laman ang interest .

  12. 3dtarget says:

    wow ang daming alam… perfectionist galing mu.. mapatunayan sana lahat ang mga ito.. hindi nman sa anti-pnoy ako..sana malinis lahat ng mga pinagsasabi na mga corrupt..

    1. Ali says:


  13. Agp says:

    Sapul mo sir santana! Matgal n panahon na ang kaguluhan s mindanao, panahon pa ni marcos, mdami n ang nmatay na sundalo at pulis, kasama n mga kaibigan at kmag anak ko, pero hindi naging malaking isyu kgaya nito ngayon. Ang daming sumasakay kasi na mga corrupt na pulitiko, nawawalan n ng saysay ang pinagllaban ng mga kasundaluhan natin….mga corrupt politician, walang tigil gumamit ng mga tao, eleksyon man o hindi. Asan ang kunsensya nyo!!

  14. cilantro says:

    ouch!! truth hurts…………..

    1. What truth are you talking about. The author is not a Filipino anymore and doesn’t care of what happens in the Philippines. Americans goes to war fully equipped while ours are at mercy with the budget they were given. With less bullets and equipments. Why compare? The point is how our soldiers and policemen being killed mercilessly, in times of war there are also called war crimes, you should feed your prisoners , but these terrorist do want to have prisoners that’s why they shoot prisoners and shoots them again in the head to make sure they are dead. Comparing the U.S. soldiers with Filipino Soldiers, The Americans goes to foreign country to be at war, Filipino’s depends the sovereignty and the Constitution of the Philippines against lawless Elements.
      Many Americans soldiers died but does he knows the sentiments of the relatives of these dead soldiers.

      1. josebelle parainigo says:

        CORRECT!!! Everyone should know that once u entered in military, u should always be ready what happens next…. ready to die for serving the country!!! antayin nyo pag c binay na ang presidente mga bobo!!!

  15. Alamat ng kuwago says:

    Hindi rin ako pabor na mag-resign si PNoy. Binoto ko siya nung nakaraang halalan. Ang hindi ko maintindihan eh kung bakit ganun na lang ang pag-protekta niya kay Purisima. Totoo namang may pagkakamali sila dahil talagang hindi nila sinabihan si Espina at si Roxas tungkol sa misyon. Nung nandun na lang saka sila nasabihan. Sinabihan ng Pangulo, ayon sa kanyang statement, si Napenas na i-ccordinate sa Military for support and inform everyone that needs to know. Pero sabi ni Napenas, sinabihan daw siya ni Purisima na time-on-target ang pag-inform dun sa dalawa at siya na ang bahala kay Catapang. Kung dito pa lang sa statement nila, alam mo nang si Purisima ang may pagkakamali, bakit pinoprotektahan pa rin siya ni PNoy? Hindi lang kay Purisima, nandiyan din si Naguiat, si Alcala, at iba pa na hindi niya ma-suheto.

    1. mair says:

      Tama, ako din avid supporter ako mula pa kay ninoy, cory at ngayon ni pnoy, pareho tayo ng sentimiento, hindi corrupt si pnoy kaya lang grabe sya promotekt a doon sa mga kaibigan nya na obvious namang di na tama ginagawa, yoon ang dapat nyang marealize, minsan nkakawala ng gana, pero magresign at ang ipapalit si nognog?!! NO WAY!!!!!!

  16. John Sabio says:

    Presidents, Commanders In Chief, across the globe, when things go wrong, they say “The buck stops here”. President Aquino III, Commander In chief, “PNoy” does not know how to say “The buck stops here”. Instead, he did the blame game.

  17. InVICtuz08 says:

    A BIG LIE. American people hated so much President Bush Sr. & Jr. for the many lives of their love one’s have lost in gulf war..The only difference is that there is no resistance in the politicians because this war is duly approved by the US Congress..and at their full sanity and knowledge War is the No.1 income generating business of USA.

  18. I concur 98 percent of what was discussed by Manong Santana. Fault on the Mamasapano Debacle could be apportioned to the following: Mgen Napenas 70 percent; Gen. Purisima 25 percent; Bgen. Pangilinan 3 percent and Pres. Pinoy 2 percent. This is purely based on what I’ve seen and heard from the media.

    1. ha ha ha only 2 percent to the president? you must be joking. He knows very well that Purisima is suspended, why on earth would he course his orders and action through a suspended General. In the 1st place he shouldn’t be there at all because of his status, SUSPENDED!

  19. Fermin Macag says:

    Ang problema kay Pnoy, kung hindi man sya corrupt, bulag sya sa mga tao sa paligid nya na corrupt…kahit maling mali na, ayaw nya pakawalan kaya ngayon yan ang pagbabayaran nya dahil suspendido na si Purisima ay sya pa rin ang pinagkatiwalaan nya!

  20. Rvg says:

    We are all intitled to our own opinion and i like some comments. For me, about fvramos, may kasabihanna “whoever is clean will cast the first stone”. What did he do, dinaya si sen. Santiago sa election. Napatunayan na nanalo si santiago, tapos na ang term ni ramos. Di ba obvious, binayaran ang comelec. Itong sa fallen 44 heroes natin, totoo napakaraming sumaky dito para madivert ang attention, wala na tayong narinig sa plunderers at graft n corruption cases. Sa palagay ko, there are people behind this ginamit ang ninakw na pera para ibayad sa mga taong mabili to continue the mamasapano case until the elction next year. These are just a couple of issues pero napakarami pa. Sad to say, marami pa rin sa atin ang nabibili ng salapi. A couple of hundreds for a lifelong sufferings, not knowing that there will be no future for our children and grandchildren. Fot the elction next year, sana mamulat ang ating mga kapatid at malaman ang totoo kung sino talaga ang ilalagay sa pwesto. For sure, no to the BINAYs. Before i forget, let pres. Aquino finish his term para marami pang mabilaggong mga magnanalw sa pera ng bayan.

  21. veola wells says:

    Sir Santana, the death of soldiers or military in the frontlines is unfortunate but how they died comes in different circumstances. The massacre of the 44 SAF could have been avoided and yes there was an Error in the commands. The uproar was understandable. The blame was directed to the president, one leads to another like the BBL issue. There maybe an exaggerations about it from the media and others but there is also amount of truth of what it is all about. Filipinos are ignorant to your opinion, they know less just like you!!! Had there been TRANPARENCY in the Philippine government from the beginning like other nations, people will be enlightened. Filipinos are bright enough to pick up flaws and no one can blame them when they react, except you. I also understand that we placed our leaders up there and we should respect and give our full support. Yet, how can Filipinos do that when theyare badly affected by corruption that our presidents cannot resolve? We have bad image of this in the eyes of the world and surely you know that. Don’t tell me it is the peoples fault again. As an ofw, our families heavily depends on us, a big fraction of our economy comes from remittances….we help the government, we are their asset in true terms. The endless pouring of money into the Philippine economy via overseas remittances for donkeys of years…the country is still the poorest as ever!! Mr Santana, you have said your views here and i have said my sentiments. We still have to bear in mind that we cannot all be deceived!!

  22. Alan P*#%@!$ says:

    Bago ang lahat, may PEACE talk tayo. Kailangan bang barilin ang mga pulis na naghahabol ng kinukupkop ng mga kausap natin sa peace talks. Anong kinalaman ng palpak na reinforcement o rescue o coordination ang pag-usapan e, nauna na ngang pinag-usapan ang KAPAPYAPAAN ng mahilig manggulo? Coordination kanino ang hingan, sa kaninong teretoryo? Pilipinas tayo?! o mayroon ng ibang parte ng Pilipinas ang HINDI NA SAKOP ng mga Filipino?

  23. Abigail T. says:

    Very well said. It truly reflects the minds of us, Filipinos who really understand how fortunate we are to have chosen a president who has a genuine intention to make a great change in society through good governance.Who else did this to catch the big fish? Who else has brought our economy to a higher level recognised by the international community? And who else has ever fought corruption this intense, without regard on having stepped on the toes of the great and mighty, politicians and the super rich in the country.Do Filipinos who are negative to him realize these uncompromising commitment of the President, risking what would happen to him after his term of office? THIS IS AN ACT OF PATRIOTISM AT ITS EXTREME ! I cannot express with words how disgusted I am for this act of ultimate ungratefulness on this opportunity that we have of the leadership of the President. THE SAF 44 ARE HEROES.THEY HAVE A PLACE IN HISTORY. But, any blunder in their operation because of certain circumstances, to include command responsibility, CANNOT BY ALL MEANS DISCREDIT AND SACRIFICE A PRESIDENT WHO HAS DONE HIS BEST FOR THE 100 MILLION FILIPINOS. THIS IS ALSO JUSTICE!

  24. lenette m. paguio says:

    I totally agree manong.marami kasi ang nagmamarunong, madaling masulsulan.dakdak ng dakdak ang mga hindi nasatisfied sa gusto nila marinig.

  25. noemi cruz says:

    Para sa akin ..di po dapat na pbabain sa pwesto si Pnoy ….di sya perpekto…maaring may mga mali syang desisyon….mga desisyon na dinatin gusto…but we need to accept it….di naman nya inambisyon n maging pangulo…..pinanalo natin sya….kung ano man naging kakulangan nya….kailangang tanggspin natin ang consequence ng pagiging pangulo nya na tayo din ang naglagay sa kanya….hintayin na lang natin matspos ang term nya….maaaring na set up lang din siguro sya…just an opinion…thank you

  26. romualdo quiambao says:

    mabuhay ka Manong Santana…may our tribe multiply…

  27. masalometolop says:

    isang masakit na katotohan….masyado na ksing naabuso ang dimokrasya ntin….,,,wala na sa lugar..lhat nlng sinisisi kay pinoy…pati pghihirap at walng mkain..kay pinoy parin ang sisi…..i remind ko lng po…halos 100 million na ang tao sa hindi po city ang pinas isang archepilago po ito…….ngaun..lhat ba kilangan iasa sa presidente…kilos kilos nmn pg may tym..kea di tau umuusad kc ganyan mg isip…….masyadong ngppgamit sa mga corrupt na pulitiko….wag nmn sana tau puro dada nlng,, ..samahan ndin ng gawa at tyaga,,,,,

  28. Rudi S. Toledo says:

    Very well said….!!!…..A wake up call to all Filipinos…nagpapakita lang tayo sa ibang bansa kung gaano ka kitid ang mga utak ng mga Pinoy….Resign ??? at sinong ipapalit nyo???….What have other previous presidents done as far as the growing economy is concerned?…..How many “Crocs” will still be around in the senate and the house if not for this president?…. Resign??? What a “knocking nuts”..!!!

  29. cesar says:

    sa dami na nang Pres. na dumaan sa pinas ngaun lang pina paayos ang mga daan at tulay sa manila na matagal nang bolok tulad nang maraming pulitiko sa atin buti pa si pinoy may nagawa

  30. Greg Mariano says:

    Manong Santana (anibongpalm): for transparency and accountability, please reveal your identity. I took the liberty of forwarding this article to my yahoogroups as well as to Sen. Poe. I also forwarded your article – A Manifesto: If We Don’t Act Now, Who Will? -This is a manifesto of the millions of supporters of the Good Governance Program of President Noynoy Aquino. The antis, although lacking in numbers, make it up with noisy rhetoric, and they count some in the media. Granted they are well-oiled in terms of funding from who knows where, we, the silent majority. can longer be silent. Therefore, we pronounce in no uncertain terms our full support for President Noynoy Aquino and his Administration. Because of good governance and stellar economic performance, the Philippines is now ranked top notch in the world, second only to China. We cannot just sit idly by while the de-stabilizers are doing their thing to wreck what took so much to build. Enough is enough! Enemies come in all shapes and forms. There is the termite who silently gnaw at our foundation, yet on the surface he purports to support us–beware of Trojan horses bearing gifts! Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos. Kung hindi ngayon, kailan? #Noynoyparin.

  31. ireneo borbon says:

    I had served in combat during Marcos regime for three years and my battalion and others suffered enormous casualty every day. We never blamed the President or question him why we have to fight and die in Mindanao.

  32. Jabbay says:

    Totally agree! Wala lang tlaga respeto ang mga leftiest na yan sa mga pinuno. Wala silang kasiyahan. Truth is they dont really represent the whole country sila lang kasi ang laging nakikita sa media. Media is a devils advocate!.. While most of who watch them was hypnotized on the way media wants them to think. People wont follow their heart anymore no more leave of faith. Instead they listen to every rumors at sumasakay lang sa kung ano uso just a typical filipino.

    1. Rafol says:

      Yes! Media? Is that the one who has no journalistic ethics? A gossips type column ? Hahaha. The lawmakers should be writing a law in terms of journalistic ethics .

  33. Bonsoy Ko says:


  34. Day day-ag says:

    Dear Manong Santana,

    I think my comment is longer than your story, pagtyagaan mo nalang basahin tulad ng pagtyaga ko sa istorya ninyo.

    I am a Filipino,born and raised and still here living in the Philippines. I am educated and not engot in politics here in my country.

    I won’t meddle in your anger against former Phils.President Ramos because,according to Frodo of the LOTR, “do not meddle in the affairs of the Wizards for they are subtle and easy to anger” . Would you just inform your friend,the high ranking naval officer, that our beloved Aetas were not the “true” ancestors of the Filipinos. The Aetas were the “original” settlers of the Philippines,according to my professor in college,but as of now,this study is still in dispute. Alam mo Manong,marami pa kasing mga ongoing discoveries dito sa kalupaan ng pilipinas ang mga siyentipikong anthropologists,geologists,astronomists, at iba pang ists, kaya wala pang final answer kung sino, pero kung yang fren mo na yan ay interesado sa pinagmulan nating mga Filipino eh kamo pareho Lang ng pinagmulan din nya, because all human beings,setting aside their nationalities, came from only one ancestor who originated somewhere in AFRICA.

    Of course you and your American friends have some factual observations of our comings and goings here in my country and of course the truth hurt me a lot,especially how you repeatedly mentioned how ignorant,poor,uneducated and bobotante we are and how we despise our heritage,and how utu-ito we are,being easily manipulated by foreign invaders and the antics and dramatics of our own kind. Exaggerated naman your other observations,Manong.nilait nyo na kaming mga Pilipino na ang dating samin eh walang kwentang Tao kami dito. Ang pagmamaliit nyo samin dahil ba sa maliit talaga height namin?

    You know what, Most of us allow ourselves to be infested with such things because carry namin yan. Curious kasi kaming malaman at maramdaman at maunawaan kung bakit kami kinakailangang gaguhin ng mga salbahe para nang sa ganun ay malalaman namin ang mga hakbang na dapat naming isipin,sabihin,at gawin para hindi na mauulit pa ang mga ganung gawain.

    How can you say that we are bobotante,when most of us voted P’noy last 2010 kaya nga sya President namin until 2016 eh. Of course he’s not and for sure will never be a corrupt gov’t official. Mahilig Lang syang manisi since 2010, at dinidepensahan Lang nya mga close frens nya na merong hindi magandang ginagawa ,Aton sa news. Of course he’s not dramatic at all. Cold sya,kulang sa empathy. Of course the family of the SAF 44 are angry,and so are we. Unahin ba naman nya ang Mitsubishi car inauguration sa Laguna Kesa salubungin mga napatay nyang mga sundalo sa villamor airbase, na ang reason nya eh,wala syang schedule para dun.
    At yung Kay purisima? Long story,kindly Google nalang about it.
    If you ask me if I want him to resign, I’ll say,no. Para namang magreresign si P’noy pag sinabi kong oo.

    I don’t like Vice Pres.Binay to be our next President. Maraming graft and corrupt scandals nakakabit sa kanya at hindi nya sinasagot ng klaro sa madlang pipol tungkol sa mga yun, puro nalang sa korte, sa korte nya raw sasagutin yun,hello.

    I still don’t know who to vote come 2016.i’m still hoping and wishing for Gilbert Teodoro to change his mind and run for 2016 presidency.

    China… If China invades our country, then just sit back,relax and watch. Do not underestimate the power of the little people,Manong! Maliit man ay nakakapuwing din. Sa palagay mo ba pahihintulutan ng mundo at nung kataastaasan ma wipe out ang pilipinas? Of course not! China has too much love for the Phils. to the point na pinagnanasaan pa nya ito.

    Don’t bother and don’t worry about us,Filipinos not seeing the daylight. Nightlight nga ay kita namin, daylight pa kaya. Filipinos are extraordinarily unbelievable people. We are happy survivors in this dangerous and wicked world of our politics. we will live happily entertained by those crazies and wackos,and will surely die with content and in peace.

    1. Foyie Maps says:

      Nailed it. Manong’s myopic view of his race is a disgrace, the same way he repeatedly impressed that majority of our population is poor and uneducated. Alam kaya niya at ng mga kaibigan niyang kano kung bakit?

  35. Francisco says:

    Resign movement operators are pushing pressure for GMA Pardon after conviction ,like what she did for Erap, sino sino sila? mga lackeys, and benefactors of past GMA admin, ….

  36. Orly Lacerna says:

    Totoo namang lahat ang yong sinabi Manong Santana..Isa rin akong dating military, tatlo kaming mag pipinsang buo pero sa kasamaang palad ako na lang ang natira. Naambus kasi yong dalawa halos ilang taon lang ang pag itan. Halos napabayaan na ang isang kung pinsan ng gobyerno noong mga panahon yon kasi wala man lang nag e enbalsamo sa kanya kanya doon na lang siya na enbalsamo sa likod ng kanilang barracks. wala halos nag iintindi sa kanya , mag 4 days na siyang nakaburol wala pa man lang flag na maibigay. Pero ang kanilang magulang ay walang sinising sino man, alam nila ang buhay ng isang sundalo. Ang nasabi lang nila , tama na sa kanila ang 2 sundalo, di na papayagan pa yong iba kasi marami silang magkakapatid na lalaki. Ang nangyari sa SAF 44 ay normal pa lang at karaniwang nangyayari sa isang labanan. Sa ngayon ang tanging nagpapagulo ay yong mga CORRUPT, MGA BOBO AT MGA GANID SA KAPANYARIHAN. ONE MORE TERM PINOY !! MORE POWER !! Sana MANONG SANTANA wag kayong tumigil na maipakalat ang mensahe ninyong ito sa kapakanan ng nakararaming pilipino. MORE POWER PO SA INYO !!

  37. Martin Celemin says:

    The writer was hysterical to say the least. On the death of the 44 SAF officers, while Aquino should not be impeached he bears responsibility as Commander-in- Chief.
    He should investigate thoroughly and fully in coordination with congress/senate. There’s no need to be hysterica.

  38. Larry says:

    Part of the reason why pinoys are so angry about the Mamasapano incident is because of Islamophobia and our inability to feel empathy towards our minorities. So disappointing. We are so proud to call or brand ourselves as “christians” but most of us doesn’t even understand what real christian values are.

    1. Elias P. Bitancor says:

      Thanks! You say it at point blank! With due respect, I may add some insights of what I see here.

      ‘Lack of coordination’ means bi-passing the authority.
      ‘Lack of understanding’ means refusing to know advertently or inadvertently how a certain situation or operation for this case works.
      ‘Lack of empathy’ means refusing to understand the culture and religious practices of our Muslim and Christian brothers.

      Nowhere can we find ‘luck’ in Mamasapano, even when some sectors take pride of subduing ‘Marwan’, one of the high-valued targets, because there seemed to be plenty of ‘lack-lacking’ happening here within the ranks of vital support groups during the operation which ended up with a collateral damage to SAF 44 and the poor dislocated civilians. Now, the after effect of the hapless event gives rise to the many fingers from both parties pinpointing the blames against each other, of what had happened! No one seemingly wanted to own the responsibility. Many of them even go to the streets demanding Pnoy to resign. What a poor reaction! Calling the president to step down, clearly means that many Filipinos joining the call now, have ‘lack of respect’ towards the authorities?; ‘lack of coordination’ amongst us to help our country become a better place to live?; ‘lack of understanding’ the rights of everyone, both Muslim and Christians?; ‘lack of respect’ towards the religious values imbibed to us by our parents?, and above all, ‘lack of awareness’ that they are or, might be exploited by corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen who capitalized Mamasapano carnage as their ‘last cry’ against Pnoy? Let history recalls that during the reign of the late Lee Kwan Yu, the corrupts fled out of Singapore to avoid facing legal actions hurled against them. And what happened to Singapore? With LKY’s stance against corruption, Singapore who was then considered as a ‘crying baby’ of Malaysia, became an economic dragon in Asia!

      My hats off to the gallantry of SAF44 who in their line of duty, dedicated their lives towards achieving peace in Mindanao and our country as a whole! I deeply bereaved with grief, their families who are now left behind helpless. But, let us pray God opens their mind, that they may not allow themselves to be exploited by the corrupts. To Pnoy: Please help all the afflicted families make their future bright! Matsalam!

      “Am I my brother’s keeper?”. Of course we are, because we are God’s creation, whoever we conceive Him to be. We Christians should not take the pride of the Christ we love by words. We have to keep Christ in our hearts by doing what He taught us. No doubt, Mahatma Gandhi muttered a profound statement for us Christians to conscience-tisize and internalize; and I quote, “I adore your Christ but not your Christianity!”

      As the song lines also goe and I hum, ‘When will we ever learn!’…’God bless the Philippines!’

      Again, thank you Larry!

  39. manuel besa says:

    ano ba ang nang yari nating mga pilipinos? masking sino sino ang maka upo, palayasin natin. alam ba ninyo kong sino ang dapat palayasin? yong mga kawatan sa buwis na binayad natin, at yong mga pilipinos na dali mabili ang boto nila. kayoooooooooooo,,,ang dapat lalayas dito sa pilipinas. kayooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ang maka lunod sa pilipinas. dapat kayoooooooooooo, ang aalis dito……..

  40. marco says:

    i agree sa mga sinabi mo sir! hindi sa isang pagkakamali mag papatalsik na agad tayo ng presidente na walang ginawa kung hindi
    ituwid ang pinas, yes siguro may mga ka kakampi sya na hindi pa sinisita pero eto yung simula di bah ?! hindi sya yung presidente na lahat eh halos ibigay na kaban ng bayan para lang sumipsip sa kanya, hindi ako mahilig mag reply sa ganitong blog or ano ba toh ?! hahah first time ko lang since nagustuhan ko mga sinabi mo , nakakalungkot lang eh kahit ibuhos mo toh dito sir eh yung mga nasa middle class at upper class lang ang makakaintindi ng sinasabi mo… lower class nakatatak na sa kanila yung susunod na presidente hindi kasi nila alam kung ano mga corrupt na businessman at etc

    about fvr naman yes dapat lang hindi sya sumunod sa sinasabi ng mokong na yun eh ayaw ko makakita ng another gloria saying in national television that ” i am sorry..”

    kung may susunod na presidente man ill vote duterte or Gibo kasi endorsed sya ni duterte and i bet kahit hindi maging presidente si duterte he will advice gibo

    and eto huli sa mga ibang nag reply naman alam nyo kaya hindi mabuo ang pinas ? kasi lahat kayo tama ! nasa ibang bansa ako alam nyo sabi ng ibang lahi ? sabi nila matatalino pilipino sa sobrang talino ng pilipino sila sila nagiisahan sa sobrang talino ayaw mag patalo sa kahit kanino why cant we just accept the facts na this is the closest we got sa matinong presidente ? gusto nyo lagi kayo tama gusto nyo kayo lagi kumikinang kahit saan kahit sa ganitong usapan yun lang po maraming salamat

  41. ELY S. GEMINA says:

    I like your comments we have semilar
    ideas. Pnoy shoudnt be blame the best President we we ever have. Kaya Lang maraming makiktid ang mga pagiisip sa ating bayan thinking only personal interest hindi para sa bayan. Roxas & Poe ako
    for next term. BIG no to Bangsamoro.
    Hope and Pray natoto na ang Pinoy ngayon.

  42. Franzine says:

    Thumbs up for this article. Well said. With all due respect to the families of these SAF44, let us remind them that their love ones died in the line of their duty. These families are looking for justice and ultimately,they want the president to be jailed for that. 44 miltary men against millions of people who will be left with no better president than Pnoy. Wake up,don’t be influenced by other people who wants Pnoy out so they can continue their own agendas in the Philippine wealth.

  43. Zach says:

    Ano bat ang punot dulo nito ay mga bandido sa ating lipunan.., kung wawalain yang lahat: NPA, MILF,MNLF, BIFF o iba pang groupo na sumusuway sa ating batas ay wala sanang SAF 44 na namatay, kung binuwag sana ang mga groupong ito wala sanang mga trahedya, sana po sa maga susunod na Presidenteng mahalal sa ating bansa ay eto ang kanyang unang walisin ng para sa ganon ay tanging lupon na lamang ng mga kriminal o mga katiwalian ang hahabulin at hindi hukbo o batallion ang kakalabanin ng ating mga kawal

  44. erwin ragasa says:

    So if you say pEnoy is sincere, honest and hardworking….. come back to the islands live here…. why did you become an american in the first place? Fight it out here…. if you’re there enjoying obamas health care program…. work it out here…. now if you can’t you’re just another wiseguy figuring out things for us in the islands…. 😉

    1. Elias P. Bitancor says:

      It hurts that some of us are pulling each others pants just to besmirch the reputation of one compared to the other. That’s grossly the blinded norm of a typical ‘crab mentality’ ruining our country ever since. Let us not allow ourselves to be identified as such. Instead, let us help one another in building our country and making the Philippines a better place to live.

      I for one is a worker here in our country as an engineer. I had been in other countries for more than a decade before I decided to be back home for good more than two decades ago. This simply means that I certainly know exactly how it feels to be away from one’s homeland just like Manong Santana in particular and, the OFWs in general.

      These OFWs are all worthy of my respect and gratitude because they sacrificed and fled out of the country because of limited opportunities here or lack of it. They opted to go abroad for the good of their families left behind. Without us knowing it, the OFWs annual remittances constitute the biggest factor in stabilizing our currency, peso against the dollar or against the other foreign currencies. By global economic expectancy, the Philippines now ranks second to China in terms of the strongest economic growth for this year’s forecast, not only in Asia but the rest of the world. Are you not happy with that? That’s really a good prospect for us that foreign investors will come in and will provide employment to our unemployed and under-employed Filipinos. Don’t you know how to extrapolate when our currency devaluates without the OFWs? It will mean high prices of prime commodities which will directly ensue more difficulties or hardships to our countrymen because of currency adjustments and, rising unemployment rates because many business establishments will reduce their labor force due to low market demands of their products, etc. The bottom line is, without the OFWs, our peso currency will devaluate and thereby, weakens its purchasing power that might ensue closure of many business establishments, and eventually, creates higher unemployment rates among our able countrymen. Maraming magugutom sa atin! Would you like it to happen to your family time and again?

      What do you think, will it do good for our country if we keep on attacking Manong Santana who is a typical OFW? Or, are we happy to be counted as the part of the problem, and never take part of thinking of what may be the solutions are? , Or, do we accept that it is us that Manong Santana are counting on? Manong is just deeply concerned with us and the majority of the Filipinos. He is just calling us to wake up and face reality! What’s wrong with that? Otherwise, he is afraid that time and again, we become numb mentally and readily accept ourselves under the exploitation of the corrupts, again and again. Are you contented with that? I wish we are not part of that bunch. Let us choose to be part of the solution and never ever again be part of the problems besetting our country, Now, let us think positively and move on in helping the rest of our countrymen be freed from the fetters of poverty! God bless the Philippines!

  45. Jimmy Dee says:

    It is Mexico’s fault.

  46. marlita says:

    Pnoy pa rin! Isang makatao, may takot sa Dyos, malinis at hindi corrupt,

  47. brianna says:

    Obviously, ang tumitira kay PNoy ay mga tao’ng binayaran ng mga tao’ng takot sa “clean up corrupt, politicians/citizen task” ni PNoy! Pero malaking foul na pinoproktehan ni PNoy si Purisima dahil lang loyal siya sa kanila ever since the time of Pres.Cory pa.. Loyal man siya before, pero nalaman nagkamali/nagkasala siya ngayon, dapay siyang managot sa mga nag bubuhis na tao’ng bayan..

  48. Matw says:

    Let us support our President and unite as a Filipino! Tigilan na ang pag rarally sa kalsada dagdag p kayo sa matinding problema sa traffic! Mag sumikap para sa ating ikakaunlad! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Gob bless us our President! God bless us all!

  49. 5 STAR GENERAL says:


  50. Baltazar A. Rafales says:

    “Finally, after all these years, naka produce din ang mga bobontante ng isang matinong Presidente na wala sa katawan, sa utak, sa buto na Magnakaw or Mang abuso na mga kababayan.”

    Wala nga ba sa katawan, sa utak, sa buto na Magnakaw or Mang abuso sa mga kababayan nya si President Aquino?

    Before the election his SALN only declared around 7 Million Pesos, then after the election his Net Worth became over 50 Million Pesos, after spending over one hundred million pesos in his candidacy?

    Is soliciting financial support for election purposes or accepting gift or any kind before and after the election is not an invitation of corruption?

    Please Investigate the issue of Maritime Industry in the Philippines, especially AMOSUP, UPL and PTC, very carefully, after the election, the owner of UPL and PTC has been appointed to be an Ambassador in Aquino Administration? The President of the Philippines, from Cory Aquino to present, all of them are all aware that UPL, PTC and AMOSUP are exploiting the Filipino seafarers, yet because of the, “donation” to help the presidential election, was probably a corruption, in return after winning the Presidential Election, then the President has no choice but to appoint them as an Ambassadors? Do you think, supporting the DEMONS in exploiting the Filipino seafarers for over 50 years now, is not a Corruption?

    “Do not deny justice to your poor people in their lawsuits. Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty. “Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the righteous.
    —Exodus 23:6-8 (NIV)

    Woe to those who make UNJUST LAWS, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold JUSTICE from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.
    —Isaiah 10:1-2 (NIV)

    Baltazar A. Rafales

    (a) Plaintiff; Federal Expert Witness; Exhibitory; Declaratory and Filipino Class Action Representative in Rafales v. HAL et al

    (b) Federal Expert Witness; Exhibitory and Declaratory in Priyanto v. HAL et al.

    Home address: Daffodil St. Purok Cagasan, Polomolok, (Poblacion) South Cotabato, 9504
    Phone: +63 83-500-2137
    Mobile: +63 927-463-3802 (Globe)
    Mobile: +63 946-565-3100 (Smart)


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