Calling a Spade a Spade: A Message to Filipinos

By Manong Santana www.kizoa.com_collage_2015-02-20_09-46-23

EXCUSE ME General Ramos??? We are both ex-military men. The only difference is you studied in the U.S. and went back to the Philippines and served the dictator Marcos. While I served the United States Military as a Filipino-American, just like12,,000 Fil-Am servicemen and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sir, can you name me one American or Filipino President who has seen or GONE THROUGH this POLITICAL and CULTURAL CIRCUS that President Aquino is experiencing for the DEATHS in BATTLE of 44 Police officers???? Men KILLED in the line of duty, legally, and part of their sworn duty to serve their country !

UNBELIEVABLE COUNTRY ! Thousands of Fil-Am military officers and enlisted, both veterans and current who follow these events are almost in Disbelief and Shock at how the Philippines, in particular,Filipinos and families of the Dead SAF officers have BEHAVED in their Uncalled, Unjustified attacks on Aquino. Anak ng Tupa ! A President, especially a Straight, Honest, Strong, Effective President that this pitiful poor, corrupt nation has NEVER SEEN BEFORE, is being Attacked and Forced to resign over 44 policemen who died in enemy lines ??????!!!!!!

Sir, over 50 proud American soldiers DIED EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 13 LONG YEARS serving their country in Irag and Afghanistan !!! More young americans DIED in one freekin month than the SAF 44 ! Close to 1,500 american military have DIED in Friendly Fire from fellow US soldiers in that SAME PERIOD because of MAJOR MISTAKES, MISHAPS, ERROR in JUDGEMENTS by officers and high ranking officials……DID YOU EVER HEAR AMERICANS WHINE, CRY, SCREAM, INSULT, and ATTACK their Commander in Chief ??? NO !!!!!

Buwan Buwan PATAY for close to 14 years ! including over 120 Fil-Ams dead over 13 years ! NOT ONCE, NOT ONCE did you see Americans Go Nuts and ASK President Bush or Obama to resign or be impeached !!! Thousands of Vietnamese soldiers and police were sent blindly to FIGHT the GIANT China 25 years ago. For 3 weeks, hundreds of Vietnamese DIED and l hundred Chinese killed. Do they CRY and GO NUTS over that ???

Finally, after all these years, naka produce din ang mga bobontante ng isang matinong Presidente na wala sa katawan, sa utak, sa buto na Magnakaw or Mang abuso na mga kababayan.. Tapos binabanatan at sinisira ang lahat ng magagandang nangyayari. Sabi nga ng isang high ranking american Naval officer who has been to the Philippines many times and is married to a Filipino-American… ” Many Filipinos Do Not Seem to Comprehend or Understand the Damage that they KEEP REPEATING over and over again to their very own country. They Cannot seem to Decipher between what’s more important vs. what’s not. They cannot seem to SEE BEYOND TODAY, they never seem to WEIGH the Long Term effects and the dramatic damage their actions today will do for tomorrow.

To even MAKE a NATIONAL MOCKERY of their President and even attempt to Remove him from office OVER the DEATH of 44 men in uniform who are killed in a gun battle in enemy lines is UNHEARD of in ANY MODERN country or even a poor nation for that matter. To have the Habit of wanting to Forceably REMOVE every single President from office AFTER making a decision to elect him or her is a SICKNESS of a society that has been battered, victimized, and repeatedly hoodwinked and Bamboozled by so many Corrupt Politicans than THEY CANNOT SEE or RECOGNIZE an Honest, Straight, Good for the country President anymore. Its no different than a repeatedly Abused woman by many men. She truly believes that ALL MEN are abusive and if she ever finds a good man, she will find a WAY, ANY WHICH WAY, find Fault in that good man and once again Play Victim and REINFORCE her belief that All men are abusive.

He ends by saying, the Philippines will never be a Singapore, a South Korea, a Taiwan, and definitely not a Japan, because Filipinos as a whole have ABSOLUTELY No Discipline, No Long Term outlook, No TRUE LOVE for their country, and Allow themselves to be manipulated by the few but powerful forces in their society. And MOST IMPORTANT of ALL, Filipinos have a MUCH LARGER POOR, UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT population compared to its Wealthy Asian neighbors. And that is FATAL in a Free Democratic society when the MAJORITY CLASS who votes for people into power are POOR, UNEDUCATED, and IGNORANT. They are repeatedly manipulated and distracted by Non-Relevant issues to TAKE THE FOCUS away from the REAL KEY ISSUES !

He also rightly observes that of all the Asian countries he has been to in tour, Filipinos have the LEAST appreciation or even Pride of their ancestors and heritage. While the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Korean proudly and HOLD SACRED their ancestors as part of their Identity, Filipinos have a serious indentity crisis ! Millions even make fun of their Native AETA tribes who are their real true ancestors.

The 300 years of being brainwashed that European and Non-Filipino culture is superior and better, and seeing these primitive, dark ancestors is nothing to be proud of.. While the Japanese and Chinese celebrate their ancestors with so much pride. In other words, WHAT A NATION !!!! They will elect Binay in 2016 and spend 2018-2022 trying to REMOVE him after they FINALLY discover that they are the 2nd coming of the Marcos family !


The 3 MAJOR AREAS that hurts PNOY BECAUSE he is different, according to US State Dept. insiders among the ” Corrupt Filipino politicians and the Bobotante voters of the Philippines. PNOY is disliked by the corrupt businessmen, corrupt politicians, and ignorant Bobotantes who are mostly the uneducated BECAUSE according the Inside reports from Foreign observers and 100% in agreement from many Fil-Am military who still keep in touch with happenings in Manila.

ONE, Pnoy is hated by 99% of all corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen BECAUSE PNOY is the ONLY Filipino President ( other than his very own mother Cory) in modern times who Does NOT Play ball when it comes to Corruption regardless if its Big or Small. Hindi mo siya ma susulsulan when it comes to wealth, riches, and more power. PNOy is a different breed than 95% of all Filipino politicians who are corrupt.

TWO, PNOY is called Privately by US State Dept. observers as a ” NO DRAMA PHILIPPINE President”. Pnoy has never seen, believed, or practiced the Need to Engaged in a Public Display of putting a SHOW and DRAMA like Jojo Binay, Imelda Marcos, Erap Estrada, Jinggoy Estrada, Miriam Santiago, Bong Revilla, GMA , Nancy and 95% of ALL Filipino Politicians who LIKE to PLAY the role of PA-IYAK IYAK, PABAIT-BAIT, PA-AWA AWA, PA MACHO MACHO, etc etc. Pnoy is NOT your typical PLASTIC politician, many of them HYPOCRITES! This personality was in full display during SAF visiting with families of victims. If Imelda was still first lady, we would have all seen Gallons of tears from Imelda. If Erap was President, he would have been HUGGING all these families in front of the camera and would then make statement on national TV and do an MACHO speech calling for REVENGE and All Out War.

THREE, PNOY is simply a good person who does NOT abuse, initimidate , threatenhis enemies, If we were under Marcos, Erap, Ramos or GMA, HINDI puwede yung ibang personal attacks at banat ng mga politiko at kritiko ng Presidente. Or the behavior of the family members of the SAF would have NEVER been tolerated under Marcos or even Erap. They would have been immediately threatened PRIVATELY and that’s the end of their drama! Si Erap nga, Nakunan lang ng Video sa Casino, the man who took the photo would NEVER EVER BE SEEN EVER AGAIN in this earth !!!!!

Si PNOY ay matinong tao, TALAGANG pinalaki ng maayo at anak talaga ni Ninoy and Cory!!! There is ONLY ONE Filipino politician who is IDENTICAL to PNOY in THOSE TRAITS…. That’s his very close Friend Secretary Mar Roxas. MATINO, HINDI MAGNANAKAW, MAY RESPETO sa KAPWA, at HINDI Nasisilaw sa pera at yaman at pagnanakaw! These TWO MEN are VERY RARE among Filipino politicians ESPECIALLY at the HIGHEST LEVELS of Government ! Iyan ang hindi makuha at maintindihan ng maraming Pilipino na kulang sa isip, kulang sa utak. Ang GUSTO nila PANAY SHOW, DRAMA… tuwang tuwa sila sa paawa-awa ni Jojo Binay, sa pasigaw sigaw ni Miriam Santiago, sa mga MACHO style ni Duterte, Erap. Sa pa papogi effect ni Bong Revilla ! sa PAIYAK-IYAK ng balde balde ng LUHA ni Imelda Marcos at Gloria Arroyo. TIGNAN naman ninyo ang napala ng bayan natin sa mga DRAMATISTANG ITO!!! It is simply a big number of BOBOTANTES and even educated enggots who look at life based on a teleserye!!!


Do you know what I find AMAZING as an Ex-military man??? You see the VERY SAME CRITICS in this Inquirer who CALLED President Aquino a COWARD for not fighting China, to be the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are NOW CRYING, SCREAMING, GOING NUTS over 44 dead Filipino policemen who perished in battle. Kung 44 pa lang, IYAK na KAYO ng IYAK, ano pa kaya kung yung DUWAG kamong Presidente ay lumaban sa China as you said he should !!!

Alam ninyo ba that LITERALLY in the THOUSANDS of FILIPINOS would DIE within 72 HOURS if China ever decided to Attack the Philippines !!!! And Manila and the Philippine Government would FALL to CHINA in days, not even one week !!! Tapos tatawagin ninyong duwag ang Presidente ninyo, tapos sa 44 pa lang, HUMAHAGULGOL na kayo !!!! Mayroon pa kayong pa ” he should say sorry” !!! Sorry to who?? To you???


What a group of people ! Kayo ang sumisira sa Pilipinas ! You cannot even SEE, RECOGNIZE a GOOD PRESIDENT when you see one. Hindi bale, you deserve what’s coming in 2016 !


To Filipinos who still believe and support your President, NOW is the time to Speak up before it’s too late ! The entire Economic Progress and Fight against Corruption and Powerful Plunderers that started in 2010 , has now been OVERSHADOWED, DISTRACTED by ABSOLUTE NONESENSE, IRRELEVANT POLITICAL MANEUVERING by a powerful COMBINATION of the UNEDUCATED and IGNORANT combined with the EDUCATED yet ENGGOT group. Mga walang kahit na anong pakialam for what will happen to this country 2,3, 5, 10 years from now !

They would RATHER continue to LIVE and DIE in a poor, corrupt nation DAHIL they are having fun right now attacking their President because of 44 Police officers as their EXCUSE ! Hindi si Pnoy ang kawawa dito !!!! KAYO ang kawawa !

PNOY is PNOY! He will be okay no matter what! It’s the Millions upon Millions of poor, lower income, middle class and millions of OFW families who will NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT in their lifetime BECAUSE they ALLOWED themselves to WASTE PRECIOUS TIME being DISTRACTED by ISSUES that will NEVER do anything for them today or tomorrow !

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  1. Ara Alcala says:

    Kitang kita naman. Binay is already campaigning through commercials already!!! Grabe. And bkit gnon? Im a 20yo student and i remember when i was younger erap was impeached and now mayor? Grbe. And pag kinakasuhan ang politicians, hnd dretso sa kulungan! Bglang myroon masakit sknila at npppnta sa ospital. Un SISTEMA ng ating gobyerno ang problema. YUNG TAYONG MGA PILIPINO AKALA NATIN MALA TELESERYE ANG GANAP NG BUHAY NATIN, na prang kawawa tayo. Kumbaga bay tulungan dpat ng mga Pilipino sarili nila, at mggng maayos ang bayan natin. Eh hndi, npaka kitid ng utak at npaka drama ng ganap. yes, some filipinos are one sided lalo na un mga uneducated na walang gnwa kundi suporthan un mga artistang nggng politiko. We need to open our minds for our future! I love my country, but i do not want whats happening and whats going to happen in the future, paano na mga anak ko or apo ko? Mananatili na lang ba s ganitong sitwasyon? AND YES IM A PRO PNOY 😊 And will support him in the upcoming election. YES, i totally agree with this article. Thumbs up and salute for your brave article!

    1. Letty says:

      I salute you Mr.Presidenr PNOY AQIUNO,,I like you hindi dahil sa ikaw ay gwapo, hindi dahil sa ikaw ay anak ng aking idolo na si Hon.Benigno Aquino,,, i like because you are the right person, the right president of the Philippines na hindi naging makasarili,,na hindi nagpayaman ng sariling bulsa,,na ang malasakit ay itinuon sa kapakanan ng bansang Pilipinas at ng mga Pilipino,,,I LOVE YOU MR. PRESIDENT,,,GO ,,GO,, GO,,,,,

  2. nbakay says:

     lol…the author is another sleeper who thought that the USA is still and always be the land of milk and honey and LAND OF THE FREE….

    1. Linda Luz Amante says:

      missing the point of the above article. what the guy is saying is we are destroying our own country by the senseless criticism of the President, an honest one at that. He is not perfect I’m sure but nobody is even yourself. We are driving investors away because we are creating a political instability by asking his head for the death of the SAF who went to do what they should be doing, to fight terrorists. The strategy may have gone wrong. But why ask a President to resign? Does not help that the media fanned the fire. I really pity our country. All we do is to make sure no president will be successful. I came from somewhere last night and landed at NAIA 2. We have gotten rid of the customs form that became a source of corruption- you used to submit this form on arrival and our poor OFWs and Balikbayans used to insert $5 so they will could breeze through without being bothered by custom officers. I felt good about this development. And this happened in this government.

    2. But most of you certainly like the milk and honey you have been getting from us! Isn’t that right you ungrateful bastard!? You would be even further 3rd world if it wasn’t for our help since your revolution; of which I am surprised you actually had the balls to commit to!

    3. Willy Pogz says:

      Ano naman sa palagay mo nbakay? Totoo lang sinasabi ng author . Punta ka dito sa US para ma feel mo yung sinasabi ni manong santana, typical kang filipino na maingitin ano ! Hahaha…. Isa ka sa tinutukoy na bobotante 😂😂😂

  3. Bart Trader says:

    The writer of this is a genius BUT he forgot to mention that the leaders of those great countries he set as a comparison didn’t put blame on his generals. I haven’t heard Obama or Bush place the blame on the generals for the death of the soldiers unlike our president. Obama and Bush were there to meet the cadaver of the fallen troops unlike Aquino who were in the inauguration of the car manufacturing company. So comparing the Aquino to Obama and Bush is just non-sense. But just like in US and in the Philippine, you have the right to opine. But if you are a true Filipino you should serve the Philippines and not the US.

    1. A. Payne says:

      Grow up and smell the coffee. Sir you are not making any sense.

    2. Educate the Bobotante now or never says:

      Base on what you said about Aquino in the inauguration of Mitsubishi plant is an commitment prior to the death of 44 and the president was not there receiving the arrival of the 44 is simple lang yan he may be not there but he was not there because of personal pleasure nan dun sya nag tratrabaho para lalo pang gumanda ang economy natin nandun sya para mag generate ng trabaho sa mga pilipino. Pwede naman si DILG or 2nd head of the state ang nandun icompare mo kasi sa US president na nandun sila para salubungin nila ang mga fallen nila eh hindi naman tayo katulad ng US bakit mayaman na ba ang bansa mo? tinitingala at nirerespesto na bang ang mga ibang pilipino sa ibang bansa? wala na ba tayong ipinapadala ng katulong na mamaltratohin ng mga employer nila kung sa tingin mo wala na eh mali nga ang nagawa ng pangulo dapat nandun sya para salubungin ng 44 at di sya dapat nanun sa Mitsubishi plant. Ang Kailagan natin mag kaisa at wag padala sa mga corrupt at hindi naman karapat dapat na maging president dahil ag kailangan natin ag magaling at di korupt na presidente para makawui narin ang mga ibang ofw na tulad ko at wag mo nang hintayin na kamag anak mo ang maabuso ng ibang lahi. Ang malaking tanong ngayon sino ang madalas mag rally at humingin na mag resign ang pangulo walang iba kundin ang mga pulitino na may plannong tumakbo sa 2016 at sa panig naman ng makakaliwang grupo ang nasa likod nyan ang China wala nangn duda the weaker our country the more islansd they can get. Dapat matauhan ang mga mamayang pilipino na na invade na tayo ng China na di namamalayan ng halos lahat ng pilipino yan ang pamamagitan ng makakaliwang grupo na nag rarally at mangugulo ng bansa natin may kung anong ipinag lalaban kuno pero ang talang hangarin ay para sakanilang pinag sisilhan China.

    3. If your government asks for adviser’s and the adviser’s are given reign to give the commands, then that is the order; so when the adviser says “Fire that mortar” and the general disobeys and screams about how ‘he’ is in charge and causes lives to be lost, then what is the sense in having or calling us or any countries adviser’s over there. Fight your own battles from now on. But if you call on us to advise, better damn well listen to us. We didn’t become the greatest nation by selling coconuts.

  4. Rollly says:

    Kabayan..tunay kang Pinoy sa puso at isip kahit sabihin na Fil-Am ka na. Majority ng comment mo about sa politic lalo na sa mga dramatikong personality ay 100% true at ganoon din na majority ng mga botante ay mahilig sa drama at entertainment, pinaghalo kasi iyong politics at Showbiz..kaya mas maraming politico ng may mataas na antas ang edukasyon ay nahawa sa mga drama ng mga entertainer na galling sa showbiz at naging politico paa lang mapansin at mahigtan ang kasikatan ng mga ganitong klaseng tao na nasa politic ngayon. Tama ba ako Ms. Miriam Santiago at Mr. Fidel Ramos.
    Isa lang ang dasal ko na comes 2016..mas maraming kabataan na may karapatan bumoto na at may tamang edukasyon ay Makita ang tama at mali sa mga taong nagnanais mamuno sa ating bansa lalo na sa Presindential at Vice-presitential position dahil sila ang magdadala sa mas magandang kinabukasan na sinimulan ni P-noy at sinamantala naman ng Vice-Binay ang pangungurakot kasama ang buong angkan na mapasok ang lahat ng position sa pulitika kahit walang credit na resume. God bless Philippines

  5. gloria says:

    Sumasangayon kami saiyo manong Santana sa iyong ipinahayag.
    We support Pnoy!!!
    Hindi magbabago solid Pnoy at trillanes pa rin kami.

  6. Paramon Villaceran says:

    very very true!

  7. Sa panahon na ito na laganap na ang social media sa internet, hinde na kami basta basta mauuto ng mga hayop na pulitiko. Isa ako sa MARAMING PILIPINO na bumoto kay PNOY, “LANDSLIDE” nga ang lamang nya eh. Curious lang ako, ikaw MANONG SANTANA sa ka bumoto? Sino ang binoto mo? si Obama ba? Si Ramos, sa States nag-aral, ginamit dito sa Pilipinas, ikaw, dito nag-aral, pero ginamit mo sa States. Yun SAF 44 dito lumaban sa Pilipinas, ikaw saa ka lumaban nun sundalo ka pa? Sa inyo sa Amerika, lahat ba bumoto sa iisang presidente? yun sa palagay nyo eh matino at matalino? O ATLEAST “LANDSLIDE” ang lamang?

    Bumoto ako Pnoy, dahil naniniwala ako na makakatulong sya sa pag-angat ng bayan namin. Pero, hinde ibig sabihin ay mananahimik kami sa bagay na tingin namin ay mali, hinde ba isang katangian yun ng mga MATATALINO?
    FRIENDLY FIRE CASUALTY nyo ay ilang na nga ba? Ibig sabihin ay may suporta sa SIDE nyong mga amerikano, kung wala yun mga FRIENDLY FIRE na yun, malamang mas marami ang namatay sa inyo diba? Yun lang din naman ang inaasahan naming mga PILIPINO na dapat na ginawa. KASI KAPWA NAMIN PINOY YUN.

    Sinong tao ang hinde nagkakamali? Si PNOY man, kahit na presidente, AY TAO din at NAGKAKAMALI. kaming mga bumoto sa kanya ay nagbibigay ng saloobin at opinyon na MALI yun ginawa nya. KARAPATAN namin mga PILIPINO YUN, AT HINDE TANDA ng pagiging BOBO. Ang pananahimik sa bagay na tingin mo ay mali, hinde yun ang kaduwagan at KABOBOHAN?

    Hinde porke sinisita namin ang mga SA PALAGAY NAMIN AY MALI, ay mga BOBO na kaming maniniwala sa MANDARAMBONG NA PULITIKO, na hinde namin mahahalata at malalaman at GUSTONG MANGYARI ng mga HAYOP NA PULITIKO na gusto lang nilang sumakay sa ISSUE NA ITO para matakpan ang KABALBALAN nila o basta na lang kami maniniwala sa mga OPINYON NG FIL-AM at AMERIKANONG SUNDALO nakapag-asawa ng Pinay. HUWAG NA HUWAG nyong SASABIHIN mga BOBO kaming PINOY.

    Sa aking malayang pananaw at sa aking sariling paniniwala, Si PNOY ay dapat tapusin ang termino, pero patuloy namin mamanmanan ang kanyang mga kilos, upang bigyan puri ang tama at batikusin ang sa tingin namin ay MALI dahil hinde kami mga bobo.

    Sa aking malayang pananaw, sa aking sariling paniniwala, maraming mga DATING PINOY, na nagkaroon lang greencard, kumita lang dolyar at nakatapak sa AMERIKA ay sumusobra ang kahambugan at naniniwalang sobra sobra na ang talino nila. HINDE LAHAT NG AMERIKANO EH MATALINO, MAS LALO NA SIGURO KUNG HINDE KA PURO.

    1. Teck Mendoza says:

      I would really like to re-post sa fb ang reply nyo kay Manong Santana. Others were saying na well said ung mga inilagay nya, pero I believe mas well said ang reply nyo 🙂

    2. joe says:


    3. Mark says:

      Sa America, ang natututunan dito ay ang pa gigging broad mindedness. Matatalino ang mga Filipinos, dahil kahit Saan sila pumunta ay nag e excel sila sa chosen jobs nila. When somebody leaves his/her country exposed siya sa more diverse personality and culture, which makes him/her more understanding and less judgmental. Kaso kasi sa Pilipinas, mas pinapahalagahan yong negativity. Kung baga, walang pagkakaiba ang mga Filipinos sa mga Israelites. Mas minagnify at na follow ang gusto ng mga against Kay Christ at nabale wala ang sacrifices at adhikain Niya, kaya siya ay na crucify!!!!! Guess what happens to Israelites. They never have peace, kahit hangga ngayon. Walang pagbabago ang buhay nila. Baka Ganito rin ang mangyari sa Pinas. Binigyan ng chance na mag bago, pero kinucrucify naman yong Tao for each mistakes he does. Kasi ganito rin ang treatment ng mga most elders sa Pinas. Pag nagkasala ang Anak, pinaparusahan, instead na intindihin muna siya

    4. willy Pogz says:

      Kabayan Hindi lahat ng Pinoy na nasa America hambog at mayayabang! Ang amerika dito ka matuturaan ng matuwid na pamumuhay at sumunod sa batas. Diko masisi sarili ko at ibang kabayan na lumagi sa amerika dahil mas asenso ang buhay dito, may trabaho , hindi kagaya dyan satin wala😁 at wag mung lahatin na hambog ang mga pinoy dito sa america,at kung hindi mo alam ang buhay america, kipit munalang bunga nga mo! Mga pinoy kaya alang asenso,dahil gayagaya, gusto kalang nila pag may pera ka, gwapo,maganda yang ang katulad mo kabayan. Nasaktan ka sa sinabi ni manong dahil tutuo. Mga bobotante ang pilipino kaya alang asenso😊

    5. blurzaid says:


  8. Cesar b Joson says:


  9. Reuben says:

    I read the whole article and I appreciate the courage of the contributor. However, I do appreciate more Sir if you make a contribution which is not obviously bias or one sided… Your article is more on the point of view of the Americans whom you’d worked for a couple of years (Americanized thinking)… You lambasted the filipinos in your article, never thinking that you are one of us. Got your point in the political side.
    The issue is not just about the 44 elite pnp officers. This is just a contributory factor that led the majority to voice their sentiments. I for one doesn’t want our president to step down. However, your article will just divide our nation… giving one sided and opinionated article to a macro economic and political issues doesn’t sounds good instead of giving fair and just article full of encouragements to the filipino people specially our political leaders to be motivated in coping with these economic and political chaos.
    Be proud that we are filipinos, think for a more innovative article like the heroic article of our ancestors who motivated us to win our independence. Bear in mind Sir that our President might done everything to fight against corruption in our country but can you measure how far he had done? 1,5,10 people who are arrested for corruption is a very limited tool to voice the competency of a leader against this rooted problem of our country.
    Moreover, dont just focus on one accomplishment. focus on the opportunity costs that our government had been damaging. We need to admit the fact that the life of the filipino people on the early 80’s is very very far better than today. Once again opportunity cost plays a vital role in running the economy of a nation. You are not dealing with micro economics, the issue is macro and the issue should be for the benefits of the majority. Our nation once named as the tiger of Asia because of its economic performance. The balance of payment is very very far compared today and much more to our Peso exchange rate and why? find out! It’s not just about corruption, It’s all about how our leaders run the holistic needs of our nation. hence, we should not just focus on one or two factors.
    Be a contributor about innovation and peace and stop calling the filipinos with your beguile words because the echo will just be yours!

    1. willy Pogz says:

      Kabayan mag isip kanaman, wag kang masaktan sa sinabi ni manong, dahil tutuo ang lahat ng pinagsasabi nya, mga kapwa pinoy bobotante walang silbi,masyado silang mainipin, hindi sa dinadown mo ang mga filipino , pero sa totoo lang gaya gaya lang tayo sa ibang bansa at sinungaling ang mga ibang pinoy. Kaya alang asenso ang pinas😳

  10. DongJao says:

    Agree. Instead of pushing for the resignation of Pnoy, let’s help him do more positive things to improve the lives of Filipinos and for us to move forward and enhance the successes we have gained. Hindi naman siya perfect, pero binoto natin siya.

    For my part, I would like to comment that the Philippines should have standards in everything we do so that we will not be always going in circle. With a well-implemented standard, we can incrementally improve and go forward as a nation. Setting standards is not true only for finished products as what the Bureau of Standards of DTI is doing. Setting standards should be done in all aspects of Filipino life. Let me cite a few examples:

    1. Standards on safety— a.) Beggars, peddlers and children on the street. Some children provides services to motorists by trying to clean (or make dirty) windshields and window; b.) sidewalks occupied by vendors, so that pedestrians walk on the road; c.)Sidewalks and road occupied by parked vehicles.
    d.) No house/building should be built if access by firemen/firetrucks is difficult in the event of fire.
    Most of the time there is fire, I hear this phrase “…di kasi makapasok ng bumbero..”. I was expecting
    that thru the years na-pick-up ito ng mga implementors– City Engineers, BFP, and other concerned
    e.) BFP or cities should review data on fire cases. I believe, majority of the fire cases in Metro Manila
    occurred in squatter areas. If I am right, this is a good starting point for policy determination in
    fire prevention.Cities should aim for zero fire incidence in 10 years or longer. Just a suggestion.
    2.) Standards on traffic control—a.) Busy streets should have no T intersections without traffic lights.
    b.) Traffic lights should be managed well–e.g. series of (short-distanced)traffic lights along
    Quirino Ave near Roxas Blvd. . Traffic lights settings should be well-studied based on the
    conditions in the particular intersection.
    c. Strictly implement no “left turn” and no “U-Turn”
    d. No colorum vehicles on the road
    e. Nobody with no parking area should be allowed to own a car/vehicle
    f. Set standards for the maximum life a vehicle should be allowed to be on the street
    g. Centralized bus/FX,/jeepney terminals in every city
    h. Tricycles should not be allowed to ply national highways and major roads.
    3. Standards on services in public offices— a) Long waiting time in many government offices are common sights. Concerned
    agencies should find ways and/or methodologies on how to reduce this long wait. I suggest a
    standard maximum waiting time of 5 minutes.
    4. Standards on waste disposal —a.) If we can implement standards for the disposal of domestic and industrial wastes, I think Pasig
    River as well local steros will naturally come to life.
    b.) I hope we Filipinos can come up with the discipline, perhaps with a government-initiated
    standard– in not making our streets or anywhere a garbage area.
    5. Standards on Justice—a.) Takes so many years to come up with a decision on a case. How are we compared to other countries
    in closing cases? Maybe our court procedures are so lengthy and some may not even be necessary.

    I can go on with so many standards that we need to have. I believe some of these areas have already standards set but implementation may not be to the letter or, that these available standards may be difficult to implement.

    I know that not all may agree with some of my ideas here, but it’s alright. What is important is we start thinking about how to improve on the things we are doing. For example, If your present work involves traffic management, please do not be satisfied with the present traffic management. A lot can still be done to improve it. We should nor make the increasing number of cars/vehicles in the streets an excuse. Actually, if it is increasing, that could possibly mean that something is being done or not done by the existing traffic management that contributed to its increase!

    Filipinos are intelligent. Let’s make use of that intelligence now, and right here in our own country!

    1. Flormilo says:

      Bro, speaking about standards, your contributions/ideas very sounds good but these standards can only be set in the right directions if our leaders commit for it. If I may add, the standards or changes that require immediate action for now is to change the constitution. For example, the qualifications for elective office shall be raised. And only allow degree holders and professionals to run for public office. Let those interested to run for public office acquire higher qualifications first before running. Because when those under qualified are elected, they will only cause delays, obstruction or waste of time, money and effort. Change the constitution so that the Supreme Court and the justice system will truly work for the interest of the people. An example of this is requiring them to undergo military training and/or civic/community duties for a certain period assigning them in remote and poor areas. The length of office of an elective position maybe extended if he is performing well example thru a referendum. The religious should not interfere in the government and should be subjected to audits. Example is to have contributions/donations recorded and financial report be submitted to the government and publicised to ensure that finances are not used/abused by some people in the church/denominations. These are only some of my suggestions and many here I think can still add valuable ideas.

    2. Speaking of standards, our government is replete with them. These standards are codified for implementation by different concerned government agencies with duly approved Implementing Rules and Regulations. To name some of the government agencies responsible to take of the various concerns you mentioned are:

      The Department of Public Works and Highways that regulates construction and relevant works such as building set backs requirement, sidewalks and garage requirement, safety and fire hazard prevention, etc., aside from the requirement about the structural integrity of the buildings, bridges, highways, and many more structures, to ascertain that all these structures can withstand wind and seismic actions at any instant that these natural forces occur.

      The Department of Environment and Natural Resources that regulates issue of garbage and waste disposal to prevent pollution and damage to the environment including the protection of our natural resources.

      Department of Social Welfare and Development which regulates the proliferation of mendicants, street children, battered families leading to child abuse, etc., including the formulation of ways and means on how to take care of them thru shelter programs.

      We can name any issue of concern should we like, and certainly they are taken cared of by government standards.

      You may like to hurl a big question, “But why is it that all these problems still exist?” The answer is very clear…poor implementation of the standards! The agencies who are tasked to implement these standards are blinded with money because of our corrupt society.

      Now, we are certainly lucky with PNOY as the incumbent president, who is not perfect, but untainted with the issue of corruption compared to the past presidents after Marcos. I believe and support his stance to fight against corruption and get rid of these corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen from our society thru legal means, and stop them from exploiting our poor countrymen…the Lee Kwan Yew style of Singapore!

      With due respect to the late Lee Kwan Yew’s interment today (March 28, 2015), this writer also idolizes and weeps the passing away of this great leader who transformed Singapore from a ‘crying baby’ of Malaysia before, into a ‘mighty dragon’ in Asia and the rest of the world in terms of economic power. LKY, forever, you will be remembered!

  11. emmanuel says:

    finally.majority of corruption loving self proclaimed patroits wants to put a sad and rotten thief into power to gain control of our riches once again and rape our coffers for personal gains.if this happens once more then it’s time to leave our country for good.

  12. Babesventura says:

    Very well said and true. For one mistake, PNoy should leave his post for what, para lalong gumulo ang pamumuno sa Pinas. Who do you think is the best as a replacement — the more dishonest and corrupt ones?

  13. josefa says:

    c Pnoy pa rin lahat ng family namin dahil hindi cya isang corrupt compared to some showy poiticians …masakit man ang nangyari sa SAF 44 pero tapos na yon and they were on their line of duty,,,, hindi cya nagnakaw ng pera sa kaban ng bayan para lalong yumaman ….kung ikompara natin sa mga iba dyan na may maraming mansions dito at sa labas ng bansa at maraming businesses at hektaryang lupain.. na siyang dahilan kaya tayong mga pilipino ay lalong nghihirap at namatay sa gutom,,,,

    1. oliver sanchez says:


  14. Eric says:

    I total agree! He is the greatest President in history. We filipinos, we are blind of the reality. What we see only is the negative side, we did not see the positive. Instead of supporting our President Pnoy, we condemned him because he made a mistake. Who in this world, are clean & has not committed mistakes. My friends we are all sinners, look at our self first, before we judge others. Shame on us……. We are not worthy to be called Filipinos if we don’t know even our real identity.
    Mr. President (Pnoy), we want you to know that we love you & we support you. You made many good things to our country PHILIPPINES. Be strong & stood firm, all those who criticized you & those who march to impeach you, are the foolish ones.
    I can say that if we continue being foolish, we end up for nothing. We Filipinos are great gifted with everything, talent, patience, hardwork.
    If we work us one, if we work together, we can sure do many great things. Wake up Filipinos. Do the right thing & make the right decision TODAY. Don’t be deceived by those negative people, that they know only evil works. Lets embrace the reality. Give our 100% support to our President. We can surely make the difference.

  15. ely says:

    Sana mabasa ng lahat ng Pilipino….

  16. aarendal says:

    something to think about…

  17. jhanx says:

    I totally agree with you Sir. Our continued support to Pnoy will remain and to the next President Mar Roxas.

  18. Draobyek says:

    They should only allow who pay taxes to vote. Why let the bobotante decide for the fate of a country – mostly, these are the people that don’t remit taxes but rely always on goodwill from government and private sector.

  19. Mario Sanchez says:

    Ang galing mo SIr you enlightened many of us with your views & humor.Sana ma inspired mo pa ung iba na magkaroon ng malasakit sa Pinas kahit di na sila dito nakabase dito .You’re defintely right puro drama ang sistema dito sa Pinas.More power Sir and God Bless.

  20. Agree,not to mention that dying in combat zone is part of a soldiers way of living,policemen,law enforcers,prior to entry in service are fully-aware of the risk it entails,the hard consequence of confronting enemy lines,lest we forget the never ending increase in wages among all the other benifits it goes along with.Why blame the commander-in-chief for the kind of profession you choose to live with?

    1. you hit the nail right, bro,

  21. cielito says:

    Manong Santana, Salamat at may isang tulad nyo na militar ang nagpamukha sa maraming mga “nagmamarunong” ukol sa naganap sa pagkamatay ng 44 na pnp sa mamasapano. tama kayo sa paglalarawan sa kung anong uri ng mga politiko ang mga binanggit nyo. ang nakalulungkot hanggang nanatiling MANGMANG ang marami sa ating mga botante, mananalo ang mga uri ng politikong binanggit nyo. sinasamantala nila ang kahirapan, katangahan, at kawalan ng kaalaman ng maraming Pilipino lalo na ang mahihirap at mga nasa malalayong lugar ng bansa, kaya sila nananalo. alam kong masakit sa mga naiwan ng saf 44 ang nangyari sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay, pero tama po kayo nakalulungkot pati sila nakikigulo na rin sa usapin ukol kay Pnoy. naniniwala po ako na lahat, mapababae o mapalalaki man, na pumapasok sa anumang sangay ng militar o kapulisan ay batid na sa sandaling italaga na sila sa serbisyo, sa sandaling ipahayag na nila ang panunumpa sa ating watawat, ika nga “isang paa nila nasa hukay na.” mabuti nga ang mga kaanak ng saf 44 may mga benepisyo silang matatanggap dahil tinupad ng kanilang kaanak ang sinumpaan nilang “IPAGTATANGGOL ANG PILIPINAS SA LAHAT NG ORAS KAHIT BUHAY NILA ANG MAGING KAPALIT, paano po yung mga nauna sa kanila na pinatay rin sa pamamaraan tulad ng sa saf 44, dahil ba sa mas kakaunti o pailan-ilan sila kaya hindi sila napapansin? Sa mga tulad kong sumama sa EDSA 1, 65 taon na ako, alam naman natin kaya lang nandun sina ramos, enrile, honasan, at mga kasama nilang militar ay para iligtas lamang ang kanilang sarili dahil natuklasan na ni marcos ang gagawin nila. Si Cardinal Sin, Cory at HIGIT SA LAHAT ANG SAMBAYANANG PILIPINO ANG TUNAY NA DAHILAN KUNG BAKIT NAGTAGUMPAY ANG EDSA 1- HUWAG ITO KAILANMAN ANGKININ NG MILITAR KUNG HINDI NANAWAGAN SI CARDINAL SIN SA TAONG-BAYAN SA EDSA UPANG MAGBANTAY AT MAGING PANANGGALAN PARA SA MGA SUNDALO MALAMANG HINDI NA NAGKAROON NG MAPAYAPANG EDSA 1. maraming pagkukulang si PINOY totoo yan pero may ipapalit ba ang mga nagnanais na siya ay pababain ng ISANG TAO O LUPON NG MGA TAO NA WALANG MAIKAKAPIT NA ANOMALYA O KATIWALIAN SA KANILANG PAGKATAO? sa mga patuloy na naninisi, sandali po malasin ang inyong kamay at tignan sa sandaling itinuro po nyo sa inyong sinisi ang inyong hintuturo, ilan po daliri nyo ang nakaturo pabalik sa inyo di po ba TATLO (3)? higit sa lahat balikan po natin ang istorya sa bibliya kung saan sinabi ng Panginoon ang WALANG KASALANAN ANG UNANG MAGPUKOL NG BATO sa babaeng nagtataksil, walang nambato at sa halip umalis ang mga nagbintang sa nasabing babae. kaya SANA po tigilan na ang mga usapin, mga paninisi. ang harapin natin at isipin, lalo na ng mga kabataan, ano ang magagawa ninyo upang makatulong na ang mga bototo sa eleksyon 2016 ay HINDI NA MALOLOKO, HINDI NA MAUUTO, HINDI NA MASUSUHULAN? MAGTULONG-TULONG TAYO PARA SA IKABUBUTI NG SAMABAYANANG PILIPINO AT LALO NA NG ATING PILIPINAS PAGPALAIN TAYONG LAHAT NG DAKILANG LUMIKHA

  22. Joaquin says:

    I certainly agree to a lot of what you had said and expressed Mr. Santana. but like what I had expressed in many of my post now that Pnoy had exposed a lot of this corruptions that has been going on for years he is the very target to everything that does and what is going around the country. Likewise I am appalled by so many negative reactions. I myself was somewhat swayed to believe that Pnoy is to step down. The truth is our pilipino brothers and sisters needs to understand that the worst is about to happen if they don’t act now, Because Binay and his family are doing everything to get the presidency. We all know what they have done and what they’ve about to do. If Binay gets to to preside Philippines will change its name like what happen to Burma…I do believe that the Binay has a lot to do with all these. The country could have a civil war with our muslim brothers let alone the terrorists that they harbor in the south or like what you said china being the biggest threat could occupy the country in days… Check out the sons music that they had created and listen to the lyrics….

  23. Andres C. Abalain says:

    Yes, si Pres. Pinoy pa lang ang matino sa mga naging president ng Phil.Salamat po Mr. President sa serbisyo ninyong iniaalay sa ating bayan.Halos karamihan kung hindi man lahat sa aming mga OFW pati na ang aming mga pamilya ay sumusuporta sainyo.Mabuhay po kayo.

  24. Ulysses Edianel Sr, says:


  25. marc says:

    pinoy parin ako.iba tlga si pinoy.saludo ako

  26. Nanette NUNLIST says:

    Very well said! I salute you Sir for having the courage to speak up in behalf of PNoy. I guess people are getting more opinionated it’s because social media is so accessible nowadays, but ask them what have they done or contributed to our country to improve the lives of our poor Filipino people ! NOTHING !! and yet they are the ones who had a lot to say (putak ng putak)! As if their opinion is right!

  27. Fernando Sumondong says:

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  28. marieta woo says:

    Thank you for expressing a common
    sentiment that a lot of us have but do not have the luxury of time to air it nor literary gift to express it properly.More power to you and God bless.

  29. Amado malijan says:

    All comments here need to be understood and encalcate in mind the true value………whosoever will be the president he/she cannot raise up all the good living conditions of any each individual pinoys…….if and only if it is in the grit and determination of each individual to make a good living for themselves nor their own families..pinoy kumilos”..magbanat ng buto…..huwag maging juan tamad na maghintay malaglagan ng bunga….


    1. I believe it’s not our personal feelings towards our P-Noy, but the appropriate or normal attitude towards this SAF44 issue. it’s really so INappropriate to make P-Noy resign, or to be impeached out of this incident. The fallen 44 happened out of opposing side encounter which is part of their job. So, all we can do now is to appreciate what they did for our country.

  31. jhojho says:

    ur right see what tabako did to our country too pinag bebenta ang mga lupa ng gobyerno dahil walang pera ang kaban ng bayan at wala rin manakaw sa bayan .kung di ibenta. simpleng mangurakot din ngaun ang the fort mayayaman ang nakinanabang di ang gobyerno pati ang nichols at moa reclamation samantalang ang mga SSS office ,BIR,LTO etc ay nangungupahan at walang permanent place of office ,

  32. tita ynayan says:

    Parang iyan ang gusto kong tandem:roxas & poe.mga honest.huwag kayong padala sa bigay na cake sa b-day nyo dahil business iyan ng anak.

    1. he,he,he, ang BINAY-CURACOT FAMILY walang-sawa sa pangunguracot. at kung magiging Presidente pa, BUONG ‘PINAS,CuCURACOTIN ko pa rin……. he, he, he, ganyan kaming mga BINAY-CORRUPT.

  33. This is a most welcomed forum where people critiqued, shared suggestions and showed direction for the future. I congratulate the USA ex-military man, who dared to come out with his thoughts…almost like going against the current. He can not be more honest in his analysis of Philippine politics. For example, that he dares to address the opening lines of his paper to the former President Ramos. It was a surprise for many of us, “kindergartens” in Philippine politics, to read Mr. Ramos’ criticisms against President Aquino and much more to ask President Aquino to resign. Was he a President who ended his term of office with a clean slate? Even ten year old children say that Mr. Estrada was imprisoned because he did not know how to hide his sins against the people of the Philippines. But Mr. Ramos was clever. He knew how to hide the countless injustices he committed against the Filipino people already from the time when he served as one of the “Fathers of Martial Law.” And when he was getting hemmed in by Marcos and his cronies, Mr. Ramos cleverly slipped away from Mr. Marcos…and became an instant hero .from what is now known as the EDSA Revolution. Come to think about it. Mr. Ramos did not lead the revolution. He was hiding for safety of his life when the countless people including priest and nuns risked their lives and went to the streets at the call of the late Msgr. Sin. For many of us, the real leader of the EDSA Revolution was the late Cardinal Sin, not Mr. Ramos or Mr. Enrile. The people protected them from the Marcos vengeance. They did not protect the people. Cory Aquino, an unwilling candidate for President was also a heroine of the EDSA Revolution, not Mr. Ramos or Mr. Enrile. She dared to do what Ramos and Enrile did not, like, to lead the peoples’ fight against the anomalous counting of election returns, among other Marcos’ sins against the people. Last but not least, the love of the Filipino people for Cory was manifested during her burial. Perhaps no crowd like that which lined the streets of Metro Manila for a last glance on her remains will be seen when Mr. Ramos’ or Mr. Enrile’s remains will be brought to their final resting place. .

  34. John says:

    While I do not pretend to know the complete politics of your country I can only say after knowing many Filipinos and visiting the country many times I know of no other people who take pride in their country and are always appreciative of foreigners who likewise feel the same about the Philippines. Again I have never met a group of people who when they have settled in another country make the astounding efforts to make a better life for friends and family back home. Fundraisers are a common event here. And I have met many current and former Vets who take pride in being Filipino-Americans. and the fact they proudly represent the Philippines.

    Your essay was inspiring and with leaders like the one you are addressing the Philippines is in for a tough road. I would not be so bold to say I know everything you are talking about but I only wish and hope great things for your country

  35. angel says:

    I can’t agree more with your comments. I am also a retired military and fully support your point of views. The question of PNOY resigning is totally insane. Whom do they think is the best replacement for PNOY? The current VP is in the middle of big mess from corruption that is being investigated at this point. Wala nang honesty from the politicians, if they get caught with their pants down, the comments will always say politics lamang yan. Anyway, I have been visiting our country for the last 6 years. Our traffic situation is a nightmare. I can admit that wala na tayong disiplina sa pagmamaneho magmula sa traysikel hangang bus. How can we improve if we still vote corrupt politicians just like ERAP? How can we improve if we support our politicians that are in the middle of corruption charges like Junjun Binay? How can we improve if we encourage politicians to run even if they are in the middle of corruption charges like VP Binay? How can we improve if we cannot discipline ourselves from not throwing our trash in the estero or in the middle of road; how can we improve if we cannot follow the sign no jaywalking; how can we improve if we cannot fall in line when trying to ride the buses or jeep. To our politicians and supporters—how can we improve if you keep covering up your issues. To supporters and spokespersons— please kindly bring the facts in the open not just your personal opinion about the issues. In most cases, meron nang facts but you guys still deny it.
    To those who support the rallies —- perhaps alam ninyo ang buong katotohanan, baka nakikisawsaw lang kayo! At saka kung wala ring kayong magandang solusyon o makapagbigay nang magandang halimbawa—it is better for you guys to quit. Kasi panggulo lang kayo it is better for you to go home and help your barangay and clean your area. At least makakatulong pa kayo.

  36. Wilfredo Monroyo says:

    I applaud you for your courage expressing your views and insights that are truly enlightening to many. I share your sentiments and other millions of Filipinos who have trust and confidence in President Ninoy Aquino’s leadership. I myself have an unwavering support for his administration’s visions for the country. Unfortunately, we may never get somebody, to replace him and if there is any he may not get elected for the same reasons contained in your argument. I myself am Filipino-American who resettled in Marinduque after 37 years of living in US. Thank your for this article.

    Willie Monroyo

  37. Elbert says:

    Ang Karunungan at Kabutihan ay nasa bawat isa ,pero Hindi lahat nang marunong ay Mabuti at Hindi lahat nang mabuti ay Marunong, ang Kasakiman ay nasa iilan lang. Kaya bago ka gumawa nang kakbang Mag-isip at magbasa-basa ka muna, nasa Blog na ito ang lahat nang OPINYON nang mga Marurunong at Mabubuting tao, sang-ayon kaman o hindi kailangang mo paring pumili nang landas na iyong tatahasin dahil Filipino ka at may bukas pang hinihintay ang iyong pamilya .

  38. hilario aripal says:

    tama c manong santana kitangkita nya ang lahat n pagkakamali natin dahil doon cya nanonood s malayo,..tayo, di natin nakikita, nararamdaman lang at sasabihin n lng natin BAHALA N ANG DIOS S KANILA…hahaha

  39. Gelacio abarintos says:

    This is a very accurate and concrete description of the situation in the Philippines. It hurts to know the truth but it is the truth. This is an eye- opener for all Filipinos to ponder and we laud and praise the author for his boldness and courage to reveal the truth. This somehow may be of great help for our country’s conversion. With this conversion the country may be able to achieve that elusive progress and advancement.

  40. ryanboy says:

    lets us work hard and pray for the country,, i blame the media also,,, their like pliticians,, report ang patok kahit d maganda epekto kesa ireport ang tama wala naman manonood,,,

  41. joal says:

    Binay won against Roxas is least than 500,000 votes for vice president race….When VPBinay set on day one,the plan was mind sitting to the people that he will be next pres of the republic….Take note,least than 500,000 votes is not adequate to win the presidential race….Although they know thru survey VPBinay is top contender for president but the percentage of the survey is declining…Hope the people who voted for Pinoy will go MRoxas….SIX YEAR IS NOT ENOUGH FOR A GOOD PRESIDENT….

  42. lloyd pranza says:

    yap that is true here in the philippine. bigyan mo lang ng konting pabor ang mga bobotante handa na clang makipagpatayan para sa kanilang mga politico na nakapikit ang mga mata

  43. John Edward B. Barbero says:

    will print this and pass…thank you..

  44. Bordagol says:

    Very True! I agree with you Manong Santana…Hope that the legacy of PNOY will be succeeded some one like him & the filipino including myself should contribute for our country in positive way rather than complaining….

  45. Art Liquete says:


  46. Dodie says:

    pagtimbangin na lang po natin ang mga comment dito at iyon ang pag aralan natin.mabuhay ka PILIPINAS”’

  47. Bura Rock says:

    Trabaho nila ang mamatay at pumatay. tama ang may akda. At tingnan ang mga namumuno sa gustong mawala si Noynoy sa eksena… Ramos, Peping at Tingting, Norberto Gonzalez? Are these the type of personalities you are going to believe?

  48. Bura Rock says:

    “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  49. maritoni bocaya says:

    100%true i salute u sir ,,,go go go pls open thier minds ,,, thanks

  50. Richard says:

    I pray to God Almighty to bless our country with honest and true servants of the Filipino people. Ang Presidente natin ay nagpakita ng katapangan na labanan ang corruption sa pamahalaan kahit na chief justice at mga kinatatakutang mga senador. Walang Presidente ng Pilipinas maliban sa kasalukuyang president ang nakagawa nng mga bagay na yan. Ang mga bumabatikos sa Presidente ay gumagawa ng mga paraan upang sirain ang mga magagandang nagawa lalo na sa ekonomiya at wala silang maibato man lang na corruption na nagawa ng Pangulo. Actually hirap na hirap ang mga bumabatikos sa Pangulo na humanap ng mga bagay na mapaparatang sa kanya, kaya ginagamit nila ang kamatayan ng mga magigiting nating SAF 44 dahil iyang bagay na iyan lamang ang nakikita nilang butas para sirain ang Pangulo.

    Ang mga katulad ni Binay na ng panahon ni Marcos ay lumaban kuno para mahango ang mga Pilipino sa kahirapan ang siyang nagpapahirap sa bayan dahil sa kanyang corruption sa kaban ng bayan. Sana Makita ng ating Panginoon ang pagdudusa ng mga Pilipino sa kamay ng mga politikong walang mithiin kundi kapangyarihan at pagpapayaman. Para bang gusto ng mg politiko na panatilihing mangmang ang mga Pilipino at manatili sa kahirapan para madali nilang makuha ang kapangyarihan at pagkamkam ng yaman ng ating bansa. Bakit ang mga kapitbahay nating mga bansa sa Asya ay nakakasumpong na ng kaunlaran at tayong nataguriang may 93% literacy rates ay di makarating sa katulad nilang kalagayan. NAKAKALUNGKOT ISIPIN na si Binay pagsamasamahin mo ang sueldo nilang nasa puesto sa gobyerno ay halos aabot na sa isang bilyon sa loob ng isnag taon. Naiintindihan ba ng mga Pilipino na kung si Binay ay maupo sa puesto dahil sa halos buong maganak ay nasa puesto kayang kaya niyang paikutin ang mga Pilipino.

    Ang isa pang nagpapahirap sa kalagayan ng mga Pilipino ay ang pakikialam ng mga leader ng katoliko sa gobyerno na imbes na tumawag ng panalangin para sa ikaayos ng bansa ay sila pa ang nangunguna sa panawagan na alisin sa puesto ang Pangulo. Anong moral authority ang itunuturo ng simbahang katoliko sa mga generations pang darating. Pag di nasunod ang kagustuhan nila ng isang Pangulo ay itunuturing ng kalaban ng simbahan. Sana magising na rin ang mga namumuno sa simbahang katoliko na tulungan ang ating bansa at gamitin ang kanilang yaman para sa pagaayos ng ekonomiya unless the objectives of the Catholic Church ay iba.

    Ak ay isang OFW at halos 8 years na ako sa ibang bansa. Naawa ako sa mga kapwa ko Pilipino na nag work sa ibang bansa. Ang pinadadalang remittance ng mga OFW na umaabot sa 23.6 Bilyong dolyar taun taon ay parang nauuwi sa wala sa mga nagdaang administration. Pero ngayun nakikita na naming sa Pangulong Aquino ang katapatang sa paglilingkod na walang maibato man lang sa kanya na corruption.

    Sana Panalangin ko sa ating Panginoon na paliwanagin niya ang isipan ng bawat Pilipino at sama sama tayong magsakripisyo mayamn man o mahirap para sa ikagagganda ng ating bansa. Nalala ko ang South Korea noon na ibinuhos nila ang panahon sa pagmamahal sa bayan at ngayun nakikita na ang kanilang pinagsumikapan.

    Pakiusap ko lang sa mga Politiko na kung di ninyo kayang maglingkod ng tapat sa bayan ay huwag na po kayong tumakbo sa susunod na halalan para lokohin ang mga Pilipino. Ako ay naniniwala na Filipinos are worth dying for. Naniniwala ako na ang Panginoon ang pipili ng bagong tapat na lingcod ng ating bansa na bibigyan niya ng gabay, karunungan at pagpapala.

    Mga kapwa ko Pilipino suportahan natin ang ating Pangulong Aquino.

    God bless our country, Philippines.

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