Beyond the Cat-Dog Paradigm

Stray dogs attending to  deceased Mexican woman who used to feed them in life.
Stray dogs attending to deceased Mexican woman who used to feed them in life.

From the wires, we have this story of a woman. who, while in repose and in the cremation of her remains, was guarded and attended to by stray dogs. All her life, she fed stray dogs and cats, which daily made a beeline to her home.

Strange, you might say, that no stray cat had demonstrated its loyalty and affection to her in death, whereas the dogs did. Well, that’s the nature of cats–they act imperial as if the world owes them a living.

To bring the analogy to the Philippine setting: Those who, at every turn, bash President Noynoy Aquino are cat-like. They think that the universe revolves around them, they are excruciatingly self-righteous yet are blind to the vote-buying and the blatant corruption around them. Although they are in the minority, their hisses and meows are amplified and punctuated by the other cats–i.e. those with vested interests.

When James Fallows asserted that Filipinos have a damaged culture, I think he was alluding to Philippine cats. A majority they don’t make. Their grating meows are nothing but rage and fury signifying nothing.

It is thus reassuring that most Filipinos are thankful and appreciative of the Tuwid Na Daan program of the President. Rapid economic growth is one result. World-class infrastructures are another. Still another is world acknowledgment of the good things happening.

Since no one is more capable and viable at this point, let’s push for PNoy’s term extension.

And in a jiffy, I’d be a dog for that.

Would you?

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