Man of the Hour

Just to say, Mabuhay ka, Senator Sonny Trillanes!

Senator Sonny Trillanes

You remind me of the young Ninoy Aquino, whose courage in exposing the blatant corruption in government in his day, was exemplary.

Greatness is yours, Mr. Senator, and Filipinos are the better for it.

Destiny awaits. And if that destiny entails being the next President of the Philippines. . .

As the kids would say, Eh, di WOW!

And I will support you in a heartbeat.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Senator Trillanes needs our full support ….. Our prayers ……

    You have our respect ….. May the Good Lord bless you always …..

  2. Yes, you did good and if time comes, be it and leave legacy.

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