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  1. blanca magada says:

    why does sila lang ang pagpipilian?

    1. anibongpalm says:

      May others naman, ibig sabihin tutol ka dun sa itaas. I voice up na lang kung sino ang gusto mo.

    2. thetel says:

      because those are the only politicians with morality and integrity. those are the only individuals who have sacrifice their own political name for the betterment of the nation. pnoy and trillanes fighting a hoard of corrupt politicians, cleansing the senate and the judicial with corruption that has plague the country for generations. as for mar roxas, his ideals are clearly displayed by this continued support for the president. his unwavering loyalty to pnoy and what he stands for is enough to endear roxas to the public.

      1. zhara1ni1 says:

        your right …. values, morals, reputation & education should be the basis for presidential candidacy…godspeed for 2016!

  2. JOEL says:


    1. anibongpalm says:

      Kasama siya dun sa others/anti votes.

  3. I believe and trust Pnoy more than any other politician…but the law cites…its a 6 yrs term for Pres.. and besides I really pity Pnoy cuz hes the opposite of the so called…overacting politicians…hes really a self respected person from well respected parents…but to my ability..if given permission…Im #Noynoyparin…always…If not..go with Mar and Trillanes tandem..

    1. zhara1ni1 says:

      same here… still hoping for a miracle that PNoy still stand as a father of our country.. maybe he is not meant to be a dad but instead a father of all Filipino People… God Blessed Mr. President (PNoy)

  4. gilbert jaca says:

    isama na lahat na politico sa survey ang
    gusto tumakbo para malaman natin ang saluobin ng taong bayan

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