Super Thank You, Mr. President!




This is the true story of how Pres. Aquino saved the life of Mary Jane Veloso according to officials of the Diplomatic Corps of Indonesia and the Philippines.

Mary Jane Veloso, is sentenced to die by Firing Squad on April 29.

April 27 – ASEAN State heads attended the annual ASEAN Summit held in Malaysia, Pres. Aquino’s priorities are, 1. South China Sea Dispute, 2. Mary Jane Veloso with Pres. Widodo 3. Economic Trade/Pact with ASEAN Nations.

Pres. Aquino requested a meeting with the Indonesian President for Mary Jane Veloso to be given clemency, the meeting lasted only 5 minutes to which Pres. Widodo refused the clemency appeal. Pres. Aquino FAILED.

April 28 – Pres. Aquino is back in the Philippines. With his failure to appeal for Mary Jane Veloso, Pres. Aquino immediately called a top level meeting with officials of the DFA and DOJ as Mary Jane Veloso is due to be executed at midnight in Indonesia.

As concluded in the meeting, the President made a personal call with Pres. Widodo for a final review on Mary Jane Veloso’s case.

8pm Jakarta, Indonesia. Upon the personal call of Pres. Aquino, Pres. Widodo called an emergency cabinet meeting with his top level officials to review the case of Mary Jane.

AT the meeting, Pres. Widodo and his officials have agreed that the execution be continued. No more appeals for they have made similar executions to other nationalities such as Australians, Chinese, and Brazilians which are far more powerful than Indonesia.

Back at Malacanang, all hopes and legal remedies have been exhausted.

9:30 pm Manila, Philippines. DFA made the announcement that Mary Jane Veloso’s fate is now in God’s hands.
(Now, this is the best part of the story)
11 pm Pres. Aquino went to his personal room for some privacy. Now, with all his courage and bravery, he made an emergency call to Pres. Widodo for the last time despite the fact that the Philippine Government has made numerous attempts with numerous refusals from Indonesia and that our relations with Indonesia is in jeopardy specially as we are expecting the support of Indonesia on the West Philippine Sea Dispute.

Everything is at stake.

The call lasted for 15 mins and no one would ever know what transpired in that historic moment.
After the call, Pres. Widodo ordered the cancellation of the execution of Mary Jane Veloso.
While in the Philippines, Filipinos will never appreciate what their President has done despite the fact that President Aquino as a Father to his nation had just begged for the life of Mary Jane Veloso.

Let everyone know the TRUTH, Salute for the President!

Leah Navarro:

Mrs Celia Veloso, you have me scratching my head in confusion. Why do you, VP Binay and the extreme, militant left all sound the same in acknowledging that all of you were instrumental in saving the life of Mary Jane Veloso? Why are you so concerned about who should be credited with getting Mary Jane spared from execution?

Please correct me if I am wrong: in an interview with Radyo Inquirer, you thanked the President for saving your daughter’s life, but today you retracted that and said President was not instrumental at all.

If he was not at all instrumental, kindly explain to the Filipino people what you think prompted President Widodo to allow the execution of the nationals of other countries and stay the execution of your daughter?

Was it Migrante or your lawyer who discussed it with Pres. Widodo? Was it Vice President Binay who, in his own words, did not even raise the matter with President Widodo? Is there anyone I am missing out on here? Please tell me.

Along with the entire country, I am one with you in rejoicing that Mary Jane’s execution was stayed but I cannot in good conscience allow you to stain the efforts of this administration, specifically the efforts of President Aquino. The President wrote to President Widodo several times, spoke to him specifically about your daughter, spoke to the Indonesian Foreign Minister to convince all of them that Mary Jane was a key witness against her recruiters and therefore, her execution should be stayed. How can I agree with your statement when even the Indonesian government admitted the role of President Aquino?

To paraphrase the president, “bahala na po ang sambayanan ang magsabi.” The entire Filipino nation kept vigil and prayed with you. It is no longer your right alone to judge what the president did or did not do.

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  1. Liza C. Julao says:

    When you are a trustworthy person, the whole world will conspire to help you…President Noynoy Aquino is such a person…The whole world loves him for being a good and honest person…I salute the President…

  2. longino tusoy says:

    goodjob sir pnoy

  3. Marietta Cortez says:

    Job Well Done Pres. are really the best pres. ever!! and thank you Pres. Widodo for giving chance Mary jane Veloso!!

  4. #BestPresidentPNOY…thankyou

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