The Die is Cast

A new Guinarona Parish Church in the Philippines, a new image of San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona and a mini museum.

Thanks to the Vatican, the Guinarona SPB Parish Church is being rebuilt to a pilgrimage site status. For our share, we have procured a new, life size, state-of-the-art image of San Pascual Baylon with an intricately curved carroza by sculptor-artist Leandro Baldemor of Paete, Laguna, Philippines.

Too, with the church rebuilding, we need to put up a mini museum to house the artifacts that are not needed in the refurbishment.

For this we enjoin your support.

Our thanks and appreciation.

A Miracle No Less

Truth to tell, we only had a two-week window to implement the activities of the 112th Guinarona Fiesta for San Pascual Baylon, May 16-17, 2015.

What happened was that the supposed hermano (fiesta host) backed out two weeks before the fiesta, made himself scarce, and for all intents and purposes announced to the world, through surrogates, that he has had it. Which made us scratch our head in dismay and forced us to issue an SOS on Facebook.

And as fate would have it, our cousin, Mario Engracial, the civil engineer with projects in Samar, graciously offered to be the emergency hermano, and the result was nothing short of magical, a miracle even.

Suffice it to say that this year’s Guinarona fiesta was the most beautiful and most successful in spite of the cramming we have done.

Here is the scrapbook of the most beautiful Guinarona fiesta, ever.

Viva San Pascual Baylon!

Dear Mr. President


Dear President Noynoy,

Re the case of Mary Jane Veloso, the convicted drug mule in Indonesia, you have done superbly well in your moral suasion to stay her execution.

Now that the Veloso family, in cahoots with Migrante, are practically hating and blaming you for the reprieve, it is as plain as day that all they wanted was for the execution to go ahead so that they could collect as much money from donations all over he world. Absent that, their plan went haywire.

This is therefore to request that the Philippine government stop helping the Velosos, and let Migrante handle the case. Other overseas workers who are similarly situated should be extended succor instead, and they will be more grateful for it.

Yours for an enlightened Philippines,