Dear Mr. President


Dear President Noynoy,

Re the case of Mary Jane Veloso, the convicted drug mule in Indonesia, you have done superbly well in your moral suasion to stay her execution.

Now that the Veloso family, in cahoots with Migrante, are practically hating and blaming you for the reprieve, it is as plain as day that all they wanted was for the execution to go ahead so that they could collect as much money from donations all over he world. Absent that, their plan went haywire.

This is therefore to request that the Philippine government stop helping the Velosos, and let Migrante handle the case. Other overseas workers who are similarly situated should be extended succor instead, and they will be more grateful for it.

Yours for an enlightened Philippines,


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  1. jrmagtago says:

    you are cruel!

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