We’re On Ellentube!

Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros.’ Ellen on Thursday launched a new digital video destination, Ellentube.

Announcing the new site on her show, DeGeneres said: “I am so excited to tell you about this. It’s a new thing called ellentube, and it’s a place that you can find videos that are hilarious and interesting. We’re going to post things from the show that you won’t see anywhere else. And what makes our site different than any other place is that if you accidentally type in a wrong word, you’re not going to stumble upon something that’s bad or mean or something like that. You know how that can happen. So everything on the site is fun, and there is nothing mean-spirited.”


The site, which also will be available as an iOS app, will feature exclusive online video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, clips from the show, and user-generated content submitted by Ellen viewers and fans. All content on the site and app will be family-friendly and curated by DeGeneres and her team. Target, also a brand partner of Ellen this season, is ellentube’s official launch sponsor.
DeGeneres already has a huge digital following. EllenTV.com averages 100 million page views monthly and The Ellen Show’s YouTube channel averages more than 100 million viewers per month and boasts more than 10 million subscribers. @TheEllenShow has more than 33 million Twitter followers, more than 16 million likes on Facebook and more than six million followers on Instagram. In addition, DeGeneres’s “Heads Up!” app has been downloaded more than 5.5 million times.


The new site was created by DeGeneres in concert with Ellen executive producers Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin and Andy Lassner. Fans visiting ellentube will be able to upload their own videos, with user-generated submissions to be reviewed by the Ellen team before being posted to the site. The best user videos will be considered for possible showcase on Ellen.


Ellentube marks the first initiative from the recently formed Ellen Digital Ventures, a new business created by WBTVG and DeGeneres that will extend the television franchise and digital businesses. Jill Braff will serve as general manager of Ellen Digital Ventures, reporting to Mike Darnell, president, Warner Bros. unscripted and alternative television, and Donna Redier Linsk, executive VP, business operations and programming. Braff also will work closely with Ellen’s executive producers. She previously was executive VP of digital commerce for HSN.

Guinarona: A Culture Renaissance

Culture is simply the environment we live in. It includes our mores, livelihoods, traditions, stories. You nurture and enhance culture, and you ensure peace and prosperity.

With that said, we are going out on a limb to focus on A Culture Renaissance for Guinarona, and would like to enlist your support.


There are three components to the project: (1) A new life size, state of the art image of San Pascual Baylon Han Guinarona, our original San Pascual having been stolen since June 2010; (2) A Modest museum to house Guinarona artifacts; and (3) Livelihood support

Thank you for your help.

Father and Son

Peter Ignacio is the father of a boy, now entering high school. He himself did not reach secondary school, having to quit it to help his parents till their farm. Peter married late, in his 40’s, to Criselda, a comely lass from the neighboring barrio. They only had a son, Ricardo, 13 and in the fist year of high school.

Peter is not intelligent by any means, only an average person. He nonetheless has harbored the wish of finishing high school, and now that wife Criselda can ably manage their thriving store, he has decided to enroll, but kept the fact under wraps as a surprise to his son. Surprised Ricardo was not. In fact, the boy hated the prospect of being in a class with his father.

When the class started. Ricardo’s eyes blew out of their sockets, when he realized his father is now his classmate. At the back of the boy’s mind, he feared the bullying, the taunts from his peers. When the class dismissed for the day, and father and son were on the way home, Ricardo was trying to dissuade Peter from continuing forth. Out of his love for his son, Peter agreed to quit, but that he will consult first with Mrs. Cesar, the class teacher-adviser. Mrs. Cesar put her foot down, even before Peter could utter a word. She would not hear about it, for she believes that everybody should get a shot at education, be they young or old.

Ricardo’s fears about taunts and bullying did not materialize and the father and son went on with their high school education.

Four years has now passed since their first year of high school. It’s now graduation time.

Ricardo and Peter were not honor students, but they persevered, they boned up where it mattered. At the commencement ceremonies, the school surprised them with an award, the Exemplary Father-Son Award. The applause in the auditorium was deafening.

On to college now. Peter decided to stay in the barrio and just let his son Ricardo go for it. At least, he has graduated from high school–and that’s the bottom line for him now.

Poetic Justice and Philippine Politics

By Benjamin Maynigo

In the 2010 Presidential elections, I endorsed Noynoy Aquino for President.

I also wrote: “Mar Roxas must be elected as Vice President to work with Noynoy. To institute the educational, environmental, economic, electoral, military/police, judicial, civil service, social and constitutional reforms needed, it would take more than six years; in fact, a whole generation. Mar is needed as a Co-Manager to tackle them. He prepared and invested to be President. He sacrificed and gave way to Noynoy. He deserves to be Vice-President.”

LP leaders Senate President Frank Drilon and Budget Secretary Butch Abad recently revealed the LP plan for an 18-year tenure for the Liberal Party running the Philippine government. They meant having Aquino, Roxas, and then Poe being President successively. This is to maintain and continue the gains of the “Tuwid na Daan” policy and programs as well as guaranteeing a quality of leadership that reflects the 4Hs: “Honesty, Hope, Honor and Humility.”

(Photo from Rappler.com)
I am glad that the LP and its allies are planning long-term. I am sure that depending on the performance of Congresswoman Leni Robredo in the next Senatorial elections and as an elected Senator thereafter, she and Bam Aquino are considered in the line of succession. Within the period, I am further sure that an aggressive recruitment, development, and maintenance program would produce a new set of leaders among the Millennials.

It looks like the favored tandem is Roxas-Poe. Based on the discussions among friends and political pundits in the barbershops here in Washington, D.C., the Roxas-Poe combination would be formidable.

How would you convince Poe to become a Vice-Presidential candidate? Remember, she is really NOT sliding down being a Senator now but aiming at a higher position. But polls show her placing second as a Presidential candidate and no.1 as VP. Her supporters, of course, would prefer her to run for President.

There are other factors outside of polling in determining the winning viability of a Presidential candidate. Machinery (Organization); Money (Resources); Manpower (volunteers and paid employees); Message (Traditional Media, Social Media, PR, Propaganda/Advertising); and Management (Planning, Leading, Organizing, & Controlling) are very important factors.

At this point, Poe knows that unless supported by President Aquino and the LP machine, she is unable to compete given the requirements. “Ambition,” as Mark Anthony said, “should be made of sterner stuff” – meaning, ambition by itself does not get a job done. It must be combined with the above-mentioned M’s, “determination, perseverance, and a passion to get the job done well.” Five to six years of Vice Presidency and running a Cabinet department like DSWD to win the “war against poverty” or DILG to localize and distribute resources and power in the exercise of sovereignty by the people would be an effective preparation.

To win, Roxas and the LP must convince the Poe followers to support the tandem. They must be assured that when they vote and campaign for the team, they are also voting for Poe as the next President. How can this guarantee be made?

The suggestion is this: PNoy, Roxas, and the Liberal Party (including Drilon and Belmonte) must commit that if the team wins, Poe would be the next President. How? Roxas resigns before his term ends and Poe succeeds him. Why? This is because before the end of Roxas’ term, a Semi-Parliamentary Federal System would be instituted installing Poe as President and Roxas as Prime Minister. Or the Liberal Party and its allies may elect a new Party Chairman who becomes Prime Minister automatically after the next elections.

If the Semi-Parliamentary Federal System is not instituted, Roxas must agree to govern only for 5 years and so Poe could become President and run with the benefit of incumbency. (Roxas and the LP would therefore make sure that a Semi-Parliamentary Federal System is instituted).

Poe must also serve only for 6 years, thus – resigning after 5 years of her term to give way to the new VP who could be Leni Robredo (first Bicolana) who will run for the Senate and is expected to do well in 2016.

Robredo should also serve only for 6 years, thus – giving way to her VP who could be Bam Aquino or another young LP stalwart from Mindanao.

A Semi-Parliamentary Federal System could produce a different scenario but the LP and its allies would be able to rule continuously assuring the gains of “Tuwid na Daan.”

Poe and her supporters should not delude themselves by the fact that she topped the Senatorial elections in 2013. Claro M. Recto, Jose Roy, Raul Manglapus, Jovito Salonga, Loren Legarda, Noli de Castro and Bong Revilla all garnered the highest number of votes as Senators. They never became President.

Poetic justice catapulted Cory and PNoy to the presidency. Poetic justice also got Poe to top the Senatorial elections and is now bringing her closer to the Presidency. Poe must exercise enlightened discernment and practical, pragmatic, political positioning.

The next president of the Philippines is the candidate endorsed by PNoy. I have said this in an earlier column. I find no reason to change this view.

A Special Page

Quaint, yet elegant and majestic.  That’s the Guinarona Fiesta for you, May 16-17.

Since its inception as a separate and independent parish, Guinarona in the Philippines, has established a yearly tableau of the icons on parade.  The icons are from the barrios that compose the parish, whose inhabitants are more than eager to participate in the parade.  You throw in prizes for the the most beautiful and meaningful displays and the excitement revs up.

Vespers, Guinarona Fiesta 2015 from Benito Maray on Vimeo.

The year 2015 is significant in that we were able to capture the essence of the fiesta vespers, including the icons parade, which we are featuring herewith for all the world to see and appreciate.

Bravo for a job well done!

On the New San Pascual

The new San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona

STATUS REPORT, the new San Pascual Baylon de Guinarona.

In the same manner that there are changes to the altar of the Guinarona SPB Parish Church (it is being razed to give way to a new and modern one), our new San Pascual image is now standing and its hands free of any accoutrements. The Eucharist is now placed on top of a polished driftwood instead.

San Pascual’s devotion to the Eucharist was extant even when he was still a baby, and his visions of it was at its most intense when he was a shepherd–and it’s in the fields that we find the driftwood.

In a sense, therefore, the disappearance of our original San Pascual in June 2010 heralded CHANGE, for which we in the community are responding to and accepting.

At HUWAG MALALIMOT SA AMBAG NATIN. Pakibigay lang sa ating treasurer, si Helen B. Gumba, Blk 5, Lot 10, P5 , V&G Tacloban City.