Immigration, Citizenship, and Grace Poe

Laws and Men

Whether or not a foundling can be considered a Filipino citizen is something only the Supreme Court can clarify. Both sides have merit, but since we have a liberal Supreme Court, let’s assume that it declares Grace Poe a natural-born Filipino citizen.

She still has another problem – the ten-year residence requirement of the 1987 Constitution. Section 2 of Article 7 of the Constitution prohibits a person from being elected as president or vice-president if that person has not been a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years before the election. This may surprise some people but the actual legal definition for the word “year” is 365 days. If the time period is less than 365 days, then it is not yet a year. No one, not even the Supreme Court, can stretch this requirement even with legal acrobatics.

This is a problem for Poe because it is…

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