The inside story: President Aquino quotes an anonymous blogger

The Society of Honor by Joe America

2015-SONA gov dot ph 2015 SONA [Photo credit:] People have asked for my take on the SONA speech but I’m inclined not to judge it. I take it at face value, a report card packed with information and human interest profiles. I don’t really care for all the critiques done by others who claim greater wisdom, and who would have done it better, differently, or right if they had been President. Or who would have run the nation better if they had been in charge.

Well, they aren’t . . . nor am I.

I didn’t listen to the pundits and analysts afterward. I listened to the speech, and read it.

The state of the nation is good. Excellent, actually. Moving with purpose in the right direction.  A lot of good work is being done. There are a lot of good people in government working diligently for a good president.

The President’s mention of anonymous blogger Joe…

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