A Vison for Ibugue

Guinarona in the Philippines is dotted with beautiful nature streams. We have Ibugue, Maalngon, Kunarom, Hitongnob and Kauranan.

Ibugue is the nearest, just two kilometers from the Guinarona center. To bolster our campaign for ecotourism, we envision the following for Ibugue.

1. Nature pools. Damming the creek at several points to create swimming holes, separately for children and adults.

2. Lotus Ponds. Say three lotus ponds at strategic points, the better to accentuate the splendor of the variegated lotus blooms.

3. Organic gardens of flowers, veggies, fruit trees, shrubs and vines. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this component inasmuch as food is basic (yes, some flowers are edible too). Also, manure from piggeries and poultry should be converted to organic fertilizer to do away with environmental degradation. Each conversion lasts three months, before the fertilizer can be utilized.

4. Nature Cabanas. One major cabana for functions. It will only be a trellised pergola with lush vines on top. Meanwhile, for paying guests, small cabanas with amenities will dot in strategic spots.

Let’s have this vision in our collective consciousness for the good of all Guinaronanhons.

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